#AMVCA2017: Check Out The Full List of Winners at The AMVCA

The fifth edition of the prestigious Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs) hold today, March 4, 2017 at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.


The awards night was hosted by IK Osakioduwa and Minenhle ‘Minnie’ Dlamini.

See the full list of winners at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2017.


Trailblazer Award
Somkele Idhalama

Best Make Up Artiste (Movies/TV series)
Oloibiri – Hakeem Onilogbo Ajibola, Perekeme Odon

Best Costume Designer
76 – Pat Egwurube

Best Art Director
76 – Pat Nebo

Best Sound Editor (Movies/TV series)

Best Picture Editor (Movie/TV series)
Oloibiri – Nnodim Chigozie, Paula Peterson

Best Lighthing Designer (Movies/TV series)
93 Days – Elliot Sewape

Best Cinematographer
Happiness is a Four Letter Word – Lance Gewer

Best Documentary

Best Short Film or Online Video
Cat Face

Best Actress in an M-Net original comedy series
Deborah Anugwa – Hustle

Best Actor in an M-Net comedy series
Samuel Ajibola – “The Johnsons”

Best Actress in an M-Net original drama series
Meg Otanwa – “Hush”

Best Actor in an M-Net original drama series
David Jones David – “Hotel Majestic”

Best M-Net original comedy series
The Johnsons

Best M-Net original drama series

Best Indigenous Language TV series/movies (Swahili)

Best Indigenous Language TV series/movies (Hausa)
Yaki Da Zuciya

Best Indigenous Language TV series/movies (Yoruba)
Somwhere in The Dark – Abiodun Jimoh, Jumoke Odetola

Best Indigenous Language TV series/movies (Igbo)

Best Soundtrack/ Original Score
The Encounter – Michael ‘The Truth’ Ogunlade

Best TV series
Jenifa’s Diary

Best Writer

Best Supporting Actress
Ebele Okaro – Four One Love

Best Supporting Actor In A Drama (Movie/TV series)
Rotimi Salami – Just Not Married

Best Actor in a Comedy
Imeh Umoh Bishop – The Boss is Mine

Best Movie East Africa
Kati Kati

Best Movie West Africa

Best Movie South Africa
All About Love

Best Actress in a Drama (Movies/TV Series)
Rita Dominic – 76

Best Actor in a Drama
Sambasa Nzeribe – Slow Country

Best Overall Movie
Naomba Niseme

Best Director
76 – Izu Ojukwu

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Horror as Laptop Explodes and Kills a Corper Serving in Taraba State

Corpers and Residents of Sembe community, Jalingo in Taraba, State as laptop exploded and killed a NYSC Member serving in the State.


It was reported that Segun, a 2016 Batch B, Stream I Corp Member who was posted to Government Day Secondary School Wuro, Sembe, Jalingo, Taraba State for his service was charging this said laptop on his laps and slept off, then it exploded and burnt his leg. Reports say he died.

The story was shared by a Human Rights Lawyer, Inibehe Effiong:

This is the corpse of Segun, the 2016 Batch B, Stream I Corp Member who was posted to Government Day Secondary School Wuro Sembe, Jalingo, Taraba State that died at the Federal Medical Centre Jalingo this morning.
He charged and placed his laptop on his laps while sleeping and it exploded and burnt him to death.
This is very sad. We need to be careful with the way we use electronic devices.
May his soul rest in peace’.

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Drama as 95-year-old Grandfather Came Out as Gay after 67 Years Marriage to Wife (Photo)

A man identified as Roman, now aged 96 who has been married to a woman for 67 years and fathered two children, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild has come out as gay at the age of 95.


In an interview with YouTube vlogger Davey Wavey , Roman, revealed how he had known he was gay at the age of five, but lived with this huge secret for nine decades. During that time he was married and had a family, always knowing that he wasn’t being true to himself.

Last year, Roman finally shared his secret with his family after deciding there are “certain things he wants the world to know. He explained: “I just told them plain that I was born and I was all my life gay.

“I told them the whole tragedy of my life and then they understood what happened to me. Can you imagine 90 years to be in the closet?”

Davey then asked Roman if, now that he’s out of the closet, he wants to have a boyfriend or companion, and he quickly replied ‘yes’.

Does he have a type? Well, no. “I don’t care!” he admits. “I don’t look at the face, I look at the heart. Somebody to lean against. Somebody who feels the heart ticking – and nobody can do that unless you let them.”

And then came an utterly heartbreaking confession.

Devastatingly, Roman doesn’t feel as though he will be able to find a partner at his age after so many wasted years.

“I’ll be very honest about it,” he said, “I really don’t need any either physical or mental connections, I don’t need [them].

“But I want to I want to go to sleep and have somebody close to me, not for any other reason but to be sure that someone cares, you know? That’s al

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Tonto Dikeh’s Husband Makes Interesting Decision About His Marriage

Following the crisis that rocked his marriage with Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, the husband Olakunle Churchill has expressed optimism that the marital crisis will be resolved soon.

Tonto had dragged him on social media revealing how he infected her with different sexually transmitted disease because of his cheating. She also accused him of turning her into a punching bag.

Revealing details of his new plan, Churchill through his spokesman, Mr. Paul, said that he will like to resolve the matter privately without public interference.

“I will not like to refer to it as a drama. Because Mr Chairman holds this issue closely
to heart and it’s a private family affair.

“And I will implore Nigerians and the populace to allow private things to remain private. All the things you are hearing about medical issues and all they are entirely false.

“The chairman respects the privacy of his family; there may be issues and wants to keep things private” he told TNS.

He also disclosed that though the marriage might be over to Tonto Dikeh, but to his boss, it is not.

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See what Nigerians did to Oge Okoye’s Wikipedia page for stealing Kenya Moore’s dogs

Drama was witness on Instagram yesterday after Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye, stole a picture of Kenya’s Moore dogs, posted and claimed the owner.

The single mother of two named the dogs, Bob and Rosy, she later deleted the post, after she was called out.
Oge also disabled her comments section on social media as angry Nigerians won’t stop cursing and calling her out for being such a “petty thief.”

Someone took to wikipedia to edited her page to include that she stole dog photos from Kenya Moore.

See it below…

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#AMVCA2017: Photos of Celebrities On the Red Carpet

The 2017 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards is currently happening at Eko Hotel and Suites with several celebrities in attendance.

Lot of celebrities were sppotted on the red carpet including, Funke Akindele, JJC – Bello, Rita Dominic, Adesua Etomi Olu Jacobs, Joke Silva,RMD, Falz and more.
See more Photos Below:

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How My Mother and I Used to Sleep in a Shopping Complex – Popular Singer, Skales

For popular singer, Skales, life hasn’t always been bed of roses. Although the singer can now afford the finer things of life, in a chat with Saturday Beats, he revealed his childhood was a very tough one.

Skales said that things were so tough for him while growing up that he used to sleep in a shopping complex with his mother.

“My father left us when I was really young; I do not even know how he looks like. My mother and I used to sleep in a shopping complex at a time. I am talking about during my primary and secondary school days in Kaduna. Then, the only hope for me was music. At some point, I told my mother I wanted to work and support her. I was chased out of school because I did not pay school fees. I had to steal school uniform because mine was bad and I would tell my mother I saved money for it.

“Also, my mother would go to my friends’ houses to do their laundry, which was embarrassing to me. I had to deny my mother. I also did not let my friends know where I lived because most of them were children of politicians. When I told my mother I was moving to Lagos, she asked me to finish my university education in Kaduna. But I convinced her I could cope. From Kaduna to Lagos, I got a free ride and the first place I stayed was Orile (Lagos). I lied to the person that gave me free ride that I would stay with him for a couple of days and it turned to months. He later started a label with some friends; they knew some people but it was not easy.”

Meanwhile, the singer who was rumoured to have fathered a child out of wedlock used the opportunity to deny the claims. In his words, he said that he does not have a baby mama and does not plan on having a child till he is married.

He hinted that he plans to get married in the next ten years.

He said, “No, I do not have any baby mama. I do not live a reckless life. I am a lover boy, I stick to a woman. But now, I am more focused on how to take my career to the next level. Everybody knows I am a very cool person. I just wake up and see stories I do not know about. There was a time I woke up and heard that a lady was pregnant for me. But the person did not show herself even when we sent out messages to the source.”

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10 Things Virgins Discover On Their Wedding Night

The wedding night for a virgin can cause anxiety that will make you sweat your expensive make up job right off.

Here are 10 Things Virgins Discover On Their Wedding Night


Yes, it can be special and exciting and guaranteed one of the most memorable times in your life, however, when it is done, it is done and that is that. There is no second chance, there is no do over’s with someone more worthy and most of all it does not guarantee that this will be the man that you will be with forever. Intimacy just seems like intimacy at this point; and when it is done you realize that it was not a big deal, you may question yourself wondering why you were so nervous or scared or realizing that all the hype was unnecessary.


Even though it was maybe not what you expected or ended up being better than you thought, either way it was still special. Contrary to popular beliefs it is hard to stay a virgin; to have that tenacity and drive to wait for the right one then wait a while longer for him to propose and wait some more time for the actual wedding way is no simple feat. So naturally it will be a special moment, as you are not only celebrating the union of your lives but you are celebrating your courage and strength in being able to wait for the right one and make it that special moment that you hoped it would have been all those years ago.


By now you have realized that waiting till marriage does not change the idea of being intimate; some people end up laying there and thinking: “I waited this long just for a ring and a fancy/expensive party?”. A tinge of regret forms in the back of your throat; you missed out on intimate moments with other people because you wanted to save yourself. Those intimate moments do not necessarily have to involve intercourse but the idea of sharing a close thought, a friendship with someone that you cut yourself off of because you associated intimacy with intercourse. Even if you do want to wait for marriage do not let it consume your life, allow yourself to experience other sides of intimacy.


All those stories that you hear are usually never true. Everyone has their own experience, and what happened to one person may not happen to you. This is why talking with your girls beforehand can throw a wrench in your excitement. Some of the rumors include; it is awkward, it will hurt really, really bad, it was so fun/boring, the list could go on and on. But in reality you may have realized that oh it did not hurt as bad as I heard, or your experience was actually quite fun and totally not awkward. This is because everyone has a different way of looking at things; even though you are a virgin you could have great sexual chemistry with your new husband so you do not experience the awkwardness, or it may not hurt because you were not a total prude and you have heard of pleasure toys.


“Oh is that it?”; sometimes yes. The build up to sex can make your mind go crazy, you sometimes have all these scenarios in your head of what it will feel like, and how it will pay out. Unfortunately, your imagination is just that, your imagination; there is no real way to know how something will turn out until your try it. Yes you have an idea of what to expect but most of the time it turns out to be completely different than you expected. The same thing goes for being intimate, it usually does not last long depending on who you are with and really, as your first time on your wedding night you do not want it to last long, you just want it to be loving.


When women self identify as a being a virgin it can sometimes cloud who they are; they wear it like a badge of honor and people around them start to recognize them as just that. When you have finally done the deed, what or who are you at that point? It is then that you realize that you are so much more than the local virgin. You are now a wife; a mother soon (if that is in your future) but most of all you are a human being who does not need to label who she is. On your wedding night you begin to realize that your identity is what you want it to be not what is most identifiable about you.


If you were the type of person who made it known that you were a virgin and you were waiting for marriage, then chances are when you have officially done the deed you may feel awkward for two reasons. 1. You feel like you have done something dirty and 2. When you get home from your honeymoon you will feel like everyone is looking at you, staring daggers at you almost judging you as if they know that you are no longer a virgin. As if you are no longer that “special” girl who had the courage to stave off the temptations of sex for all those years.


It is okay if you did not experience the “explosion” that you have waited so long for; you quickly realize that this is not a guaranteed pleasure and soon after that, you will realize that unless you do it yourself there will be several incidents where the big “O” is nowhere to be found. You may be surprised after your first time or maybe a better word is confused, you are thinking “hmm, that was weird”, “is that all there is to it?” and the answer is no. As time goes on you will learn new tricks and tips that make it much better and get you to that “explosion” you were lacking on your wedding night.


It is natural for your physical body to feel out of place at this time, in addition to the pain, your body has gone through a gigantic shift; this is due to you using muscles that have never been used before. Emotionally you may feel a bit off as well and this is due to trying something that is out of your comfort zone and something that you would have to get used to over time. Your muscles have shifted and you now have to take your time and figure out what feels good and what does not. Relax, you have time to figure it out.


You may have hated that experience more than anything in your life; and you may even think that intercourse is not for you; of course you are jumping the gun because it is your first time and how it happens and how it feels will change over time. However, in that moment you are feeling as though this experience is not for you and you may never want to do it again, that is normal and chances are you will want to do it again. The more you do it the better it becomes. So do not say you do not like intercourse, just say it was not great that time

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Why I Dumped My Day Old Baby Inside Soakaway – Heartless Mother Confesses (Photo)

A mother of six from Guru village in outskirt of Bauchi, Bauchi State has confessed that she threw her one day old infant into the soak -away shortly after delivering her at home because of hardship.


Juliana James, an indigene of Shendan LGA of Plateau State, wept profusely as she spoke with journalists at the Police Command Headquarters in Bauchi, saying she loved her child.

The housewife who lives with her husband James and her six children-five girls and a boy in a one room apartment – claimed that things were so rough for her family that she decided that the way out was to sacrifice the newborn.

“Things are hard. My husband has no job. He had an accident three months ago he is still in the hospital ago and the situation became worse for us. We don’t see food to eat. We were dying of starvation”

I delivered at home and threw the baby in the toilet because I don’t know how we are going to take care of it. I didn’t tell my husband,” she narrated amidst sobs.

The newborn whose cry attracted neighbours, was rescued alive nearly 12 hours later before being rushed to the Abubakar Tafawa University Teaching Hospital for medical attention.

A source claimed that Juliana seemed to be depressed due to hardship. “She was a hardworking mother who fried bean-cake in the neighborhood but for some time now, during her pregnancy, she had not been coming out.

“May be the recession took its toll on her,” the source said.

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Unbelivable! Woman Gives Birth Twice in 7 Days

The mother, identified by her surname Chen, welcomed her twin daughters on February 28 after having given birth to her son on February 21, according to People’s Daily Online. The rare feat, which surprised her obstetrician, occurred in the city of Yichang, China’s Hubei Province, according to the People’s Daily article, which cited China News.

The woman, whose age is not specified, married in 2012 and had trouble conceiving. With the help of fertility treatment, Chen managed get pregnant with triplets in August 2016. On February 21, Chen, who was just over 30 weeks pregnant, went into labour.

Her water broke in the morning and she was taken to the No.1 People’s Hospital of Yichang. She gave birth prematurely to a boy, weighing 3lb 3oz (1.44kg), at around 2pm through a natural birth.

However after her baby son was delivered, Chen’s contraction suddenly stopped. Chen Aihua, the head obstetrician, decided it was safer for the twin girls to remain in their mother’s womb. The mother went into labour again at around 10pm on February 27. Her twin daughters were successfully delivered through a natural birth on February 28.

Chinese media did not report how much the baby girls weighed or the exact time of their birth. Obstetrician Chen Aihua explained how the three babies could have been born seven days apart. Chen was pregnant with dichorionic triplets, which means two of the babies share a placenta and chorion and the other is separate.

Chen Aihua said the two baby girls had shared one placenta while the baby boy had had his own placenta. The obstetrician added: ‘I have been a doctor for more than 20 years. This is the first time I have seen someone going into labour twice with a six-day interval.’

As all of the three babies are premature and suffer from low birth weight. They are currently being observed at the neonatal care unit.

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