My Wife Gave My Only Car to the Pastor – Man Cries Out

A man whose wife gave their only car to a church pastor is seeking advise as he has since packed out their home and given his wife an ultimatum. Read the full story below;

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Is Big Brother Naija Really Our Problem?

Article by Nira Adedokun is a writer, public relations practitioner, lawyer and journalist. – Twitter: @niranadedokun

When you hear Nigerians, who tend towards pietism speak about the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality show, you would imagine that the casual debauchery engaged in by the youngsters on the show was the most depravity that could be told about Nigeria.

But that is far from the truth. Here is a country with loads of stories about baby-making centres where teenage girls are conscripted into random copulation with men and delivered of babies, who are mostly sold to ritualists or sometimes handed over to childless couples for a fee.

It is a country where the recurrence of bloodletting literarily bears the seal of the state, where agents of the state turn equipment of war on harmless citizens for exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to associate, where citizens lord it over other citizens, rampaging and ravaging without repercussion. A country raped into submission to hunger, disease and despair by successive leadership which, ironically, sometimes joins the self-righteous denunciation of indulgences that television programming like the BBN offers.

The argument is usually about the hedonistic nature of the show. People complain that nudity and free for all sexual tendencies of the youths are alien to our culture. And each time I hear that I wonder which of the hundreds of cultural inclinations of our country we mean in particular.

Just a few years back, Christian missionaries discovered a tribe of Nigerians who lived their lives oblivious of the need to clothe. And talking about sexual proclivity, the level of promiscuity even amongst married people of both sexes in Nigeria is left to the imagination. Didn’t a recent survey conducted by condom manufacturer, Durex, rank Nigerian women among the most unfaithful in the world? That is not to talk about men who when they do not keep loads of girlfriends are married to a battalion of women! So, how is what we find on the BBN different from the way we are?

But let us even pretend for a moment that this was a valid argument? That the BBN and the frivolous opportunities it offers its housemates are strange to us. Can it not also be argued that television, the medium through which this show is aired, is also an invention alien to Nigeria? If we did not create the television, how do we then expect the device to conform to our own culture?

In its essential functions of educating, informing and entertaining, the broadcast industry has also acquired its own ethos which governs its operations. This is why it is really difficult for you to accept the device and hope to deplore the attendant responsibilities that follow.

It is true that some of these governing principles are reviewed time and time again. But even if these reviews always take the commercial essence of operators into cognisance, they also respect the reality that society comprises of people with different demographics and persuasions, and as such, make room to respect the sensibilities of people.

This is why programmes are censored and classified into different categories. This classification is done in such a way that it leaves no one in doubt as to the suitability of the content of a programme ahead of any in-depth contact with it.

In the case of the programme under discussion, you have a restricted categorisation indicating that viewing is meant for adults-people who are above 18 years of age! This eliminates the viewership of children, the same way in which a lot of movies shown on a lot of other DSTv channels exclude children. And here, we should note that programmes like this reality show have the same categorisation even in societies that we self-righteously regard as depraved. This explains the universality of the principles that guide the television industry and the fact that every society respects the right of children to innocence.

In the case of the BBN, the content providers also availed subscribers of a parental control option, which allows parents to block the access of adventurous children who may want to explore the channel in the absence of their parents.

Not just that, I also read on the DSTv website that subscribers are offered the opportunity to opt out of having that channel on their decoders at all! Watching Big Brother Naija was therefore rendered a personal choice, which a lot of Nigerians have chosen, given reports about the phenomenal rating the programme is receiving.

You then wonder why the BBN has become so much a subject of interest that Nigerians do not only condemn but have even gone ahead to initiate petitions for its termination. Are those angry with the show worried about themselves, their children or people who choose to watch it? Is there a way in which the programme affects our collective fortune as nationals of the same country or are we just worried about the eternal fortune of the folks, who participate or patronise the programme, what exactly do people who live in a nation where religion is so often substituted for righteousness aim to achieve with shooting down an independent television programme that offers some youths the opportunity to actualise themselves even if falls short of our own moral gauge?

If the worry is only about moral purity, then why doesn’t every one of us take care of ourselves? First of all, ensure that you do not watch the programme to avoid the moral pollution attending it. In addition, restrict the chances that your children, wards and family members will ever get to watch the programme. You should also go a step further to ensure that you bring up your children to not place values the gains associated with such programmes. Having done all that, you can rest assured that the immorality of programmes like the BBN will never affect you and your immediate family.

If your concern is founded on bringing people closer to God however, you should do more about convincing people about seeing the value that God brings into their lives. With where our country is today actually, we could use a lot more of God and the holiness that he teaches through all the major religions that we practise in Nigeria.

At the centre of the faiths that are rooted in our country is the requirement for unconditional love for God and other human beings. If we all take that serious and don’t get spent on fighting unnecessary wars, none of the atrocities that were highlighted at the start of this piece and threatening to tear us apart as a people would have the hold that they have on us.

Making Nigeria a country of pride is a far more serious task than the corruption that the BBN brings or the spectacle that we make of it. Let every man and woman who preaches morality be found doing what they preach before we preach it to others. Then we will find that with our conduct; will win more people to us than our sanctimonious clatter would ever achieve.

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#BBNaija! Bisola Rejects N25Million BBN Prize

Big Brother Naija housemate Bisola has made it known that she does not have interest in the N25million star prize for the winner of the competition.

She said this during the diary session when she was asked by Biggie to share what would happen if she eventually wins or loses the competition.

The actress said that she does not feel she is in competition with any one so no one is a threat to her. She added that her being in the house already makes her a winner because of the opportunities it presents which is more than the N25million.

Speaking about the housemate who she wants back to the house she mentioned Soma and Efe.

The eventual winner of the reality TV show will be given the sum of N25million with an SUV. A prize that any contestant can do anything to claim.

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I Make a Contract With Guys I’m Not Dating Before We Have S*x – Popular Ghanian Singer Reveals

Popular Ghanaian singer, Sista Afia has revealed that she has had s*x with different guys on several occasions, but first makes sure they understand by a contract that it doesn’t necessarily leads to a relationship.

Revealing more details, the Super hot  singer said that because she is not ready to involve herself in a relationship, the contract is for the two to agree that they are just doing something to have pleasure but not to enter into a relationship afterwards.

She revealed all these during an interview wth Hitz FM’s MzGee.

She said at the long run, guys find it difficult to honour their side of the agreement after the sexual encounter but she insists they go by the agreement.

The musician, real name, Franchesca Duncan Williams explained that most guys decide to be in a relationship with her because she is a person who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly.

“I’ve guys we are not dating but I get intimate with them. The guys fall in love with me after the action but because I’ve made up my mind that I’m not really going to put myself in that tight position, I remind them that it is a contract. We make a verbal contract before everything happens.

I just want the guy to serve my needs but the relationship will be out of the plan. Most guys like real girls and I’m 100% real so that is the reason why they want to be with me after our encounter but I don’t want to lose myself.” she told MzGee.

Talking about the period her contract with the lucky guys last, Sista Afia disclosed, “it all depends on the type of guy”. The professional nurse disposes of the guys “when I feel like they need to be disposed of”.

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It is Dangerous to Have S!x More Than Three Times a Week – Expert

S*x is a very sweet thing for many people. But, how much of s*x is too much? S*x has been known to burn calories but how many and depending on what factors, so it is very good for the body.

Sexologists warn that it is important to remember that though having s*x between one and three times in a week is considered normal, anything more than that can have bad effects on sexual health, while the sensitivity of the penis may also decrease.

According to New Health Advisor, you risk the following health issues if you indulge in too much s*x!

• S*x is a strenuous exercise, and one round of sex has been equated to 30 minutes of jogging. Therefore, having sex repeatedly without adequate hydration could lead to dehydration and exhaustion.

• The National Health Service advises that drinking plenty water after s*x is a good way to avoid dehydration.

• Too much s*x can lead to heart attack if you have heart issues.

• Too much s*x can lead to lower back pain due to the heavy and consistent thrusting.

• Too much s*x can also lead to prolonged ejaculation due to the depletion of the semen levels.

• S*x is always most pleasurable when the session has just begun (first round), but there could be feelings of pains in the genitals when the sexual activity is sustained because the persistent rubbing during the subsequent ‘rounds’ could make the exercise painful for both man and woman.

• Men are more likely to have slight pain on the penis, and in extreme cases, fracture of the penis due to sustained thrusting in the absence of sufficient erection.

• Women tend to feel a bit sore in the vagina due to the brushing of the vaginal walls by the penis during penetration.

• Apart from suffering inevitable pains in the genitals, both of you can also sustain strained muscles and injured nerves due to direct overstimulation of the same spot in the genital area.

• During s*x, the body releases norepinephrine, epinephrine and cortisol which increase the heart rate and trigger the release of glucose in the blood. All these activities are tiring, especially when done frequently. Indulging in s*x several times a day will drain all your energy and leave you feeling exhausted most of the time.

Badrinath, a Human Movement specialist states that s*x is aerobic in some parts and anaerobic in others. “S*x unfortunately as practiced today, as an act of pent up stress, an act of lust etc will burn calories. But that by itself is not sufficient to replace jogging”. Badrinath focuses on the fact that jogging, running and other forms of aerobic activity actually help people to have better s*x that last longer, helps them recover faster after climax and have more energy and endurance to last. When his trainer asked him to turn up the heat, Gokul Govardhan, a fitness was under the notion that he would have to increase his workout sessions and get into a more rigorous routing. Little did he know that his trainer was actually asking him to have s*x thrice a week. “I didn’t think it was not possible. I believe in what my trainer tells me to do.

Sex removes the fat content that sticks on to the body and wipes out all the toxins”. Gokul has been working out under the same trainer for the last 2 years and he believes if this is a solution for burning calories, then be it! Shreya, another regular visitor of the gym says that sex is an amazing way to lose weight and it also defies the statement “no pain, no gain”. “I don’t see anything wrong in having sex thrice a week, if not everyday.

It’s a great cardio and ab workout.” Hollywood celebs have sworn their toned bodies on amazing sex and that is proof enough to say that trainers are right about this. “The trainer is my guru and according to me, the teacher is always right!” says Shreya.

The calories burnt of course depends on a lot of factors like age, duration of s*x, foreplay, and the intensity with which the act is done.

1. Calories burnt (depends on factors like age and gender)

2. On average 170 calories or more are burnt in the age group of 18 to 25.

3. On average 135 calories or more are burnt in the age group of 25 to 40

4. If a man’s not doing much work, then he burns about 120 calories, in the age group of 40 plus Indian male.

Women burn more calories only if they’re doing the work during s*x. On an average, men and women burn about the same because the work they do is similar.


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Court Dissolves Emeka Ike 16 years Marrige Over Alleged Incessant Battery

A Lagos Island Customary Court on Thursday dissolved the marriage between Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike and his wife, Emma over alleged incessant battery.


Emma, a teacher, had on July 13, 2015 approached the court to dissolve the 14-year-old marriage between her and the Nollywood star.

The court president, Mr. Awos Awosola, said from the totality of the evidence before the court, it was obvious that the marriage was beyond redemption.

“Emeka, who has been begging to be reconciled with his wife, has not made any effort towards the reconciliation.

“The marriage is hereby dissolved with effect from March 2, in accordance with the Lagos State Customary Court Law, 2011; Order 3 Rule 7 as amended.

“Any party that is not satisfied with the judgment has the right to appeal to any court of higher jurisdiction within 30 days from today,’’ the court president ruled.

Awosola awarded the custody of their four children to the husband and ordered that the wife must have unhindered access to them.

He said that N300 paid as Emma’s bride price had been returned to Emeka and urged both parties to maintain peace.

The mother of four had earlier told the court that her husband had been physically and verbally abusing her all through the duration of their marriage.

“My husband treated me like nobody and throughout this divorce tussle; he had denied me access to my children,” the woman said.

“He does not allow them to pick my call as he keeps changing their numbers.

“The last time I heard my first son’s voice was when he was sick and about to undergo surgery.

“It was a friend who informed me that my son was in the hospital and I called Emeka asking him for the location of the hospital but he refused to disclose that.”

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3 Million Nigerians Lost N18bn To MMM

The Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) on Thursday disclosed that the social media estimated that three million Nigerians had lost N18 billion in the Phonzi scheme, popularly called Mavrodi Mundial Movement (MMM).


The Managing Director of the Corporation, Alhaji Umaru Ibrahim disclosed this while speaking at the NDIC day at the ongoing 38th Kaduna International Trade Fair organized by the Kaduna Chambers of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture. (KADCCIMA).

Represented by the deputy director Communication and public Affairs Alh Hadi Birchi Suleiman, the managing director lamented that despite repeated warnings by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the corporation, Nigerians still patronise MMM.

The MD emphasised that frequent usage of virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripples, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Onecoin as currencies for medium of exchange are Internet-based transactions and are not authorised by the CBN due to the risks involved in their operations.

He cautioned that any person or groups of persons who invest their money in the Phonzi scheme does so at their own risk.

“The Phonzi scheme is the phenomenon of illegal fund managers, popularly called “Wonder Banks” which have continued to defraud unsuspecting members of the public of their hard earned money. This phenomenon has been a source for concern because despite our repeated warnings over the years, some members of the public have continued to fall victims of their fraudulent practices.

“We would like to reiterate the fact fact that these fund managers are illegal as they are neither licences by the CBN to take deposits from members of the public not are those who patronise them covered by the NDIC deposit insurance scheme.

” I want to also draw the attention of some cooperative society which often go beyond their primary mandate by accepting contributions from members as cooperative societies are only recognised to mobilise savings from their members”.

While advising the general public on the dangers of keeping large sums of money at home or in market shops, he said there are 978 licences microfinance Banks nationwide out if which seven are spread across Kaduna state and should be patronize for safe keeping of their monies.

He noted that with the advent of the cashless policy and the subsequent licensing of mobile money operators (MMOs) by the CBN, the corporation has extended deposit insurance cover to the subscribers of MMOs to the maximum limit of N500, 000 per subscriber per bank through it’s Pass-Through Deposit Insurance Framework.

“Avoid mouth watering interest rate being used to lure you into becoming a victim thereby loosing. Your hard earn monies, don’t be deceived”.

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Meet the Heroic Policeman Who Killed the Notorious Kidnapper, Vampire (Photos)

Meet the Nigeria’s foremost crime buster Assistant Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari reported to have neutralized the dreaded kidnapping and armed robbery team of Vampire.

He was congratulated after he and his crack team killed South-east notorious killer, Vampire who recently escaped from a court in Owerri, Imo State.

Report has it that at the last count ,the Imo State born robber/kidnapper and his and gang had killed over 200 people including children.

Mr. Kyari has participated in the busting of major criminals and rescuing of kidnap victims across Nigeria overtime.

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I Love Her But This Happened When I Got to Her House – Man Reveals

A man has many reasons to believe his girlfriend might be sleeping around to augment her earnings due to the upscale status of her house and her two cars.

Read his story below:

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Why Nigerian Naira Appreciated Against Other Currencies – CBN Reveals

The Central Bank of Nigeria said the recent appreciation of the Naira against other currencies was the result of its market monitoring and intervention.


The acting Director, Corporate Communications of the CBN, Mr Isaac Okoroafor, on Thursday in Sokoto refuted the claim that the allegations by Mr Babatunde Gbadamosi on the illegal sales of foreign currencies at ridiculous rates were responsible for the change in forex policy.

Gbadamosi, a Lagos businessman and former governorship candidate, made allegations of racketeering against the CBN and disparity in allocation of foreign exchange to cronies of the present administration.

He further accused the CBN of selling dollars to some people for as low as N3 to a dollar.

The CBN, however, released a statement clarifying that the transactions in question were third party transactions like Japanese Yen to the South African Rand or Euros to U.S Dollars.

The CBN also directed banks to file returns on the sale of foreign currencies in dollars to avoid ambiguities and misinterpretations in future.

Okoroafor said also that the appreciation of the Naira was in no way connected to the allegations of Gbadamosi.

He said, “I want to state categorically that there is no relationship whatsoever between the allegations by the so-called person [Gbadamosi] that dollar was being sold at 61 kobo and the current appreciation of the Naira.

“What led to the appreciation of the Naira includes the following:

“The CBN has done its intelligence work on the market and we came to the realisation that much of what was driving the demand on the BDCs and the parallel market was speculation.

“We reasoned that since there is a lot of pressure on the two segments from people seeking to buy foreign currencies for BTA, tuition and medical, that if we successfully address that, the pressure will come down.

“Also, before now, the level of our reserves was not enough to make us comfortable to really do the kind of intervention that is required.

“We decided to do so now because we are a bit more comfortable with our level of reserve.”

Okoroafor said that since the new forex policy, the CBN had intervened with about $591m in the market which had led to Naira gaining strength.

He said, “Let me also state as proof that when we placed $500 in the market only $370 was taken.

“That tells you that the real demand is $370m. When we placed $230m in the market, only $221m was taken.

“Anybody who has run afoul of the law, and the security agencies have caught up with him, should go and face his or her case and stop causing confusion amongst participants in the market.”


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