So Lovely! 50-Year-Old Boko Haram Refugees Marries His Heartthrob In A Yola IDP Camp

A 50-year-old refugee, Malam Abbah Karimbe tied the knot today to his partner Aisha Tijjani at Fufore IDP camp in Yola.


The marriage between Malam Abbah Karimbe and Aisha Tijjani was witnessed by officials of National Emergency Management Agency and other Boko Haram refugees. Congrats to the new couple. See more photo below;so-lovely-50-year-old-boko-haram-refugees-marries-his-heartthrob-in-a-yola-idp-camp-1 so-lovely-50-year-old-boko-haram-refugees-marries-his-heartthrob-in-a-yola-idp-camp-2 so-lovely-50-year-old-boko-haram-refugees-marries-his-heartthrob-in-a-yola-idp-camp-3

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Governor Wike Reacts To Dismissal Of His 6 Police Officers Attached to Him

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State government has described as saddened the decision of the Nigeria Police to dismiss six police officers



In a press statement signed by the Commissioner for Information, Dr. Austin Tam-George, and issued on Friday night, the government claimed that the police officers were subjected to a secret and unfair trial, “on totally fictitious charges of professional misconduct, during the rerun elections in Rivers State on the 10th of December 2016.”

The government viewed the dismissal as “a tragic day for professionalism and the respect for human rights in the Nigeria police force,” saying that “the dismissed officers committed no crime, other than foil a carefully orchestrated electoral heist by officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in collusion with the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Nigeria Police force.”

According to the statement, the claim by the Police that the affected officers misused their firearms while in the convoy of governor Wike on the 10th of December, 2016, was a wrong and cruel fabrication.

The state government, then, urged Nigerians to demand the immediate reinstatement of these officers, and for the Inspector General of Police to allow an independent inquiry, adding that the APC government has never hidden it’s alleged desperation to “overrun Rivers State, colonize its people and loot the treasury of the State.”

The statement maintained that the Rivers people would continue to resist all attempts to enslave them.

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Photos of Six Police Officers Attached To Governor Wike Who Were Dismissed By The Police (Photos)


v Aftermath of Rivers State 10th December, 2016
Parliamentary Re-run Election

Gentlemen of the press, you are welcome to today’s press briefing at Force headquarters, Louis Edet House, Abuja. Let me also use the opportunity to wish us all a happy new year.

Democratic Policing is one of the core values of the current Police management under the leadership of IGP Ibrahim K. Idris, NPM, mni. The IGP as an ardent apostle of the rule of law and adherent of international best practices of Policing has since assumption of office articulated a master plan to guarantee a reformed electoral process across the country. This is a novel security template devoid of violence, electoral malpractices and attendant destruction of lives and property which have been a recurring decimal in previous elections in the country.

2. Undoubtedly, this master plan as implemented by the Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies under the auspices of Inter Agency Consultative Committee on Election Security, (ICCES), has proved largely successful and should engender a credible roadmap for the foot-proof security of future elections in Nigeria.

3. The IGP has also instituted comprehensive measures to ensure compliance with strict rules of professional behaviours and code of conduct for officers and men under his watch. To this extent, they are under obligation to conform to the dictates of enabling laws while carrying out their statutory responsibilities to the letter.

4. Consequently, personnel of the Force who abuse their office, privileges and discretionary powers in the discharge of their official duties, will be brought to justice.
5. In the case of the recent parliamentary election in Rivers State, the IGP’s resolve to secure the process, was reciprocated with the unethical conduct of some bad eggs within the Force.

6. Inspite of strict warnings and instructions from the IGP that all Police personnel on election duty should be of good conduct and desist from escorting their principals, notably public office holders and politicians to polling units throughout the period of the election, some recalcitrant police personnel were still found blatantly breaching these directives. This is unacceptable by all standards in the Force.

7. Therefore, in the course of discreet investigations into the above misconduct, the following personnel of the Force were found to have in total disrespect to orders and directives, compromised, engaged in unprofessional acts and other unbecoming conduct.

8. These acts, if not checked can be inimical to discipline and proper administration of the Force. Their actions are capable of bringing the entire Nigeria Police Force to disrepute and portray the Force in a very bad light as a lawless organization not guided by the rule of law. The officers are as follows:

i. AP/No.177893 EX. Inspr. Eyong Victor
ii. F/No. 400872 EX. Sgt Peter Ekpo
iii. F/No.374585 EX. Sgt Oguni Goodluck
iv. F/No. 385870 EX. Sgt. Orji Nwoke
v. F/No. 234216 EX. Sgt. Okpe Ezekiel
vi. F/No. 437983 EX. Sgt. Tanko Akor

9. These aforementioned Police personnel while in the convoy of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Rivers State Barr. Nyesom Wike on the date of election, 10th December, 2016 misused the firearms in their possession contrary to the provisions of Force Order 237.

The Service personnel became overzealous, took laws into their hands and opened fire, causing panic in the crowd. They joined in storming the Port Harcourt City Council Secretariat and prevented the movement of election results of Emouha polling unit to the appropriate collation centre designated by INEC, in flagrant disregard and disobedience to senior Police officers present at the venue.

10. The six (6) Police officers, after the conclusion of investigation into this public mischief, were subjected to internal disciplinary measures, found guilty and consequently dismissed from the Force. They will be prosecuted under the Electoral Act to serve as a deterrent to others.

11. The IGP wishes to restate the commitment of the force to carry out its constitutional obligations in accordance to the law of the land before, during and after every election in Nigeria. This will be done in a very professional manner bearing in mind the need not only to be unbiased but to be seen by members of the public as responsive and responsible security agency in election security in the country.

12. Nigerians should rest assured that the IGP and indeed the entire management team of the Force will not be deterred in its resolve to rid the Nigeria Police Force of personnel who indulge in actions or inactions that amount to unprofessional and serious misconduct.

13. The IGP commends all officers and men of the Force for their dedication, commitment, sacrifice, hard work and display of utmost professionalism in their service to the country despite daunting challenges. Without doubts, our sacrifices and sincerity of purpose will be commensurately rewarded.
Thank you for your time and God bless.

DCP Don N. Awunah,fsi,
Force Public Relations Officer,
Force Headquarters,

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BAD Belle People Will Say These Pre Wedding Photos are Photoshop

Gift and her heartthrob tied the knot earlier this week.

They duo shared some stunning pre-wedding photo which some hater believe to be photoshop…What do you think?…See more photo below;bad-belle-people-will-say-these-pre-wedding-photos-are-photoshopbad-belle-people-will-say-these-pre-wedding-photos-are-photoshop-1


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Family in Shock as Shock as 82 Years Old Dead Woman Returns Home 40 Years After Buried (Photo)

Two Indian sisters recently got the shock of their lives after their 82-year-old mother, only identified as Vilasa, showed up at their doorstep 40 years after they had laid her body to rest on the Ganges river, following a cobra bite.

It all started on a summer day in 1976, when 42-year-old Vilasa, a woman from Bidhoo village, India’s Kanpur district, went out into the fields to collect fodder for the family animals, as she had done countless time before. Only this time, she unknowingly got to close to a black cobra snake, and got bit. Upon returning home, her family immediately took her to a traditional healer, but his methods failed to alleviate the effects of the venom, and Vilasa soon lost consciousness.

Thinking she had died, her family wrapped the woman’s body in cloth, placed it on a wooden float and released into the sacred Ganges river, hoping it would bring her to life. Open-air cremation is practiced by millions of Indian Hindus, with the ashes of their loved-ones then scattered in holy bodies of water, but in the case of snake bites, some believe that the sacred river can wash away the poison from the body and bring the person back to life. It wasn’t something Vilasa’s family actually expected, though.

But, as unlikely as it might seem, the woman did come back from the dead, sort of. As it turns out, her body was spotted floating on the Ganges by a couple of fishermen from a village close to Kannauj district border. They noticed she wasn’t actually dead, and took her to a local temple to be treated. But, although Vilasa eventually made a full recovery, she had lost her memory, and couldn’t tell her rescuers who she was, where she had come from, or how she had ended up there.

With no memory of her past life, Vilasa remained at the temple for the next 40 years. As fate would have it, the woman suddenly began to remember bits of her past last month, and started talking to a girl she had befriended at the temple about it. She told her uncle, who happened to know someone in Vilasa’ home village. This person, an 82-year-old man called Chetram, told him he knew the woman and had actually attended her water burial 40 years ago.

“My mother said that she had lost her consciousness and her memory. A few days ago, she recalled the incident and narrated it to a girl who discussed the matter with her uncle. The girl’s uncle contacted one Chetram (82) who too recalled that he had attended Vilasa’s funeral. Later, Chetram contacted us and apprised us of the development,” the woman’s elder daughter, Ram Kumari, told The Times of India.

It all started to make sense, so Vilasa was taken back to her home, where her daughters were shocked to see her standing outside their house.

“We immediately recognized her from a birthmark,” the woman’s younger daughter, Muni, said.

Source- Oddity Central

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SO SAD! Owner Of Young Shall Grow Motors Loses Wife

According to a report we culled from Facebook, Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of The Young Shall Grow Motors, Chief Vincent Obianodo has lost his wife, Mrs Ifeoma Obianodo.

She reportedly died yesterday evening at Neni, Anambra State. Her daughter Cynthia and son in law, media personality, Ebuka Uchendu are yet to comment on the report.


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Did you know that being Lazy is a sign of high Intelligence?

New research seems to prove the theory that brainy people spend more time lazing around than their active counterparts.
Findings from a US-based study seem to support the idea that people with a high IQ get bored less easily, leading them to spend more time engaged in thought.

And active people may be more physical as they need to stimulate their minds with external activities, either to escape their thoughts or because they get bored quickly. Researchers from the Florida Gulf Coast University gave a classic test – dating back three decades – to a group of students.

The ‘need for cognition’ questionnaire asked participants to rate how strongly they agree with statements such as “I really enjoy a task that involves coming up with new solutions to problems”, and “I only think as hard as I have to”.

The researchers, led by Todd McElroy, then selected 30 ‘thinkers’ and 30 ‘non-thinkers’ from the pool of candidates.

Over the next seven days both groups wore a device on their wrist which tracked their movements and activity levels, providing a constant stream of data on how physically active they were.

Results showed the thinking group were far less active during the week than the non-thinkers.

The findings of the study, published in the Journal of Health Psychology, were described as “highly significant” and “robust” in statistical terms.

Researchers suggested the findings could lend weight to the idea that non-thinkers get bored more easily, so need to fill their time with physical activity.


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Bedroom Photos of Nigerian Lady and Her Fitness Expert Husband Flaunt Hot Bodies

A Nigerian US-based fitness coach, known as @iamnayfit on Instagram, who lives in Washington DC, United States, shared some hot bedroom photos with her fitness coach hubby, Mike.

she captioned a photo:

“A man with dreams needs a woman with vision. Her perspective, faith and support will change his reality.

“If she doesn’t challenge you, then she’s no good for you. Men who want to stay ordinary will tell you not to have expectations of them. Men who want to be great will expect you to push them, pray with them and invest time in them,”

See more photos below;bedroom-photos-of-nigerian-lady-and-her-fitness-expert-husband-flaunt-hot-bodies-1 bedroom-photos-of-nigerian-lady-and-her-fitness-expert-husband-flaunt-hot-bodies-3 bedroom-photos-of-nigerian-lady-and-her-fitness-expert-husband-flaunt-hot-bodies-2

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EX- President Wife Patience Jonathan Decorated As “AMAIBIFIRIDOKIBO 1 OF DOKUBE” (Photos)

Former first lady, Dame Dr. Patience Ebele Jonathan (AKA Mama Peace) was awarded recently, the “AMAIBIFIRIDOKIBO 1 OF DOKUBE” title for her unlimited infrastructural development TO the land.

See more photos below:ex-president-wife-patience-jonathan-decorated-as-amaibifiridokibo-1-of-dokube-photos-1 ex-president-wife-patience-jonathan-decorated-as-amaibifiridokibo-1-of-dokube-photos-3 ex-president-wife-patience-jonathan-decorated-as-amaibifiridokibo-1-of-dokube-photos-4

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Soaps, Footwears, Spaghetti: Full List Of Items Banned From Being Imported Into Nigeria

There are at least 25 items that have been banned from being imported into Nigeria.


The list, circulated by the Finance Ministry on Friday, which includes soaps, spaghetti and used fridges.

The ban on the items was put in place by the government in 2016, as part of yearly efforts to control import, but is still in place as no new one has been provided for 2017, Festus Akanbi, spokesperson to the finance minister told Premium Times.

See full list below;

1. Live or Dead Birds including Frozen Poultry H.S. Code 0105.1100 – 0105.9900, 0106.31.00.00 – 0106.39.00.00, 0207.11.00.00 – 0207.26.00.00 and 0210.99.00.00

2. Pork, Beef, H.S. Codes 0201.10.00.00 – 0204.50.00.00, 0206.10.00.00 – 0206.90.00.00, 0210.10.00.00 – 0210.20.00.00

3. Bird Eggs H.S. Code 0407.11.00.00 – 0407.90.00.00; excluding hatching eggs

4. Refined vegetable oil 1507.10.00.00-1516.20.90.00.but excluding refined linseed, castor and olive oil. Crude vegetable oil are however NOT banned from importation.

5. Cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose, in solid form containing added flavouring or colouring matter H. S. Code 1701.91.10.00 – 1701.99.90.00 in retail packs

6. Cocoa butter, Powder and cakes H.S. Codes 1802.00.00.00 – 1803.20.00.00, 1805.00.10.00 – 1805.00.90.00, 1806.10.00.00 – 1806.20.00.00 and 1804.00.10.00 – 1804.00.90.00

7. Spaghetti/Noodles H.S. Code 1902.11.00.00 – 1902.30.00.00

8. Fruit Juice in retail Packs H.S. Code 2009.11.10.00 – 2009.11.90.00 – 2009.90.90.00

9. Waters, including mineral waters and aerated Waters, containing added sugar or sweetening matter or flavoured, ice snow H.S. Codes 2201.10.10.00 – 2201.90.00.00, other non-alcoholic beverages H.S. Codes 2202.10.00.00 – 2202.90.90.00.(but excluding energy or health drinks – liquid dietary supplements e.g. Power Horse, Red Ginseng, etc) H.S. Code 2202.90.10.00 and Beer and stout (Bottled, Canned or otherwise packed) H.S. Code 2203.00.10.00 – 2203.00.90.00.

10. Bagged Cement H.S. Code 2523.29.00.00

11. Medicament falling under Headings 3003 & 3004 such as:

a) Paracetamol tablets Syrups

b) Cotrimozazole tablets and Syrups

c) Metronidazole tablets and Syrups

d) Chloroquine tablets and Syrups

e) Haematinic formulations:

(i) Ferrous sulphate and ferrous gluconate tablets
(ii) Folic acid tablets

(iii) Vitamin B Complex tablets (except modified release formulations).

f) Multivitamin tablets, capsules and syrups (except special formulations)

g) Aspirin tablets (except modified release formulations and soluble aspirin)

h) Magnesium trisilicate tablets and suspensions

i) Piperazine tablets and syrups

j) Levamisole tablets and syrups

k) Ointments penicillin/gentamycin

l) Pyrantel pamoate tablets and syrups

m) Intravenous Fluids (Dextrose, Normal Saline etc)

12. Waste pharmaceuticals H.S. Code 3006.92.00.00

13. Soaps and Detergents H.S. Code 3401.11.10.00 – 3402.90.00.00 in retail packs

14. Mosquito repellant Coils H.S. Code 3808.91.17.00 (mosquito coils)

15. Sanitary Wares of Plastics H.S. Code 3922.10.00.00 – 3922.90.00.00 and Domestic Articles and Wares of Plastic H.S. Code 3924.10.00.00 – 3924.90.90.00 (but excluding Baby Feeding Bottles 3924.90.20.00) and (flushing cistern and waterless toos toilets).

16. Rethreaded and used Pneumatics tyres but excluding used trucks tyres for rethreading of size 11.00 x 20 and above 4012.20.10.00

17. Corrugated paper and Paper boards H.S. Code 4808.10.00.00 and Cartons, boxes and cases made from Corrugated paper and Paper boards H.S. Code 4819.10.00.00, Toilet paper, Cleansing or facial tissue H.S. Code 4818.10.00.00 – 4818.90.00.00 excluding baby diapers and incotinent pads for adult use 9619.00.22.00 and Exercise Books H.S. 4820.20.00.00

18. Telephone Recharge Cards and Vouchers 4911.99.91.00

19. Carpets and other textile floor coverings falling under H.S. Code 5701.10.00.00 – 5705.00.00.00

20. All types of footwears, bags and suitcases, H.S. Code 6401.10.90.00 – 6405.90.90.00 and 4202.11.90.00-4202.99.90.00 but excluding safety shoes used in oil industries, sports shoes, canvass shoes and all Completely Knocked Down (CKD), blanks and parts.

21. Hollow glass bottles of a capacity exceeding 150 mls (0.15 litres) of all kinds used for packaging beverages by Breweries and other beverages and drinks company H.S. Code 7010.90.49.00 and 7010.90.31.00.

22. Used compressors H.S. Code 8414.30.90.00, Used Air Conditioners H.S. Codes 8415.10.10.00 – 8415.90.90.00 and used Fridges/Freezers H.S. Code 8418.10.10.00 – 8418.69.00.00

23. Used motor vehicles above 15 years from the Year of manufacture H.S. Code 8703.10.00.00 – 8703.90.00.00

24. Furniture H.S. Code 9401.1000.00 – 9401.9000.99 and 9403.1000 – 9404.9000, but excluding Baby walkers, laboratory cabinets such as microscope table, fume cupboards, laboratory benches (9403), stadium chairs, height adjustment device, base sledge, seat frames and control mechanism, arm guide and head guides. Also excluded are; skeletal parts of furniture such as blanks, upholstered or unfinished part of metal, plastics, veneer, chair shell etc.

25. Ball point pen and parts including refills (excluding tip)

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