Actress Oge Okoye disgraced by American Instagram page after she claimed these dogs were hers (Photo)

Nollywood Actress, Oge Okoye posted a photo of two dogs she claimed she just acquired.She named them Rob and Rosy.

The drama got interesting when a Fan page of American Actress, Kenya Moore, exposed Oge Okoye for stealing the picture of the dogs originally owned by Kenya Moore.

They wrote:

Some lady in Africa took a screen shot of king and twirl form Kenyas page and she’s claiming them as hers. Peep Kenyas Range Rover logo on the floor matt 😩💀 This lady is an actual verified user too 😂REPORT! #FRAUDULENT
Nigerians of course have trooped to the Instagram page of the Nollywood actress to call her out asking why she chose to live a fake life.

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Commotion as UNIZIK Female Student Found Dead After Allegedly Going to Smoke Marijuana in Hausa Man Room (Photos)

A 400 Level female student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka found dead in the room of a security man in her hostel after allegedly smoking marijuana and inhaling fumes from a generator set.

The horrible incident took place today at one Anita Lodge in Ifite near Royal Bed around the school environs.
According to the UNIZIK Parrot:
Tragic!! UNIZIK Final Year Female Student Dies in “Aboki’s” Room After Smoking Weed
Something Tragic happened today at One Anita lodge in Ifite, Near Royal Bed where A Student was found dead in the room of an alleged security man.
Our Parrots told us that the young lady (name unknown yet) went to Aboki’s room to charge her mobile phone, during which they smoked marijuana and dozed off.
The said security man had kept his generator in the Kitchen (No escape for fumes), hence Carbonmonoxide from the Generator exhaust pipes found its way into the room killing the Young lady while the Security man is said to be in Coma.

We tried Taking Pictures but security men who arrived the venue later in the afternoon were preventing us, we finally took this few blurred ones.
The incident caused a commotion in the school as people were thrown into disarray.

See more photos from the scene of the incident:

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Drama as Man Exposes Lagos Big Girl with Smelly VeeJay

A man who almost met his ‘untimely end’ after being exposed to the foul odour from a lady’s v1gina.

The young man claimed he had to abandon his car for some days as the foul smell like rotten sardine was persistent.See details below:

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Multiple Dead Bodies of Newborn Babies Discovered Under Former Home for Unmarried Mothers

A really large number of human remains has been discovered in sewers at a former home for unmarried mothers and their babies in Ireland.

The remains of young children and babies were discovered following an investigation into alleged abuse at religious-run mother and baby homes in Ireland.

According to Metro UK, a commission set up to investigate the abuse had been been carrying out an excavation at the former Catholic Church institution in Tuam, Co Galway when the remains were discovered.

‘Significant’ quantities of human remains were found in at least 17 of 20 underground chambers being excavated in recent weeks.

The Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes said: ‘A small number of remains were recovered for the purpose of analysis.

‘These remains involved a number of individuals with age-at-death ranges from approximately 35 foetal weeks to 2-3 years.

‘Radiocarbon dating of the samples recovered suggest that the remains date from the time frame relevant to the operation of the mother and baby home.’

The Tuam home operated from 1925 to 1961.

A number of the samples are likely to date from the 1950s, according to the commission.

It added in the statement: ‘The Commission is shocked by this discovery and is continuing its investigation into who was responsible for the disposal of human remains in this way.

‘Meanwhile, the commission has asked that the relevant State authorities take responsibility for the appropriate treatment of the remains.’
Ireland’s Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone described the discovery as ‘very sad and disturbing news.’

‘It was not unexpected as there were claims about human remains on the site over the last number of years,’ she said.

‘Up to now we had rumours. Now we have confirmation that the remains are there, and that they date back to the time of the mother and baby home, which operated in Tuam from 1925 to 1961.’

An inquiry was ordered after massive national and international focus on the story of the Sisters of the Bon Secours in Tuam, where the remains of 796 infants are believed to be buried.

It was set up two years ago by the Irish Government to probe state sanctioned, religious-run institutions used to house pregnant mothers.

It was charged with investigating high mortality rates at mother and baby homes across several decades of the 20th century, the burial practices at these sites and also secret and illegal adoptions and vaccine trials on children.

It is thought about 35,000 unmarried mothers spent time in one of 10 homes run by religious orders in Ireland.

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I’m Tired of Seeing Nollywood Actresses Using Cucumbers as S*x Toys – Popular Actor Reveals

Controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu, took to his Instagram page to make a quite shocking revelation.

He said he is tired of seeing his female colleagues in the industry using the famous Cucumber fruit as a s*x toy, and decided to raise an alarm over the anormally.

Read details below;

Please enough is enough… Let us be civil for once!

Am tired of seeing popular actresses using cucumbers as s*x toys on movie locations… Please let us behave ourselves and fear God.

Even if you can not hold your body, please get for yourself, a s*x toy instead of wasting cucumbers, we all know “sey body no be fire wood”, but that doesn’t mean we should be wasteful and reckless.

I was on a movie set in Owerri, and every morning when I wake up to rehearse my lines and study my scripts outside, I noticed lots of cucumbers will be scattered all over the staircase, but I never knew what it was used for until when I came back one night after a long days shoot, all of a sudden, I stated hearing different noises from one of the apartments where other actresses were lodged, and to my greatest shock, I found out that one of the actress invited her friend over and they were making use of cucumber’s to satisfy themselves.

Although it was dark, and I could barely see their faces, but then I felt so bad, its was irritating and disgusting. This is just so insane, I never wanted to say this until someone actually complained about the same thing in another location a few months back, Please let us be matured and let’s not turn movie locations into Babylon.

This is what happens when you have so many unserious people claiming to be actresses, they are the very few who are spoiling this industry called nollywood, if you can not behave yourselves and be professional, please find for yourselves an alternative job, its not by force to be an actress, stop giving other serious minded actors a bad name.

If you want to be an actress, be an actress and if you insist you want to be a runs girl, please feel free to find your calling on the street, stop behaving like imbeciles abeg.

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Ikeja Electric Company Announces One-month Power Interruption in Lagos

While speaking with newsmen on Friday in Lagos, the spokesman of IKEDC, Felix Ofulue, disclosed that the management of Ikeja Electric have planned a one-month interruption in power supply to some areas within its network to enable maintenance work, adding that the interruption would take place from March 6 to April 4.

Punch Metro reported that Ofulue said the outage was to enable the Transmission Company of Nigeria to carry out routine work on the Ikeja West Transmission Station.

He added that Ojodu, Magodo, Alausa, Oke-Afa, Bolorunpelu, Egbe, Igando, Shasha, Ipaja, Alimosho, Agege, Egbeda and Abesan would experience power outage during the period.

According to the spokesman, other areas to be affected include Ayetoro, Abule-Taylor, Ogba, Ifako, Shomolu, Gbagada, Oworonshoki, Ogudu, Isheri-Olowora, Berger, Anthony and Otta.

“We are appealing to consumers to bear with the company during the maintenance work. The maintenance will enhance improved service delivery,” he said.

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ALERT! S1x Can Make You ‘Insane’! Beware of These Six Signs

According to SexualSanity, here are six signs of sexual insanity:

1. Pretending that s*x isn’t important.
We tend to do this today, in reaction to a culture that seems s*x-crazed. We try to pretend that sex is just a small part of life, that it’s really not that important. In reaction to popular culture’s obsession with it, we want to minimize the power of sex. We try to pretend that sexual problems in a marriage really aren’t that important, that we can have great intimacy even if our sex life sucks.

Who are we kidding?
S*x is important, and has been since the beginning of time. But it’s especially important today, precisely because we’re living in societies where we’re continually bombarded with sex messages. In a s*x-saturated world, we had better be healthy about our sexual boundaries, or we will fall into destructive habits.

2. Using s*x to do something for us that it can’t do.
If we are sad, s*x can provide temporary distraction. If we are lonely, sex can provide a temporary feeling of connection. If we are insecure, sex can provide a temporary feeling of confidence and well-being. But the operative word in all those scenarios is “temporary.” The distraction, pleasure, and sense of well-being that s*x provides is fleeting … it never lasts.

If we are using s*x as a coping mechanism rather than a way to express love, we will make things worse instead of better. After the sexual experience is over, we often wind up feeling more sad, lonely, and insecure, because what we did was unhealthy and destructive. Using sex to try to medicate pain or fill a void inside us doesn’t work. It’s like a dehydrated castaway drinking sea water to satisfy his thirst. It just makes it worse.

3. Trying to control compulsive sexual behavior by repressing rather than redirecting sexual desire.
Try as we might, we can’t turn the s*x drive off. Castigating ourselves for having sexual thoughts won’t move us toward purity or long term sexual health. We are sexual beings, and we are going to notice, get aroused by, and desire people we have been biologically programmed to notice, get aroused by, and desire.

It is possible for a person to have a healthy, monogamous, intimate relationship with someone, and not be obsessed with sexual fantasy or engage in inappropriate sexual behavior or pornography use. In fact, that is how many people live. But if that person has a healthy s*x drive, even in the midst of a healthy, monogamous, intimate relationship, sexual thoughts about other people, temptation, and arousal will be part of life.

The goal is not to live free from our sexual urges, and thus feel guilty when we experience them. The goal is to be healthy enough emotionally, relationally, and spiritually that we can choose not to dwell on – or act on – the sexual thoughts that come up.

4. Trying to heal from sexual struggles – which thrive on secrecy and shame – in isolation, thus perpetuating secrecy and shame.
Let’s face it: nobody likes talking about their sexual struggles. Some people may like to brag about their sexual exploits, but would never want to acknowledge how powerless they are over their impulses. “Sexual struggles” are what emerge when sex takes on an addictive or compulsive role: we start doing things that we wish we wouldn’t do, that we try to stop, that we regret doing.

Many of us deal with secret sexual struggles – masturbation habits, pornography use, perverted fantasies, inappropriate relationships – that we are too ashamed to talk about. We want to change, but we don’t want to talk to anybody about it. We want to have God help us fix it, as long as that doesn’t involve other people. But God doesn’t help us heal from our secrets in isolation. James 5:16 says “confess your sins to one another so you can be healed.” We confess our sins to God so we can be forgiven; we confess our sins to other people so we can be healed.

5. Pretending that p*rnography and intimacy can coexist.
It is time we admit that p*rnography doesn’t help us. It is the cigarette of s*x. It is common, it is addictive, and there is no way it is good for us. It is a guilty pleasure. People know it’s bad for them, but they use it anyway.

Although it has been around in various forms for centuries, since the 1960s pornography has become increasingly mainstream in our society. There have been ample opportunities for p*rnographers to demonstrate the social and relational benefits of pornography. If there were some value or benefit of pornography, we would have heard about it by now. There is none. We use it because it’s a cheap, easy means of sexual gratification. But it doesn’t help us at all. Pornography and intimacy do not coexist. If one advances, the other retreats. It’s that simple.

P*rn creates fantasies and images that serve as a screen between us and reality. In this way porn interferes with intimacy, which is the bedrock of sexuality. To a regular user of porn, real women or men and real sexual encounters start to lose their appeal. They are just bad porn. The real can never match the fantasy.

This is not because the real women or men in our lives are not attractive or sexy, it’s because they are real. They have real needs and desires of their own. They are not “safe” and controllable like the fantasies and images that we play with in our minds. Consequently, they intrude on the screen in our minds where (we think) the real action is. They’re like a person talking too loud in the movie theater next to you.

6. Pretending that our partner is the problem.
Blaming our spouses for our addictive behavior is the favorite pastime of sex addicts around the world. “If only my wife were more sexually available.” “If only my husband paid more attention to me.” “If only my spouse were … more attractive, thinner, not so thin, larger busted, smaller busted, longer legged, shorter legged, more aggressive, less aggressive, more vocal, less vocal, blond, brunette” … and on and on.

Who are you kidding? Chances are you were having problems with your sexual behavior long before your spouse came onto the scene. If he or she leaves, you will have problems with someone else. People overcome sexual problems when they admit that their spouse isn’t the problem. Their habit of using sex to distract, medicate, or comfort themselves is.

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Nigerian Pastor’s Wife Dies After He Refused to Let Doctors Remove Dead Baby in Her Womb Through Surgery

Popular Nigerian OAP, Daddy Freeze has shared a story of how a woman died after her pastor husband refused to let doctors operate on her. Read below:


please I want to give an eye witness account of a sad event. A Man just Killed his wife on Wednesday in Lagos and this is what happened. The man in question is a Pentecostal Pastor In a Big Pentecostal Church , the wife got Pregnant and test revealed last week that the baby is dead and an evacuation is needed. The man said No that the baby is not dead that Evacuation is a No.

The man took his wife from the Hospital and start Praying and using Anointing oil without telling anyone including the women’s parent, on Wednesday morning the woman went into force Labour and she gave birth to a Dead Baby and the placenta came out.wednesday evening she had a crisis and died and this man took the dead body home instead of mortuary. He called a Co Pastor in his church. They went there and he refused to release the woman’s body for Burial that she is coming back. They Prayed the “what are you waiting for Prayer” and she didn’t come back. Now she is in Mortuary. The man killed his Wife. Simple.

The woman is not buried till now, the man insisted she will wake up.
And the father in law have rejected her corpse that so far he took law into his hands by disregarding doctors advise. He should eat the corpse

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See The Face Two Fake Prophets That Defraud More Than 400 People of Huge Sums of Money (Photo)

According to reports in Ghana, the two suspects identified as Joseph Braimah, 22, and Derick Kweku Sakyi Baisie, 31 (alias Kweku Money), are said to target well-established traders and other personalities, mainly in the Greater Accra Region and other parts of the country.

They were nabbed after some victims reported their activities to the police. So far, the police have received reports from five victims who have been duped to the tune of GH¢298,000.

Narrating her ordeal in the hands of the fake pastors, one of the victims, a trader at Tudu, who first reported to the police, is said to have given the false prophets GH¢75,000, while her son parted with GH¢220,000, an Apple mobile phone, a KIA Optima and a Mercedes C Class saloon car.

A sister of the trader was also made to part with GH¢6,000 for prayers to help her overcome her infertility issues, while two other victims were duped of GH¢4,500 and GH¢2,500 and an Infinix mobile phone to avert accidents and death.

They are said to have used prophecies of death, accidents, spiritual attacks on businesses and family members, among other dangers to extort money from their victims in the name of saying special prayers for them.

According to Daily Graphic, the Public Relations Officer of the Accra Regional Police Command, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mrs Afia Tenge, said following complaints, the police arrested Braimah in Accra, while his accomplice Baisie was arrested at a shrine at Akyem Abirem in the Eastern Region

She said Baisie was consulting the services of Nana Boame, a renowned fetish priest in the Eastern Region, for protection and powers to avoid arrest.

Mrs Tenge said one of the victims, a trader at Tudu in Accra, told the police that about six months ago she was approached by Braimah, who had been preaching for some time near her shop.

During the encounter, Mrs Tenge said, Braimah requested for the mobile phone contact of the trader and the names of her children, which he claimed he would include in his prayer list. He also promised to assist her with prayers and prophetic direction.

After a few days, she said Braimah connived with Baisie to extort money from the trader.

Mrs Tenge said Baisie dressed as a pastor and visited the trader’s shop under the guise of buying some of her goods in a bid to establish contact with her.

While in the shop, Baisie is said to have made shocking spiritual revelations about his victim, which unknown to her were based on information provided by Braimah.

Subsequently, Baisie advised that a special prayer must be offered for the victim.

He is also said to have claimed that it had been revealed to him that a young pastor had been visiting the trader and that he was a true man of God who could help her to overcome her spiritual challenges.

Baisie later managed to convince the trader accommodate Braimah in her house to offer intense prayers at all times.

Mrs Tenge said police investigations showed that while in the trader’s house, Braimah gave more information on the trader and her family to Baisie, who called the trader regularly to claim he had seen those things in revelations.

At a point, she said, the fake prophets gave false prophecies of foreseen accidents which would result in the death of the trader and her family members.

They also claimed a sister of the trader suffering from stroke could be healed, while the infertility problem of another could be overturned with prayers.

After arresting the two suspects, Mrs Tenge said, the police retrieved a list with more than 400 names believed to be victims of the fake prophets.

She said the police had since retrieved the KIA Optima, while the suspects could not produce the money they had allegedly collected from the victims, as they claimed they had given a greater part of it to Nana Boame, the fetish priest.

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Wicked World! Husband Finds Wife Dead Inside a Maize Field With No Underwear

ResidentS of Eastwood farm in Mvurwi, Zimbabwe have been shocked yesterday after a 27-year- old woman was found dead with no underwear.

According to Citizen Reports, eye witnesses allege that the woman simply identified as Mapuriranwa was found dead in a maize field with her underwear off.

“We saw the deceased in a maize field around 11am but her underwear was removed and one wonders what happened to her,” said a source.

The husband of the deceased was reported to have been away at the tobacco grading shed where he was waiting for her to bring him food.

Upon realizing that the food took longer than expected, he went home to inquire why the food was taking long and he was shocked to see his wife dead.

A police report was filed and the body has since been taken to Mvurwi mortuary for safe keeping awaiting post-mortem.

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