I’m Having Affair With A Married Woman And She’s Too Sweet On Bed – Youth Corper Shares Juicy Story

A National Youth Service Corp member is currently engaged in an active illicit s1xual relationship with a married woman who he thinks he’s in love with.

The young youth corper sleeping with an old woman who is 34 despite being married with kids is seeking advance on his feeling for her. Read his story Below:

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Cancer Is Entirely A Man-Made Disease – New Study Confirmed

It might be hard to believe; a recent study has proved that cancer is 100% a man-made disease.

It’s caused mostly by dietary intake and pollution in their environment. At the University of Manchester’s KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology in England, in 2010, after looking over remains and literature from ancient Greece and Egypt, looked into earlier periods too, a study had included the first historical case of cancer in an Egyptian mummy.

This published study from Nature Reviews Cancer, notes that researchers only found one case of cancer while looking into hundred of Egyptian mummies.

There were also rare references to this disease in literature, which conveys that in ancient times, there was very little to no cases of cancer.

It wasn’t until after the Industrial Revolution when cancer rates had shockingly increased. Particularly, it was affecting mostly children. It proves that the rise in these cases is not tied to a longer life span.

“In industrialized societies, cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease as a cause of death. But in ancient times, it was extremely rare,” states Prof. Rosalie David, of the Faculty of Life Sciences.”There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer. So it has to be a man-made disease, down to pollution and changes to our diet and lifestyle.

“The important thing about our study is that it gives a historical perspective to this disease,” she continued.

“We can make very clear statements on the cancer rates in societies because we have a full overview. We have looked at millennia, not one hundred years, and have masses of data.”

Modern industrialization

Research has included the first-ever diagnosis of cancer in an Egyptian mummy, which was made by Prof. Michael Zimmerman, a visiting scholar at the KNH Center, based at Villanova University near Philadelphia.

He diagnosed rectal cancer in one unidentified mummy, who was your average “ordinary” person who existed in the Dakleh Oasis in the Ptolemaic period (200-400 AD).

“In an ancient society lacking surgical intervention, evidence of cancer should remain in all cases. The virtual absence of malignancies in mummies must be interpreted as indicating their rarity in antiquity, indicating that cancer causing factors are limited to societies affected by modern industrialization,” Zimmerman said.

The team of researchers had examined mummified remains as well as evidence and literary documentation from ancient Egypt. They examined mostly literary evidence from ancient Greece, because there was no known human remains from that period.

The team even went as far as to looking into medical studies of human and animal remains from earlier time periods that extend back to the dinosaur age.

Short lifespans not a factor

Altogether, there rarely is any cases of cancer in early humans and animal fossils, as well as non-human primates.

There is only a few dozen examples in animal fossils, but that can mostly be disputed. However, there is a metastatic cancer discovery in an unknown primary origin in an Edmontosaurus fossil, while a different study lists many possible neoplasms-abnormal and new growths of tissue in some parts of the body, as a characteristic of cancer in remains of fossils.

Some medical researchers and scientists have believed that the rare incidence of cancer was largely due to short lifespans.

While this statistic is true, in ancient Egypt, humans didn’t develop conditions that that predominantly affect young adults. Another explanation for the lack of cancer presence in ancient times is that tumors were not well-preserved.

Zimmerman has conducted some experimental studies that indicate that mummification preserves the tumors structure and is more preserved than normal body tissues.

There has only been two discoveries of mummies having a microscopic presence of cancer. There have also been radiological exams that were conducted to detect cancer, but found no evidence of it at all.

Via- organicandhealthy.org

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YOU MUST TRY THIS: Burn Fat While You Sleep by Drinking This!

For most of us, losing weight requires a lot of time and effort. It could also mean having to shell out almost thousands especially for those who have gym subscriptions. Fad diets can also cost a lot of money.

Nowadays, it seems like there is no easy and affordable alternative for losing weight. This is a problem for those who have to put bills and supporting families first. Bottom line is that most people just don’t have the time and resources to worry about losing weight. To them, the best time to lose weight is when they don’t have work or errands to worry about. But that downtime is basically reserved for sleep. This is why, for most people, being able to lose weight while sleeping is a probably a dream come true. But is that really acheivable?

Well, a new study says it might be.

According to a recent Facebook post by popular health-related news source Pinoy Health tips, there is actually a way to burn fat while sleeping. They got the idea from a website named Minions Scoop, and it involves a simple recipe for a drink.

Gather the following ingredients:

1. Cinnamon (1 stick)
2. 1 tablespoon of vinegar
3. A handful or a “bunch” of parsley
4. One lemon
5. 1 tablespoon of honey or ginger powder
6. Water (500 ml)

Once you have the ingredients mentioned above, prepare the drink by following these steps:

1. Boil the water
2. Add the other ingredients to the water once it reaches boiling point
3. Let the mixture simmer for a while
4. Take the mixture off the heat and let cool for a few minutes.
5. Move the mixture to a clean container with a lid, let the mix go through a filter while pouring it into the container.

Drink a cup of the mixture every night, about one hour before going to sleep.

Expect to lose weight in a few days.

Note: Exercise will also help you lose weight. Try to get some exercise done whenever you have the time.
Source: minionscoop

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Reasons Why You Should Make L0ve in the Morning!

A lot of health experts have stated that the best time for a couple to make l*ve is early in the morning. Its just that some couples, chose to not take advantage of this because a lot of them are too lazy, still sleepy, haven’t brushed their teeth, etc. What these couples doesn’t know is that making l*ve early in the morning is the best kind of s*x they could have because there’s a lot of benefits that they can get by making l*ve in the morning!
Making L*ve in the morning can:

Improve your Mood

Some research shows that being intimate and doing it early in the morning can help to improve your mood for the whole day, and making l*ve in just one day can actually last until seven days, which means, if you make l*ve with your partner on a Sunday morning, you’ll be in a good mood, and stressed free for a whole week! And who doesn’t want that?

Cure Morning Sickness

According to a professor from SUNY-Albany, if you swallow sp*rm, yes, that white sticky substance, it can actually cure your morning sickness-grogginess, especially for pregnant women. Also, take note that it is encouraged by doctors and it is advisable that, a pregnant woman should have s*x or make l*ve with their partner to cure their morning sickness.
Makes you Healthy

Early morning s*x doesn’t just improve your mood but it can also strengthen your immune system, because making l*ve early in the morning can boost your IgA levels, and IgA is an antibody that can help to protect you from infections.

Make your Man last longer

It has been shown in several studies that the testosterone level of men is at its peak during the morning, because their body has already gained the energy it needed. And ladies, take note that if your man is too h*rny in the morning, and you want a wild and long lasting s*x, then fully take advantage of it while you can.

Make the whole event as Clear as Crystal for the Both of you

Since you made l*ve early in the morning, there’s a high chance that you and your partner will remember the whole event the whole day, and would give you something to giggle for the whole day too. Also it’ll make you look forward to the next day, as to see and find out what will happen on the next day ahead of you.
Save up your time

Time, when it comes for Gym Time, because making l*ve in the morning is equivalent to spending your time at the gym. Many believe that making l*ve for an hour is equaled to burning your fats when you jog for 30 minutes.

Reaffirm your feelings

Making l*ve early in the morning is said to be the most intimate time in which you can have s*x. Why? Because it can reaffirm your feelings for each other. It means that you still love them even if they don’t look like at their best like they have a messy hair, bad breath, etc.

Gets you going

Making l*ve is better than drinking coffee in the morning, you don’t need to wait before the effects kick in. Making l*ve can give you that boost of energy to start up your day and it can also make you addicted to it a lot like coffee.

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Amazing Health Benefits Of Sweet Potato

Here are the nutritional value of sweet potato:

1. Antioxidants
*Sweet potatoes functions as an antioxidant that fights free radicals that kill cells through oxidative process- an activity that speeds up aging and make people more prone to chronic diseases. In addition, beta-carotene is an antioxidant that helps in enhancing immune system functioning. It helps in reducing risk of heart disease and cancer development.
Consumption of sweet potatoes has been proven to improve skin health too. It is rich in Vitamin A, a nutrient that boasts potent anti-inflammatory qualities that help in killing bacteria that cause acne and breakouts.

2. Vitamin B6
*Vitamin B6 functions to reduce the amount of homocysteine in our system. This chemical has been linked to the development of chronic, degenerative diseases including stroke and heart attack.

3. Vitamin C
*Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of Vitamin C that helps in reducing the risk of catching cold, flu, and other disease-causing microorganisms. Vitamin C plays an important role

in tooth and born formation and other equally-crucial processes such as collagen production, digestion, and blood cell creation.

4. Potassium
*Potassium is a crucial electrolyte that helps in controlling nerve signals and heartbeat. Potassium is important due to its important role in numerous major body functions such as reduction of swelling and inflammation, relaxation of muscle contractions, and regulate kidney activity and process.

5. Magnesium
*Magnesium is popularly known to battle stress and promote relaxation. It is a crucial nutrient as it promotes healthy arteries, blood, bone, heart, and muscle function just to name a few.

6. Iron
*Sweet potatoes contain iron that helps in generating energy. In addition, it plays a crucial role in the production of blood cell components, fights stress, and enhances immune system functioning.

7. Vitamin D
*Vitamin D plays the role of a nutrient and a hormone. It can be sourced from exposure to sunlight. A condition called seasonal affective disorder is rampant among people who do not receive enough sunlight, resulting in Vitamin D deficiency.

Other Health Benefits from Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes boast natural sugars that slowly seep into the bloodstream. It contain compounds that reduce cancer risk. In addition, its high carotenoids concentration prevents the development of premature aging signs.

Meanwhile, Callaway created a GoFundMe page to invite people to donate. They are hoping to raise enough money so they could buy Mwalua a truck he will be used in delivering water for animals.

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The Size of Your Hands Tells a Lot About Your Personality

Only few people know that the size of their hands can say a lot about what kind of person they are. Anyway, you will need to make the proper measurement.


Measure your hands by placing your thumb at your elbow.
Stretch out your hand and in case you aren’t able to reach your wrist easily, then your hands are small. On the other hand, if you are able to do this easily, then your hands are large.

Small hands
Those people with smaller hands are taking more risks in life. They are adventurous and generous. They’d rather face their problems and solve them rather than leave them behind.
These people often have more dramatic relationships.

Large hands
People with large hands are sensitive and shy.
They are also perfectionists with good analytic and math skills. They often pay attention to small, trivial details, which doesn’t always seem the smartest choice.
They are impulsive and can often overreact. They care about others and often neglect themselves.

The shape of your palms is also important.
People with square palms are practical and logical. They are usually excellent mathematicians. They always take the logical approach instead of following their instinct.
People with rectangular palms are good at solving problems. They are more intuitive as opposed to those with square palms.

Those persons with long hands and square palms are sensitive and adventurous.
People with short fingers are excellent leaders.
People with longer fingers are normally inquisitive.
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Police Arrests 136 Over Xenophobic Attacks on Immigrants in South Africa

South African police on Friday arrested 136 suspects in connection with their involvement in the xenophobia mayhem unleashed on immigrants in Pretoria.

The arrests followed a fresh wave of xenophobic attacks in Gauteng Province heightened by an anti-immigrants march held in Pretoria on Friday.

The march saw numerous shops around the city centre closed, with customers still locked inside.

The 15km march left a trail of destruction when marchers struck makeshift shelters of a religious group camping outside the Tshwane Events Centre.

Police fired rubber bullets to try and disperse protesters as well as the large number of foreign nationals who gathered together for safety.

Acting National Police Commissioner Kgomotso Phahlane said they had stepped in and the situation in Pretoria was now calm and under control.

Officers found a 5 litre container filled with petrol as well as clothes on one of the suspects.

Lt. Gen. l Phahlane said: “136 people have been arrested over 24 hours but we are unable to confirm how many of those arrested are South African and how many aren’t. We cannot allow situation to be overwhelmed by crowd. We use proportional force.”

A man was shot with rubber bullets when he got caught in the crossfire between police and protesters during the anti-foreigner march.

Mr Sello Tshatswayo said he was trying to stop a taxi to go home from school in the Pretoria CBD.

“They just started shooting, we were in a group and we all just ran in different directions,” Mr Tshatswayo said.

Fears were mounting among residents that the clashes could spill into the weekend.

“It was really scary with lots of police in our area and choppers over Pretoria west. This can’t be right, we can’t live in fear like this. Authorities need to deal with it otherwise it will continue throughout the weekend,” said Ms Hlengiwe Mabhena, an Atteridgeville resident.

“It was bad in the morning because anybody who was not part of the march was becoming a target. They even uprooted trees and damaged highways’ side barriers‚” another resident, Mr Bonnie Molefe, said.

Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga said the anti-immigrant sentiments have no place in our society.

“The issue of rising unemployment requires all our collective efforts to turn this tide around. Tshwane, like other urban centres around the globe is faced with an urgent need to address the increasing rate of urbanisation and create more work opportunities,” he said.


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Murderer of Human Rights Lawyer Sentenced to Death by Hanging in Lagos

Seun Oladapo, who murdered a human rights lawyer and social commentator, Kunle Fadipe, was on Friday sentenced to death by hanging.

Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye of an Ikeja High Court found Oladapo guilty in all the five counts bordering on murder, armed robbery, assault, possession of dangerous weapons.

The sad incident happened on the 3rd of July 2014, when the deceased came back from work around 10pm at his Harmony Estate Duplex, Fagba.

There was power outage on the fateful day, and the deceased who noticed that power had been restored, instructed his son, Folatunmise to go and put off the generator.

When the teenager went to the generator house and made to put off the generator, he was accosted by Oladapo who stabbed him and pursued him into the house.

The deceased came out alongside his wife and sister-in law to see what the commotion was all about. The deceased tried to pacify Oladapo who requested for N500,000 and other electronic gadgets.

The deceased presented some money but Oladapo refused saying that the amount was too small. He reportedly boasted that someone would die that night, while the deceased continued trying to pacify him.

In the process, the convict grabbed Folatunmise; and as the deceased was trying to rescue his son, Oladapo stabbed him in the neck and and back, and made to flee the scene.

He was chased by other members of the family, and during the scuffle, the deceased’s mother in-law was also stabbed in the chest. The mother-in-law, Madam Cecilia Owolabi, also died two weeks later.

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Put A Piece Of Garlic In This Part Of Your Body And You Will See What Happens To Your Health

Garlic is one of the healthiest foods you can eat, and is often a part of folk remedies. According to recent research, putting a piece of garlic in a specific part of the body can treat numerous diseases. For example, putting a piece of garlic in the ear and going to bed is a great remedy for painful infections and reducing discomfort in your ear. This simple remedy has been used against hearing problems as well, but if you don’t see improvements for a while, you should visit a doctor.

Besides helping you defeat ear infections and problems, garlic contains numerous essential nutrients such as potassium, calcium, alcina, quercetin, glutamic and aspartic acid, vitamins B1, B6 and C as well as other nutrients.

Garlic for vaginal infections

Besides treating ear infections, garlic can also help you treat vaginal infections. If you’re suffering from this kind of infections, just put a thread through a garlic clove with a needle and insert it in your vagina, making sure the thread is outside. Go to bed and let the garlic work overnight, then pull the thread gently and take the garlic out in the morning. This should treat the infections effectively and quickly. As you can see, garlic has numerous medicinal uses, which is why we recommend always having some close at hand.

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Why I Flogged Four of My Staff – Manager of Glory Radio FM, Bayelsa Finally Speaks

Mr John Idumange, the General Manager, Radio Bayelsa “Glory FM”, on Friday confirmed that he flogged four union leaders of the station in self-defence.

Idumange told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Yenagoa that the incident happened on Monday after the union leaders shut down the FM station operated by the state government.

The Radio Bayelsa Chapel of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) and Radio Television and Theatre Arts Workers Union (RATTAWU) had alleged that Idumange was running the station outside public service rules.

Idumange, who explained the details of the incident to NAN, alleged that the unions in the station were working against his reforms aimed at repositioning the broadcast outfit.

“At about 7.20 p.m on Monday, the day RATTAWU and NUJ embarked on strike, I heard voices near my window. So I went out to see what was happening. I saw four persons, one of them a lady.

“I could recognise Tonye Yemoleigha, one of the union leaders, who was in white shirt. I asked why they were there after chasing away all the workers,” he said.

According to him, “Tonye stood up and asked if the compound belonged to me. At that point I discovered he was ready for a fight but I did not bulge.

“He brought his hands near my eyes so I blocked it. I had learnt Karate years back. One of them threw a chair at me and they all rushed to fight me. I had to fight back in self-defence. They could have beaten me up but my Karate skills rescued me,” he said.

Idumange, who was appointed on Dec. 6, 2016, claimed that he recently uncovered a N5.7 million fraud and redeployed some staff.

“The transferred workers have been meeting with them at NUJ Centre, they benefitted from the corruption and are fighting back,” Idumange said.

Reacting, Mr Tonye Yemoleigha, the NUJ Chairman in Radio Bayelsa, said that the unions had reported the incident at Ekeki Police Division.

“Four of us, myself and three staff were flogged by Idumange himself. The report that it was thugs is inaccurate. It was the general manager himself that attacked and beat us up.

“We have reported the matter to the Ekeki Police Division and sought medical attention at the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa. Workers have been constantly intimidated and threatened for no just cause.

“Mr John Angese, Bayelsa Council Chairman of NUJ who is a staff of Radio Bayelsa, has also been threatened with a sack. We are all being victimised for insisting that the General Manager complies with Public Service Rules.

“We have been under siege since he was appointed on Dec. 6, 2016. We are not opposed to repositioning the station which is in our interest, but we want the procedure to follow due process,” Yemoleigha said.

NAN reports that after the station went off air, the management mobilised armed security men and few employees who rebuffed the strike and reopened the station.

Yemoleigha said that workers of the station were not opposed to staff redeployment.

“But we are insisting that the unions should also be part of the process to ensure that the best hands are not sacrificed on the altar of nepotism, sentiment or witch-hunt.

“We are also aware of the alleged N5 million payroll fraud which Idumange claimed to have uncovered which has been referred to the Police for investigation.

“Ordinarily, in line with established procedures, an investigative panel should have been instituted to look into the matter and come up with a report with which management would act.

“All these are expressly spelt out in the Public Service Rules; however, we are also requesting for a copy of the police report after their investigation,” Yemoleigha said.


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