#BBNaija: Fake Housemates Ese And Jon Evicted


After two weeks in the house, Ese and Jon the ‘Fake’ housemates in Big Brother Naija have been evicted.

The eviction process was quite dramatic as Biggie sent out Ese, Bally, Bisola and Jon but at the end of the day, only Ese and Jon were evicted.

Ese and Jon were put in to stir up drama and cause fights between the original housemates. This was successfully done to an extent as fights broke out eventually.

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BREAKING! Popular Ponzi Scheme Shut Down Finally as FG Arrests the Masterminds

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says it has sealed up the premises of Yuan Dong (YDEC) for unacceptable investment operations in the country.

The Head, Corporate Communication of SEC, Mr Naif Abdussalam, in a statement on Sunday in Abuja, said the closure was to end unlawful activities of the company against unsuspecting investors.

“Investments in the scheme range from a minimum deposit of N10,000 to a maximum deposit of N240,000.

“The investment period of the scheme is pegged at a minimum of 30 working days to a maximum period of 10 months with offer of interest rates on short and medium term basis.

“The company promises a daily profit of N80 and N2,400 depending on the category of investment,” he said.

Abdussalam said the commission’s investigations showed that the company also enticed its customers with payment of bonuses should they convince more investors to invest in the scheme.

He said that the commission had established that the company’s activities also constituted a breach of the Investment and Securities Act (ISA), 2007.

“Furthermore it was discovered that contrary to their supposed existence in over 20 locations across the country, the company only has functional offices in Asaba, Kano and Abuja.

“The promoters of these illegal operations have been arrested by the Nigeria Police Force and are undergoing interrogation.

“The Commission wishes to notify the investing public that the company is not licensed to carry out investments business of any type and as such its operations are illegal,” he said.

Abdussalam advised the public to exercise due diligence and caution in the course of making investment decisions.

He said valid licence of lawful operators could be obtained on the commission’s website by members of the public to confirm the licences of firms they intend to carry investment activities with.

Yuan Dong claims to be be part of the Yuan Dong A Mart, a Far Eastern group Yuan Dong that claims to be involved in textiles, petrochemicals and energy, polyester and synthetic fibre, cement and building materials, retail and department stores, financial services, sea/land transportation, communications and Internet, construction, hotels and philanthropies. It claims 60 years of business experience.

It also claims to have nine public listed companies in the Group which has total assets exceeding US$80 billion, with annual revenues surpassing US$18.7 billion and over 600,000 VIP and shareholders.

For a company that claims a Far Eastern pedigree, the telephone contacts that it listed were all Nigerian lines: +2349094841399 and +2349093074954. It’s office address is also the 2nd Floor, Othni Plaza, Zone 1 Abuja, clearly contradicting its Far Eastern origin and indicating that the website was created to fool unsuspecting Nigerians.


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Rome&Juliet! See What Apostle Suleiman Caught Doing with His Wife During Church Service (Photos)

Nigerian pastor Apostle Johnson Suleiman the General Overseer and senior pastor of the Omega Fire Ministry International, who is known for strongly condemning the crisis raging in Souther Kaduna which has left many people dead.

Apostle Suleiman  showed the world that he’s a ‘Lovely Husband’ as he shared a happy and lovely moment with his wife, Reverend (Dr.) Lizzy Johnson Suleman, during church service.

See more photos below:

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When Your Man Cheats, Buy Him Condoms – Actress Seyi Hunter Talks on Tonto Dikeh, Lilian Esoro’s Marriage Crises

While speaking in an exclusive chat with Potpourri, Nollywood actress, Seyi Hunter, advised Tonto Dikeh-Churchill and Lilian Esoro to get a legal separation from their estranged husbands if they are not willing to resolve their lingering marital crisis.

According to Vanguard, the Hunters Media CEO, condemned the manner in which female entertainers take a walk out of their marriages instead of coming to terms with its realities.

She said that there are lots of single ladies ready to jump at Ubi and Churchill immediately they decide to put an end to their crisis-rocked union.

In her opinion, she believes it is wrong for a woman to walk out of her marriage all because her husband had a romantic affair with another lady.

Seyi-Hunter said; “It isn’t right for any lady to walk out of her marriage for any reason, except domestic violence is involved. I am not talking about occasional slaps here and there. If he beats you like he’ll beat a thief, my dear sister you need to run for your life because he might kill you one day or disfigure you.
“But if you leave because of cheating, then you’re the most foolish person alive and you’re not going by the Holy Bible. The Bible says man shall not live by bread alone. You don’t expect him to eat Egusi soup the rest of his life; he has to eat Afang, Ogbono, etc, once in a while.

“Let’s not forget men are polygamous in nature, it’s been there right from the days of Abraham and it cannot be changed. The way entertainers are ending their marriage is alarming. Is it that Ubi Franklin is a wife beater or Lilian Esoro left because he’s a chronic womanizer? Same goes for Tonto Dikeh and Churchill. If these ladies left their marriages for the latter, it means this generation is worse than I thought, because we’ve lost it.

“No patience, understanding or endurance to allow the man test the waters once in a while. I hope they settle their issues, but if they won’t, let them hurry with the divorce, so that single girls can make their moves on these guys. Before the women eat me raw, women are not allowed to cheat.

“The men are to love us, care for us, support us in everything and provide for us, while we do all these and more for them. Every smart woman will provide her man with condoms and lubrication and pray that the Holy Spirit guides them to use it on their side chicks, so they don’t bring infection home to us.”

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From Bus Conductor Living Under Oshodi Bridge to a Millionaire Landlord at 24 – Nigerian Comedian Shares Powerful Testimony

Nigerian Comedian Odeh Ajiri Princewill took to Instagram yesterday to share a powerful testimony

Below is how he told his story:
“June 2010 – Feb 2017…

“I was d least of my brothers but I thrived higher than many… It was GOD.

“When they count threats, I was regarded a walk over but I won… It was GOD. I became a landlord before many who told me I’m a waste of time… It Is GOD. I became a millionaire at 24… It is GOD. All I have wanted o lord thy hand hath provided, exceedingly above all I have and can ask for.

“In 2006 I came into lagos as a tenant of under d bridge estate, oshodi branch without a roof on my head, d rain would fall and shops would be my best hideout point, i’ll park dirts and sold news papers during d day to survive, in 2007 i became a professional bus conductor, ikeja-ojuelegba, PalmAvenue-Olateju (mushin) Ketu-Yabaonyingbo, Oshodi-Sango and many more witnessed d voice of Small or Bruno (as they would call me)…

“In 2016 I became a landlord in d same lagos, i enter my parlour and d Ac can melt fire, I drive into my compound and my street security will tell me welcome boss. I don’t care what they say but this testimony will never end, d world would hear o… I don’t have a voice, i gree but i will sing o… To d greatest of kings, To Olu orun, To d talknado, To JEHOVAH… I’ll never loose my praise.”

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How I Missed President Buhari’s Phone Call – Garba Shehu Reveled

According to Shehu, Buhari spoke with some members of the presidential media team in his absence, but sent him a text message afterwards.

He wrote on Facebook: “A day for the Presidential Media Team.

“We are thankful to the President, Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) for sparing the time to make calls to the Media team.

“The Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed and the Special Adviser, Femi Adesina responded to the calls, exchanged greetings and thanked him for calling.

“I had an SMS from him thereafter because I missed my call! I humbly join them to say thank you, Baba Buhari!!

“We are together with other Nigerians of all faiths, in praying for his safe return.”

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From Modeling to Blogging! This is the Enchanting Story of Linda Ikeji

Arguably, Nigeria’s most influential blogger, Linda Ikeji is as surprised as everyone else at her astounding achievement. A couple of years ago, she was a struggling model. Her effort to wear the Miss Nigeria crown was a flunk. She felt like a failure. However, her life changed dramatically for good as she crossed the threshold of her 30th birthday. It’s been seven years since success engaged her in an enduring embrace. Nseobong Okon-Ekong writes on her transformation from a lone blogger to ownership of a thriving media enterprise.

It was a crowded day for celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji. Many journalists who were invited to the unveiling of her social network site, LindaIkejiSocial, thought they were going to have an exclusive, but she burst the bubble of their expectation a couple of days earlier by going public with a podcast that bared almost everything about herself, leaving little to the imagination. There was just a little window of opportunity to cross check some of the information she volunteered and perhaps, display enough ingenuity in framing questions that would provoke her to say more. The media parley started on a testy note when she walked into the packed room and curtsied with a ‘hello’, the response was not so warm. Smiling, she had to prompt her guests for a more robust answer.

If she was unsettled, she concealed her feelings well. Apparently, the business at hand required better tact. It was probably one of the few times she needed help. Her plea for assistance was plain, without pretences. “I need your help!” What started like a child’s play about one decade ago had assumed a vibrant life of its own and continued to expand. It was yet another landmark on that amazing journey filled with so many surprises that Linda often pinches herself to be sure it was happening to her. When she entered the public space as a model blogging didn’t exist and she most definitely didn’t expect that the voyage which began in November 2006 would change her life so significantly. Back then, blogging provided a place to tinker her creative muse. She never envisioned the astonishing success. Nonetheless, she is grateful to God.

Although, it took four years to get her first pay cheque, her endurance was hardly on trial because there was not much to hope for. “I was blogging consistently and passionately. It didn’t occur to me that I had built a lot of followership and brands were watching. I had thousands of people following me and I was very happy about it but I didn’t think it will translate to money or advertisement. The first time they came to meet me to pay me to post something, I found it very strange. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. In January 2011 I had my own advert rate and people started paying. That was it.”

She made it sound easy. And because she worked alone for about four years, raking in an incredible amount of income, many did not see her coming. Only the small number of professionals in corporate advertising who took note of her enormous followership on social media and were compelled to use her platform to promote their products and services knew about the emerging formidable media platform called Linda Ikeji. To the larger public, it seemed the Linda Ikeji phenomenon crept stealthily onto our collective consciousness like a thief in the night. This explains the sharp division between those who see her as a hard working, exemplary woman and those who are convinced she is an opportunist or walked a crooked path to wealth.

When it comes to the feedback of love or hate from the public, celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, knows exactly where she stands -it’s a combination of both. Both emotions weigh heavily on her sentimental scale. Naturally, this should give her some cause for concern, but she keeps a clear head by aligning more with love. “I get a lot of hate and lots of love but I try as much as possible to hold on to the love, instead of the hate because I know the hate is coming from a very different place. Whenever I trend and I see some vile comments, I’m like ‘you’ve never met me, why are you saying this about me’. I have grown such a thick skin. I understand when people like Wizkid and Olamide lashed out at me because I wrote about them.

“But if I haven’t written about you and then you make such vile comments, I understand it’s coming from a place which is not my fault. Maybe you are angry about your situation, where you are coming from, you wish you have and you didn’t. I understand because I have been there – when people are frustrated and depressed. I have been depressed and angry and my anger is usually towards those who are successful. I say things like, ‘Does she have two heads?’ When I say hostile things about them, it makes me feel better. I allow them that space to vent because really, it’s like when you go to the market, you don’t see the traders talking about one non-entity, they are talking about the person who made more sales than them. I understand that success comes with a lot of hate.

“In fact, that’s one of the ways to know you are really very successful because if you ask them why they hate you, they can’t even tell you. But as long as you know yourself, love yourself and do the right thing, that shouldn’t be an issue. I get a lot of love, as well from those who say I motivate them. I pay attention to them because you have to be very careful. Negative people make more noise and if you pay attention, that noise can drown you and you think everybody hates you. I do more good to them than bad and they acknowledge that. Some of them are friends who have been to my house. The negativity that comes with blogging is fine. You are writing about people so some people will take offence and act in different ways.”

In the line of duty, Linda fires quite a few guided missiles and she is also a sitting target to those who take a shot at her. The impression may be taken that she has lost a lot of friends who were slandered by her report. She denied this. “I try as much as possible not to be friends with celebrities because when you become friends with them, it’s so hard to write about them, and when you do, they will get someone to call you and like ‘why now?’ I don’t really write negative stories about people. If I do, I won’t be sitting here. I get a lot of stories. I hear a lot of things. I make a lot of money writing positive stories so why should I concentrate on negative stories? I stick to the one that works for me. I have a cordial relationship with a lot of entertainers. I have run into issues with few of them, but in recent times – when I was a little careless with what I write – but apart from Wizkid, I haven’t had issues with any one of them.”

In a celebrated episode which led many to question her integrity as a source of news, an aggrieved party had forced a temporary shutdown of her site. That incident is one of the valuable lessons that changed her work ethic. It taught her to be more careful. She, however, insisted that she would not go out of her way to be trained in journalism.

“Whatever I have done obviously has worked. I don’t know what kind of training I want to go for again. I can have my staff go for training. There are people online who also have in-depth knowledge of the story. Sometimes, I put up a story, then read the comments. From the comments I have to go and change some things because there are people who are experienced or know the family or friends of the people I wrote about. I have also learnt that it is very important for you to verify your stories, because if people rely on your site for information, and you mess up few times, they don’t trust you anymore, and then they go to other credible sites.”

This transformation from a lone blogger to ownership of a growing media empire was the reason she invited journalists, friends and associates to her Lekki Phase 1 Lagos offices. A couple of months ago, the talk about Linda centred on her multi-million Naira home on Banana Island in Lagos. Not a few believed she was involved in shoddy deals, but her home may be nothing compared to the multi-purpose office that houses television, photo, recording studios and other working areas that are combine space for delivery of many media services. As she proudly took quests on a guided tour, she explained the new direction of her enterprise.

“I have been blogging for 10 years, I’m bored. I want to do something else. I don’t want to start LIS, then wait for another 10 years. I’m 36. This is the time I have the energy and passion to run this. I’m delegating. I have over 30 people working here now, running all things. If you have the right people, you can do other things. I have Linda Ikeji Music. I have four people working in that section. I have producers, directors, cameramen, creative people. I think people try to limit themselves. I don’t limit myself at all. I feel there is absolutely nothing you cannot do once you set your mind to it.”

As interaction with the journalists progressed, Linda enlightened the gathering on the perceived controversies that dog her steps. “I don’t go out of my way to look for controversy. Maybe, I am misunderstood. People forget that I may have started blogging as a passion, now, it’s a business. There’s Linda the person and Linda the blogger. If I were not a blogger, there are things I won’t pay attention to. I’m a blogger, I have to pay attention to many things because my readers want to see all of that. You have to understand the difference between me the woman and the blogger.

“I am a business woman. I have to provide services to my users and readers. I have to go out of my way to look for gossip and things that people want to read. I don’t want anybody to fail. I don’t wish anybody evil. I don’t want anybody to cry, to feel bad about comments. Sometimes, when I read comments, I’m like, why did you post this kind of things. But people think I enjoy reading those negative kind of comments. No. These comments make the blog thrive. People have to understand that there are two people. I see some comments and I’m like that’s vile and hurtful, well, it’s all part of the business. I think I’m misunderstood, which is fine. People who know me, know me. I don’t go out of my way to look for trouble. Controversy is not bad for my business. I need people to talk about me to be relevant.”

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#BBNaija! Watch as Big Brother Naija contestant, Bally sucks the br2ast of fake housemate, Ese

Big Brother Naija contestant, Bally sucks the br2ast of fake housemate, Ese during their weekly Truth and Dare game. Bally was dared to suck one of Ese’s nipples last night and he gladly did so after she agreed.

Watch the video below-

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Senior Boko Haram Commander Killed By Security Operatives In Borno (Graphic Photos)

A Senior Boko Haram Commander identified as Tukur Bama was gunned down by security operatives at Bulongu Town of Bama Local Government Area of Borno state. Below is a photo taken after he was killed:


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Why I Dumped My Career To Become A Prostitute – Brazilian Lawyer Reveals

A Brazilian constitutional lawyer has left her career to become a hooker – with a better salary. Claudia de Marchi, 34, left her law job with a top legal firm last year and began having sex with businessmen and politicians for £150 an hour or £650 a night.


She has revealed the idea for the career change came from her mother who has moved to be closer to her while supporting her daughter’s profession.
She plies her new trade from the capital of Brasilia advertising as a “high luxury courtesan”.

Claudia claims to have earned almost £100,000 in first year – more than her lawyer’s salary. But she is said to knocked back clients with bad grammar or who don’t share a political views – and you have to impress her to get a second booking.

She has claimed her reason for switching careers was growing tired of the “masculine selfishness and self-indulgence” in the legal industry.

But she reportedly added that there was also encouragement from her mother, saying: “One day my mother was watching a programme on TV interviewing luxury escort girls and was captivated by what they were saying.”

Claudia reportedly said: “I cannot stand having to conform, the daily repetitive routine, or the laziness men have to reconquer us women every day. “I’d already decided not to be a mother. So my decision had to do with frustrations I had accumulated over the years.
Claudia, originally from the central Brazilian city of Sorriso, also claims to be a feminist and writes a blog on her experiences and tips for men.

The blog includes help when giving oral sex, treating a woman right and how to be a “real man” and she says the website receives 8,000 hits a day.

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