OMG! Fire Guts Banky W’s House In Lagos

A house located along Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos where popular singer, Banky W, lives has been destroyed by fire.

The fire started in 6 am on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 which was allegedly caused by faulty air conditioner.
A resident said, “The fire started around 6am and all of us came out to assist Banky in putting out the fire.

“However, Fire service officials arrived around 7.30.

“So many items were destroyed including Banky’s awards.”

However, officials of the fire service arrived over an hour late to put out the fire.

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Drama as Oyinbo man arrested for breaking traffic laws in Lagos

An oyinbo man was recently arrested by officers of the Lagos state police command, for reportedly breaking traffic laws of the state.

According to reports, the boss of a company known as Mantra Protection Solution, arrested for allegedly disobeying traffic rules.

The man who was in a black Toyota SUV, was being escorted with a white Hilux van when they committed their offence.

They were said to have used their siren illegally and also ignoring traffic lights.

He is still at the police custody as at time of filling this report.

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Muslim White House Staff Quits After Just 8 Days Working for Donald Trump

A Muslim-American identified as Rumana Ahmed, a national security staffer has resigned after eight days working in the Trump administration.

According to a report by Daily Mail UK, the young woman said it was ‘an insult’ to work under the current president.

Rumana Ahmed is a Muslim and an American citizen whose family moved to Maryland from Bangladesh. She was hired to a job at the White House straight out of college while Obama was still president.

When Trump was elected, she optimistically tried to stay on at the National Security Council, but after eight days realized that she could not continue to work there.

Ahmed, who penned an editorial piece about her experience in the Atlantic, said that as a Muslim woman, when the President issued a ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries and all Syrian refugees, she knew she could no longer stay and ‘work for an administration that saw me and people like me not as fellow citizens, but as a threat’.

After he took office, Ahmed describes that she quickly became uncomfortable going to work.

‘I got both of those looks of “oh my God, like, are you OK, you know, is this, you know, I’m surprised you’re still here”‘ Ahmed Said in an interview with CBS.

‘But then you had others who were just very cold and just kind of ignored the fact that I was even there’.

She explained that she hoped to change minds of those new people she would be working with in Washington, though she was offended by the President’s rhetoric while he was campaigning.

Whoeverever, on changing minds in Trump’s White House, she said: ‘There was no opportunity to interact with anybody.’

Ahmed also said that she believes she and other staffers were often cut out of the policy-making process in the early days, finding out about things as they happened on the news instead of as they happened in the office.

In her piece for the Atlantic, she describes the day that she decided to quit.

She said: ‘The evening before I left, bidding farewell to some of my colleagues, many of whom have also since left, I notified Trump’s senior NSC communications adviser, Michael Anton, of my departure, since we shared an office.’

Rumana with Barack Obama when he was in office

It later came out that Michael Anton authored an essay under a pseudonym in which he praises authoritarianism and attacks diversity as a ‘weakness’, and Islam as ‘incompatible with the modern West,’ so it comes as no surprise that he did not ask her why she was leaving.

However, as she describes, she told him anyways.

‘I told him I had to leave because it was an insult walking into this country’s most historic building every day under an administration that is working against and vilifying everything I stand for as an American and as a Muslim,’ she wrote.

‘I told him that the administration was attacking the basic tenets of democracy.
‘I told him that I hoped that they and those in Congress were prepared to take responsibility for all the consequences that would attend their decisions,’ Ahmed continued.

She said that he looked at her but said nothing.

Ahmed’s parents moved to the United States from Bangladesh in 1978. Her mother worked as a cashier before starting a daycare business, and her father worked at Bank of America, eventually being promoted to Assistant Vice President at one of the headquarters.

She said that she was 12 when she started wearing a hijab, and that it was encouraged, but also her choice.

Ahmed wrote that while she never saw herself going into Government, she was inspired by President Obama.

Speaking with CBS, she said that ‘walking into that building was becoming more and more difficult every single day because everything that administration was doing stood against what I stood for as both an American and as a Muslim’.

In the past few weeks the National Security Council has been in the Washington ‘hot seat’ after Michael Flynn stepped down as national security adviser.

White House officials have not said much about Ahmed’s comments, except that they wish her well.

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Horrible Accident Leaves at Least 6 Dead at Oko Polytechnic in Anambra (Graphic Photos)

A horrific accident on Sunday leaving at least six persons dead after a speeding vehicle collided with another at the Federal Polytechnic, Oko around 8pm in Anambra state.

According to Max Weber who reported the incident, the vehicle involved in the accident was coming back from Awka to Oko or Ekwulobia before the tragic accident. See more photo below;

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Drama as Spirit of 2 Women Forcefully Undressed and R1ped a Man

Eliud Njoroge, a 35-year-old Kenyan man from Kangemi has made a shocking revelation after opening up about his struggles with spirits who s*xually abuse him.

According to The Nairobian, the man has not had s*x for the past five years because of the strange occurrences that have also cost him a wife.

Sharing his predicament with The Nairobian, he claimed that spirits of two women pays him visit at night to force him to have oral s*x, something that has tormented him for years.

The women allegedly stripped him n*ked and suck his p*nis for 45 minutes. Once they were done, they vanished, leaving him weak, tired and very thirsty.

‘The problem started around 2012. That particular night, I heard footsteps and a girl crying outside my house. It was so real. I went out to see what was happening. I saw two women who upon seeing me, vanished,’ he said.

‘Days later, my wife traveled upcountry and the two women appeared again. This time, they came to my bed, forcefully undressed me and started sucking my p*nis. I was in a lot of pain and didn’t comprehend what was going on. I remember waking up very tired and weak,’ he added.

He also stated that whenever he sleeps n*ked, that is when they come to attack him.

‘I realised that whenever I slept n*ked, that is when they attacked me. I am a tormented man. I’ve never had s*x for five years because of them,’ he said.

Njoroge is now seeking help from a city preacher with hope that he will exorcise the spirits that visit him at least three times in a week.

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Gbese! Lagos State to Crush 4,000 Seized Commercial Motorcycles

The Lagos State Government on Monday said it has concluded plans to commence the crushing and recycling of over 4,000 impounded commercial motorcycles, popularly called Okada, in line with the provisions of the State Traffic Law 2012.

The State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, said the recent clampdown on Okada across the state was a fall out of the government’s resolve to address the security concerns posed by their operations, saying that criminals are in the habit of using okada to perpetrate crime and getting away.

According to Mr. Owoseni, the decision to crush and recycle the impounded motorcycles was in accordance with the provision of the law.

Mr. Owoseni said aside impounding the motorcycles and tricycles, the enforcement would also clampdown on the operators and residents who patronise them, adding that mobile courts would be instituted to try arrested offenders.

Owoseni said due to the constant challenges of enforcing the law, the state government was already considering an outright ban on okada operations in some areas of the state starting with the Lekki and Victoria Island axis.

He frowned at the flagrant way Okada and tricycle operators flout the traffic law especially by not obeying traffic light, saying that in most cases it leads to avoidable accident and death of innocent citizens.

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Police Inspector Caught Trafficking 75 Sacks of Cannabis with Staff Bus (Photo)

A serving police inspector, Abali Zagi has been arrested by men of the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Kogi State trafficking cannabis weighing 818kg.

He was paraded alongside 14 suspected drug peddlers, including a dismissed Army Corporal, Umar Shehu with over 1,083.6 kilogrammes of cannabis, valued at N6 million.

The State Commander Mohammed Bello Idris said the policeman was apprehended with 75 sacks of cannabis, weighing 818kg, around Kabba junction, while returning from Okpela in Edo State.

The seized drug, worth N4 million, was loaded at the Force Headquarters, Abuja, into a welfare vehicle marked NPF7973C.

Shehu was arrested with 44kg of suspected cannabis by policemen at Obajana and handed over to the NDLEA.

Obiora and two others were also arrested with 190 blocks of cannabis and 155.5kg, by the patrol team of the Army, on the Lokoja-Abuja highway.

Also paraded was Aminat Iredia, 40, who was arrested with 32kg of the banned substance, around Crusher, a suburb of Lokoja metropolis, with her four-year old son.

Others paraded included Samson Danladi, Musa Lawal, Musa Umar, Anthony Okoh and Shuaibu Ibrahim. Commander Idris said the suspects would be charged to court after investigations were concluded.

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How Male Boko Haram Suicide Bomber Disguised as a Lady Shot Dead in Borno (Graphic Photos)

The gallant operatives of the Borno state Civilian-Joint Task Force (CJTF), have on Monday, killed a male suicide bomber who dressed as a woman.

The photos of the suicide bomber was shared by the CJTF lead, Muazu Alhaji Misiya, and he captioned it; “Allahmdullah another success. Man turn to woman hmm boko haram.”

See more photos below;

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Three Bakassi Men Shot Dead In Broad Daylight In Abia State (Photos)

Three Bakassi (Vigilante) men were yesterday shot dead by unknown gunmen in broad daylight along the Aba Owerri road, Aba, new report says.

It was gathered that the incident took place before MCC Junction, opposite Seventh Day Adventist Church (Sabbath), opposite Toonak.
The incident claimed the lives of three vigilante men, while two of them were admitted to Abia State Teaching Hospital for treatment.

According to reports, the vigilante men disrupted the gunmen’s operation, where they attempted to kidnap a wealthy businessman by Tonimas, opposite Bicoz Filling Station, along Enugu/Port Harcourt express way.See more photo:

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Vivian, My Roommate’s Bootylicious Girlfriend – Man Narrates Explosive S1xual Experience

Vivian was one of the s*xiest girls I had ever seen. Nice fat ass. Good sized, firm tits. Full pouty lips and eyes that scream “F*ck me!” She was wearing a very short red skirt that accentuates her juicy shape, and a pair of heels that showcase her sexy stems.

Too bad she was my roommate’s girlfriend.

“Is Tunde around?” she asked.

I had to keep my eyes glued to the television to keep from staring at her gorgeous body.

“Yes, he’s in his room,” I answered.

“Thanks,” she replied before heading down the lobby. I turned to watch her jiggling ass as she walked away.

“Lucky bastard,” I muttered to myself. Vivian and I never talked much, but I think she could sense my lust for her. Sometimes I swear she was driving me crazy on purpose.

I slumped back into the soft cushions of the sofa, trying in vain to divert my thoughts back to the TV. I had spent many nights lying in my bed jerking off thinking about Tunde’s girl. I felt kind of bad seeing as it was my friend’s girl, but I kept my fantasies to myself so I didn’t think it did any harm.

After a few minutes Tunde and Vivian went to the movies, leaving me to my dirty little thoughts. No sooner had the door shut than my dick was out for a workout. I thought about pushing Vivian’s little skirt up and sinking my dick into her wet pussy. I thought about her sweet lips wrapped around my dick. I thought about her fat ass stretched around my dick.

As I walked to the bathroom to get a towel I wondered if she took it in the ass. Tunde always said she was kinky and into things that he wasn’t. I wondered if that meant ass fucking? Whatever. Having spent my load I collapsed back on the sofa and quickly fell asleep.

I awoke a few hours later as the happy couple re-entered the apartment. They didn’t say much but went straight to the bedroom. I got up, yawned scratched my head, and turned the channel. I was feeling horny again so I decided to put on a porno. After all, Vivian and Tunde would probably be busy for a while. I slipped one into the DVD player and sat back on the couch.

After about half an hour I heard the door to Tunde’s room open. I quickly turned the TV off, not wanting to look like a pervert.

“What were you watching?”

It was Vivian.

I was nervous. “Um, nothing. I was just going to watch a movie.”

She sat down. “Good. What one? Tunde fell asleep pretty fast and I’m not in the mood for sleeping.”

“I don’t know. What would you like to watch?”

She hopped up and began to look through our limited movie collection. Damn she looked good. She was wearing a T-shirt just long enough to cover her panties, and her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She was f*cking hot!

“Aw, let’s just watch whatever is in here already,” she said pushing play on the DVD player.

“No don’t…” I tried to stop her but it was too late. An image of a women getting bent over a table popped onto the screen.

At first she looked stunned, but soon a smile crossed her face and she returned to the sofa.

“Eddie, you dirty guy. I knew you were up to something in here,” she said with a grin.

She didn’t seem too shocked so I decided to run with it.

“Guilty as charged”, I replied. “I never knew you were into stuff like this though.”

“Are you kidding? I love porn!”

Her eyes were transfixed on the screen, where a woman was getting it in the ass and mouth at the same time.

“Yummy! Now that looks like fun!”, she said.

I turned to her. “You like it kinky huh?”

She bit her lip and nodded. “I haven’t been getting it lately though,” she said, glancing towards Tunde’s room. “Someone’s never in the mood!”

“You have to be kidding!” I replied. “If you were my girl I would f*ck you every night!”

I couldn’t believe what I had just said. I was just about to explain myself when Vivian slid over the sofa and kissed me. Her lips felt so soft as they first brushed against mine. Then her mouth opened and our tongues met. She climbed up, straddling my lap kissing me deeper as my hands found her fat ass. Things were starting to heat up when suddenly she pulled away.

“That’s it,” I thought to myself. “She has finally come to her senses.”

She looked into my eyes. “Not here. Tunde might wake up. Lets go to the bathroom.”

How could I say no?

As I followed Vivian to the bathroom, I couldn’t believe my fantasy was finally coming true.

After I got in she closed the door and locked it. Now our bathroom is not that big but I was sure we could make do.

No sooner had the door shut than she was on me. Her smell was intoxicating. Her lips touched mine and I thought I would cum in my trousers. Her tongue slipped passed her lips and entered my mouth. Her delicate hand fell to my crotch and rubbed the bulge in my trousers.

“Ohh, someone’s excited,” she said, caressing my rock hard package.

“How can I help it?” I answered pulling her back for another kiss.

Soon her shirt was lying on the bathroom floor and Vivian was leaning back on the sink counter with my face in her perfect breasts. Her hands passed through my hair as I licked and sucked her nipples. I dropped a hand to her crotch and felt her p*ssy through her panties. They were already a little damp and I could make out the outline of her soft little pussy lips.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have that p*ssy. Suddenly I dropped to my knees and placed my mouth over the wet fabric. Vivian reached down and pulled her panties to the side exposing her perfectly shaven p*ssy. It was delicious and smooth and I wanted nothing more than to sink my tongue deep within its depths.

I pulled the panties down her smooth legs and Vivian put one leg up on the sink spreading wide for me. I began by planting soft kisses up her thigh, but she would have none of that. She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her wet hole. My tongue soon found her clit and I had her moaning in no time. Every time she was about to come I would pull away and bury my tongue deep inside her.

She was so wet and smelled so good! I had to have all of her.

….to be continued

Credits: Hot Pulse

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