8 Different Kisses And Their Hidden Meanings!

Are you in a relationship? Torn between whether it is love, friendship or mere fancy? This blog may help you to figure it out.


It is a known fact that kissing is an important indicator in any relationship. It increases the compatibility to begin with, and people are able to communicate more on a romantic level. The kind of kiss also reveals about how much a person cares for the other.
Testing the compatibility and attraction between two individuals based on the quality of the first kiss makes sense, right? Kisses are of many kinds and each gives you an opportunity to get to know your partner or date. Let’s take a look at what different kisses could potentially mean!
The Cheek Kiss: It means that the person is dear to you and signals anything from friendly companionship to romantic interest. If you are dating someone and you get a kiss on cheek, then baby…he likes you and you are surely going to get real kiss next time.

The Forehead Kiss: It usually means that the person cares for you and loves you. This indicates a friendly bonding between the two.

The Eskimo Kiss: This is a friendly affectionate kiss. It’s when you rub noses back and forth with eyes closed. It’s downright adorable and playful!

The Earlobe Kiss: This kiss is reserved for intimate partners. Ears are a sensitive and erotic part of the body and this kiss is a sexual gesture by your partner. So if you get kiss there then you can surely take it as a sign of strong attraction.
The Hand Kiss: This kiss shows that the other person loves and respects you. It’s a sign of gratitude, admiration or just being courteous.
The Neck Kiss: These kisses are excellent foreplay. Your partner could also kiss you this way if they feel some reservation in you. They probably are trying to get to be free and experience more passion.
The French Kiss: It is widely known as the most romantic kiss. Your partner’s tongue touches yours- also called tongue kissing. This kiss with the person is more passionate and erotic than most others.
Surprise Kiss: You give this kiss only when you are comfortable with your partner. This kiss reveals a sudden affection burst for your partner and it shows that you find them irresistibly appealing.

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The Woman I Worship After God – Ronke Oshodi Praises Mum As She Adds A Year

Nigerian film actress, musician, director and producer, Ronke Ojo popularly known as Ronke Oshodi Oke ‘ took to Instagram to celebrate her mother as she turned a year older.

She wrote:The Woman I Worship After God – Ronke Oshodi Praises Mum As She Adds A Year

Hbd to the best mum in the whole world, she is my friend, my confidant,my supporter, the woman i worship after God. Mum u’re my all in all Thank you for being there for me and my siblings ever since we lost our dad you have been like a father and mother to us bigger you i pray mami……once again happy cake day to you ma

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You’ve Been Cleaning Your Belly Button Wrong Your Entire Life

A lot has been spoken on the fragile body part, ‘belly’. From decreasing belly fat to the transformation of belly during pregnancy, much has been talked regarding stomachs. But the overall show stealer, the belly button has been ignored strangely over the years. To an extent that most of us have been cleaning it the wrong way for years.

Well sure according to surveys women favor men with larger bellies, but it would be great if the belly button is as clean as possible!

Who wouldn’t want a belly button as flawless as this? Even a bit of dirt on your tummy button lands you into the bathroom, cleaning it up like crazy! But have you even wondered whether your method of cleaning is actually right?

According to a guaranteed dermatologist, Dr. Alexandria V. Booth:

But have you even wondered whether your method of cleaning is actually right?

“Health providers have removed ‘growths’ from belly buttons that turned out to be a mix of bacteria, dirt, sweat, soap, lotions, and lint. Talk about an embarrassing doctor’s visit-they go in for what they think is skin cancer and find out it’s just years of dirt.”

According to study from North Carolina State University, the average navel is swarming with 67 different species of bacteria. Eww!

According to research from North Carolina State University…
So, how to clean it?

Simply showering will eliminate some germs, lint, etc. There’s no extra cosmetic or soap required. Showering keeps it pretty clean and infection-free. Digging in once a week with a cotton swab that has soap and water or rubbing alcohol on it works wonders as well.


Again, no creams, no oils, no lotions. A soapy washcloth once a week will do the job in the perfect way.

In case even this doesn’t work out..

Visit your primary care doctor or dermatologist immediately. They’ll dig in with the proper process and equipment.

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Stop Throwing Away Banana Peels. Here’s How To Use Them To Treat Various Health Conditions!

Banana is a delicious fruit, botanically a berry, provided by different kinds of herbaceous flowering plant in the genus Musa. It is one of the health foods on earth and with the most popular consumed fruits in the world.

Bananas include a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The fruit is not only helpful but its peels as well. So never throw away banana skin and end up in the trash for they can help treat various health conditions.

Here’s how you can use banana peels:


Rub the banana peel on the area with the infection every night before you go to bed. It will prevent outbreaks and will reduce irritation and inflammation.


Place the banana peel across the forehead and the back of your neck and you will feel the relief.


Rub the banana peel on bug bites to calm your skin and reduce the itching.


The banana peel has strong regenerative properties to speed the healing of the bruises.


Banana peel has the ability to moisturize the skin, cure the psoriasis and relieve itchiness. Apply the peel on the affected area once or twice a day.


The peels of this fruit can help you eliminate your warts. Rub the peel on affected area or just place a small piece on the wart and make sure to secure it with a bandage.


Clean your teeth with the banana peel everyday for several minutes. After couple of weeks, you will notice that your teeth are significantly whiter.


Banana peel can return the shine of your old furniture, kitchen utensils, polish your shoes and clean off the dust of the leaves of your plants.


Banana peel can be very effective in the treatment with hemorrhoids. Rub the peel on affected area for about 5 minutes. Repeat this procedure 5x a day.


Apply the banana peel on the affected area. This will quickly soothe the itchiness and rashes.

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This Is What Happens When You Forcefully Pop Out A Pimple

Let’s read about what exactly happens when we forcefully pop out pimple and also the right way to remove a pimple without leaving a scar.

Before the pop

The blemish that you see on one sudden day, has actually been brewing for quite some time under the surface of your skin.

A dermatologist Dr David E. Bank said, “What many people don’t know is that it can take about eight weeks from the time a pore gets blocked to the time it erupts on the skin in the form of a pimple. In effect, by the time you are painstakingly applying topical products to a pimple that has broken out on your skin, you are about eight weeks too late.”

Before you pop out a pimple, you should know its type.

What Happens When You Forcefully Pop Out A Pimple

It is important to know the type because it will help you with an easy treatment of the same.
1. Blackheads

They appear as dark-colored, flat clogs, looking like plugs in the skin. They don’t hurt much until you pop them out and are also more visible than feel-able.

2. Whiteheads

These are white, tiny, dome-shaped bumps on the skin and have no visible opening to the outside. They too don’t hurt and are easily visible and feel-able as well.

3. Papules

These are generally of skin color or red bumps. And there’s no visible liquid or pus in them. Papules have a size of lesser than five millimetres. They are sometimes painful and sometimes painless.

4. Pustules

Pustules are the solid bumps filled with pus. They start out red having a yellow top and become crusty later. You can easily see the pus in them and these are usually tender to touch.

5. Cysts

These are larger than pustules and papules, i.e. more than five millimetres. They are usually painless when they are skin colored, but when the color changes to red or yellow, they become painful. They grow very quickly.

This is why you shouldn’t pop out a pimple:

Acne causes the skin to tighten around the opening of a pore, which traps the acne inside. The acne continues to grow and multiply but does not flow out towards the surface of the skin.
And when you squeeze a pimple, the wall of the pores gets injured.

The inflammation signals which are produced by the acne bacteria reach the bloodstream that creates more inflammation. And if you squeeze the pus and oil, the skin will start growing over the wound, which will trap the bacteria inside. And instead of a nasty pimple, you will soon have a nasty nodule or cyst on your skin. Therefore, it is not a good idea to pop your pimple.

What to do instead?

1. Benzoyl peroxide – It is the world’s most frequently used antiseptic for the skin. This chemical product fizzes and foams and also kills the bacteria of acne in two different ways. One of its components is hydrogen peroxide which releases oxygen and slows down or even kills the bacteria of the acne.

And the another component is benzoic acid which makes it impossible for the acne bacteria to use glucose in the form of their cellular fuel. And even if they survive, they eventually have to go into a dormant state.

2. Tea tree oil – Although, it takes as long as a day to do the job, this oil is an herbal extract that also helps in killing acne bacteria. It makes pimples less noticeable and lighter right away. But some people might turn allergic to it since it is a plant product. Both of them can be applied as cream or gel.

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These Are The Things You Should Never Do After Eating

Many of us tend to lie down or just chill after eating or having a dinner or lunch. But doing this habit can have a negative effect in our health.

Here’s the 5 things you should never do after eating:
*If you go to bed after eating, chances are you will experience bloating and discomfort because this will cause your stomach to burn during the night.

According to a study, people who tend to wait for a longer period of time to go to bed after having a meal had less risk of experiencing a stroke. So do not eat at least a few hours before going to bed.

*Wait a couple of hours after having meal if you want to smoke. Smoking immediately after having a meal is almost the same to smoking 10 cigarettes at once. This can put you at higher risk of developing a bowel and lung cancer.

*We should consume fruit before a meal, on an empty stomach according to experts. This is due to the fact that fruits require different enzymes in order to digest. you can get the maximum benefits of all the nutrients, fiber, and other sugar by consuming the fruit when your stomach is empty while eating fruit after a meal can cause burping, indigestion, and heartburn.

*Having a shower right after having a meal can increase the blood flow in the hands and legs, which in turn reduces the blood flow in the stomach. This will weaken your digestive system and cause stomach pain.

*Do not drink tea right after having a dinner because it can interfere with the iron absorption. The tea has a tannic acid in its content which can bind with protein and iron in our food. Many studies proved that in most cases this lead to 87% decrease in absorption of iron. Deficiency of iron can cause anemia, thus causing poor appetite, cold feet and hands, weakness, dizziness, extreme fatigue, and pale skin.

Source: Healthandhealthyliving

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Toyin Aimakhu Ex-Boyfriend, Seun Egbegbe Tried Stealing $9,000 and £3,000” — Lagos State Police Release official statement

Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-boyfriend, Seun Egbegbe is in fresh trouble as he was trying to dupe a BDC men $9,000 and £3,000”

Lagos State Police Command has release an official on the Seun Egbegbe Fraud. Read Below:

Arrest Of Notorious Fraudsters

Today at about 1300hrs one Seun Karim aka Egbegbe and one Ayo Oyekan disguise as the MD of Gbagada general hospital and the other as a patient.

They lured one Alhaji Isa Adamu and Abdullahi Haruna both bureau de change members , from different location that they needed 9000dollars and 3000pounds.

The unsuspecting victims brought same to the suspects at the hospital where they collected the said amount and attempted to escape with the money.

The victims raised alarm and subsequently the suspect were arrested by the policemen attached to the hospital.

Further to the arrest of the fraudsters many members of bureau de change are trooping to the office with similar complaint against the suspects.

Case is under investigation.

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NECO Set to Commence Sale of 2017 NCEE Forms For Entry Into Unity Schools

The National Examinations Council (NECO) has concluded preparations to begin sales of its 2017 National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) forms.


The examination is for admission of candidates into the Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) 1 arm of the 104 unity colleges across the country.

The Lagos State Coordinator of the council, Mr Godwin Adejo, said in Lagos on Thursday that logistics have been put in place to ensure a hitch free sale of the forms.

“We are putting finishing touches in commencing the sales of the form.

“Hopefully, before the end of next week, we should be able to start, although we are yet to receive the cards.

“The examination is about qualitative education for the Nigerian child.

“We want to use this opportunity to call on parents and guardians to avail themselves of the opportunity by registering their children and wards early, when the form is out to avoid last minute rush,’’ Adejo said.

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OMG! See How Security Officer Flogs Woman on Her Buttocks with Thick Stick (Video)

A shocking video clip shows a uniformed security officer flogging a grown woman on the buttocks with a stick.


According to a Facebook user Mex Sbeezy who posted the video:,he incident reportedly happened at a Police station in Equatorial Guinea.OMG! See How Security Officer Flogs Woman on Her Buttocks with Thick Stick (Video) 1

He wrote:
“Outrageous. .. that keeps happening. In a country… a country where there are dcn Development. .. Unity peace justice.

“And that’s the way to judge a person. .. and more to a woman… in the twenty-first century… a shame,” the Facebook user captioned the clip.

Watch the video below;

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How My Boko Haram Colleagues Cut Off My Hand and Leg – Ex Boko Haram Terrorist Shares Story

A 31-year-old identified as Muhammad Abubakar, self confessed Boko Haram member, on Thursday said his hand and leg were chopped off because he was planning to surrender and quit the battle in Sambisa forest.


Mr. Abubakar disclosed this to journalists in Maiduguri during a briefing organised by Lucky Irabor, the Theatre Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, to update journalists on ‘Operation Rescue Finale’.

Mr. Abubakar said he was punished because of his decision to renounce his membership of the group and embrace peace.

“I had told a friend, Hassan Dan-Guduma, that I was going to surrender as the movement had no meaning to me anymore.

“Hassan Dan-Guduma initially bought my idea but later betrayed me. Shortly after our discussion, he went and came back with three others whom I am sure he must have told them about our plan to surrender.

“They said I was planning to exposed them to the Nigerian Government, so they did all this to me.

“After they chopped off my right hand and left leg, they threw me into a culvert where I was left struggling, until soldiers came and rescued me.

“All I can say is that all we had been told by Boko Haram leaders, were lies and misleading. I never joined them to kill anyone,” he said.

Lucky Irabor, the Theatre Commander, said Mr. Abubakar was still undergoing interrogation. “You can see what they did to one of their own because he decided to quit,” said Mr. Irabor.


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