OMG! Image Of Jesus Christ Seen In The Sky on The Last Christmas Day (Video)

A viral video posted on Pinoy Viral Videos claimed to have seen Jesus Christ in the sky on Christmas Day in broad daylight.


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The netizen claimed that it has a strong resemblance to iconic photos of Jesus Christ. Despite the netizen’s surprise for what he saw, commenters on the page do not share the same enthusiasm.
See the video below:

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Serious Drama as Man Get Stuck in Married Woman During Hot S3X Romp

In an hilarious video that was posted online, a man was  seen enjoying a hot s3x session with married woman, then their joy actually turn sorrow.  Watch the funny video below;

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Man Caught Peeing Right Inside A Bar After Getting Drunk In Lagos (Photo)

People at the bar in Lagos were left in shock after a Man peeing right inside a Bar after few bottles of beer.

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Zambian Government Declared Monthly Holidays For Women During Their Menstruation Period

Women in Zambia can now take one day off every month to deal with their menstruation.

BBC reports that the day off is tagged ‘Mothers day’ even though it applies to all women, whether or not they have children.

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Women in Zambia do not need to make prior arrangements to be absent from work, but can simply call in on the day to say they are taking Mother’s Day.

The legal definition is not precise – women can take the day when they want and do not have to provide any medical justification, leading some to question the provision.

An employer who denies female employees this entitlement can be prosecuted.

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Listen Ladies! This Is The Right Way To Wash Your Hair, You Were Doing It All Wrong!

We all want our hair to look good, be soft and shiny, that it does not fall too much and always be in a way that we can style it in a million ways to go with whatever we wear. Advertisements today even cater to this major need.

Sadly, not all recommendations and advertisements work, they end up leaving the person disappointed and at a loss higher sometimes as well. We will all wish the world to be a wish granting factory but sadly it isn’t and you have to find your own solutions. In this case, you don’t even need to find a solution because you can help your hair and in the process yourself by just avoiding some mistakes you normally do.

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Towel drying isn’t the best idea.

Thanks to friction, drying your hair using towel can lead to frizziness which can lead to hair damage as well. Instead, you could use other methods such as using a t-shirt or blotting your hair.

Too much doesn’t mean better.

If you think that using a good quantity of shampoo or conditioner is a good idea, believes us it isn’t. This isn’t some competition where you use more and win, even a bit is good enough.

Be gentle

Scrubbing your hair too hard can be one of the leading cause to create problems to your hair as it leads to loss of hair and also makes your hair weaker. You should rather be mild and not ruin your hair.

From root to tip!

Sometimes in a hurry and sometimes because you don’t care, we don’t wash our hair properly. Your most important area is the root where most of your problems will be dealt with. Apply your conditioner on the strands to the tip and it will help you moisturizing your hair.

Shampoo isn’t the correct choice.

Advertisements show that shampoos should be used to make your hair soft? No. They essentially in the long run damage your hair more than the benefit they give you for a short term. Being chemical in nature, they can make your hair dry and ultimately lead to loss of hair from the scalp. Surely you wouldn’t want that. You could skip it and use water and make your hair healthier, because hey it’s growing for you.

Repetitiveness is a destroyer!

The rinse-and-repeat technique isn’t always the best. Doing a second round strips your hair from the moisture it has. Do this only if the need is high otherwise you’re creating a problem for yourself.

Hot shower is a big NO NO.

After you’ve had a really long day, maybe at school, college, with friends or at work or anywhere you tend to get tired and at that moment we want to have a hot shower, massage and a good sleep. Sounds good doesn’t it? Not really. Hot shower damages your hair. You should instead replace the hot water with lukewarm water.

Track time while conditioning.

After you use conditioner, people don’t let it settle and they wash it. You need to time yourself. Also detangle your strands when you have conditioner and see the smoothness like you’ve never before.

You shouldn’t condition wet hair.

Most people usually condition their hair just after they wash it not realizing the fact that they aren’t supposed to condition dripping wet hair because in this case it doesn’t affect they way it should.

“Cool cool”

Calm down for a few seconds and close the water and at the end use some cold water to wash your hair with. Trust me, you aren’t looking for comfort.

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Shocking! Woman Caught Having S3X With 13-Years-Old Boy

A 28-YEAR-OLD woman identified as Memory Muganhu,has been accused of having s3xual intercourse with a teenage boy several times after luring him with fruit jam.

According to H-metro, Memory Muganhu, who resides along Muneni Street in New Mabvuku, is also said to have threatened to stab the 13-year-old boy to death in the event that he tells anyone of the ‘sex ordeals’.

However, luck ran out for Memory after a neighbour who had been watching her movements revealed the incidents to his mother.

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The matter was then taken to the police leading to Muganhu’s arrest.

She was hauled to the Harare magistrates’ court charged with aggravated indecent assault.

Memory is today expected to appear before magistrate Temba Kuwanda for trial.

Circumstances leading to her arrest are that sometime in August last year the teenage boy went to Memory’s house with intentions to play with her sons.

Reports are that Memory called the boy into her bedroom where she allegedly sweet-talked the boy into having sex with her.

Memory is alleged to have promised the boy some jam in the event that he had sexual intercourse with her.

She then undressed the boy and had sexual intercourse with him.

The State alleges that Memory continued having sex with the teenage boy on separate several times until November 15 when she threatened the boy with a knife in the event that he reveals the ‘acts’ to anyone.

Four days after the threats were made, Memory’s neighbour only identified as Mai Reggie told the boy’s mother about what had been going on over the days, according to the State.

The boy’s mother decided to take the matter to the police leading to Memory’s arrest.

She is expected to appear in court today for trial.

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For Women Who Uses Birth Control Pills.. You Must Read This Before Something Wrong Happens!

Birth control pill is recognized as one of the reliable ways to stop unintended pregnancy. They are an extremely effective contraceptive if taken correctly (at the same time daily).

There are two kinds of contraceptive pills, both of which consist of synthetic forms of hormones produced naturally in the body.
The pills either include progestin alone or estrogen and progestin together. These hormones regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle, and their fluctuating levels play a crucial role in fertility.

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Apart from preventing pregnancy, there are many pros of using birth control pills, including reduced menstrual cramping, regularity of menstrual cycle, acne-free skin, and lower risk of ovarian cysts as well as ovarian and endometrial cancer.

However, birth control pills can have many side effects, which doctors may not tell you. Before starting on a pill, it is important to understand both the pros as well as the cons.

Here are the top 10 side effects of birth control pills your doctor may not tell you.

1. Headaches and Migraines

Hormonal fluctuations due to birth control pills can contribute to headaches or migraines.

Certain birth control pills can lead to a decrease in the estrogen level in the body. A low estrogen level may lead to headaches or aggravate migraines if you already suffer from them.

If you suffer from headaches, switching to different pills that contain low doses of hormones can help. Consult your doctor to help determine the right pill for you.

2. Nausea

Nausea is a result of the additional estrogen, which can irritate the stomach. Pills that contain a high dose of estrogen are more likely to cause nausea than those that have a lower dose.

Taking the pill with food or taking it before bedtime may help. Even taking an antacid about 30 minutes before taking the pill may help keep your stomach calm. Another important thing is to take it regularly at about the same time every day.

3. Breast Tenderness

Birth control pills may also cause breast tenderness or enlargement. This is a mild side effect that tends to improve a few weeks after starting the pill. This again happens due to sudden hormonal changes from the pill.

This problem is more common in women who use progestin-only pills than those who use combined oral contraceptives that contain both progestin and estrogen.

Try to reduce your intake of coffee and salt to notice an improvement. Also, wear a supportive bra to reduce discomfort.

4. Breakthrough Bleeding

Women using the pill may experience vaginal bleeding or spotting between periods. This is known as breakthrough bleeding and often occurs within the first three months of starting to take the pill.

This common side effect is mostly associated with low-dose birth control pills. The change in hormone levels makes the endometrial lining thinner and more fragile, and more susceptible to wear, tear and falling out.

5. Weight Gain

Most often, the oral contraceptive that has a high dose of estrogen causes this side effect. A high estrogen level can affect appetite and promote water retention. It can even lead to fat deposits in the thighs, hips, and breasts.

If you are worried about weight gain, opt for a pill that has less estrogen. Also, keep a close eye on your diet and do not forget to make exercise a part of your daily routine.

6. Yeast Infections

A vaginal yeast infection that causes itching, burning, soreness or irritation in sensitive areas like the vagina and vulva is another uncomfortable side effect of birth control pills.

The pill changes the balance of hormones in the body, especially estrogen, and progesterone. A higher estrogen level can cause yeast infections.

The risk for a yeast infection was doubled by use of oral contraceptives and tripled by spermicides. In fact, the risk is even higher among women who have poorly controlled diabetes, a diet high in sugar or alcohol, or a weakened immune system.

Some women may even experience changes in vaginal discharge when taking the pill. Hormonal changes in the body can lead to an increase or decrease in vaginal lubrication.

7. Mood Changes

Mood swings, as well as symptoms of depression, are another side effect that some women may experience during pill use.

This occurs because the synthetic hormones can affect the balance of certain neurotransmitters, leading to mood swings and changes in emotional state.

This side effect is common in women with a history of a mood-related disorder.

8. Visual Changes

Though eye problems are not a common side effect of birth control pills, women who wear contact lenses and take the pill may experience visual changes.

Fluid retention resulting from hormonal changes in the body may cause the cornea to swell. This may affect the shape of the cornea, leading to an ill-fitting lens. Contact your ophthalmologist if you experience this problem after starting oral birth control pills.

In addition, long-term use of oral contraceptives may be linked to glaucoma, a condition that causes damage to your eye’s optic nerve and gets worse over time.

9. Blood Clots

Blood clots are a less common but serious side effect of oral contraceptives. The risk of blood clots among women who are not pregnant and not using combination oral contraceptives is 1–5 per 10,000 women annually as compared with a risk of approximately 3–9 per 10,000 women annually among women using oral contraceptives.

Women who smoke, are overweight, are over 35 or have recently given birth are considered at higher risk. Use of combined oral contraceptives can increase your risk of blood clots even more.

10. Decreased Libido

Oral contraceptives halt the production of testosterone, which in turn can have an effect on your sexual life. It can lead to reduced interest in intercourse, decreased the ability to have orgasms and increased pain during the act.

Oral contraceptives are associated with increased pain during intercourse, decreased libido and spontaneous are usability, and diminished frequency of intercourse and orgasm.


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What Actually Killed US Based Couple Who were Allegedly Poisoned to Death by their Brother (Photos)

A new investigative report by report by FrontPageAfrica has revealed more about the shocking story of a US based couple who were allegedly poisoned to death by their brother reportedly because he couldn’t account for the money they have been sending to him to build a house back at home in Monrovia, Liberia.what-actually-killed-us-based-couple-who-were-allegedly-poisoned-to-death-by-their-brother-photos

Ruling out food poisoning and witchcraft, FrontPageAfrica has authoritatively gathered from family and investigative sources that the death of a Liberian couple from Minnesota, USA, whose remains were found on December 25, 2016 – their wedding anniversary day – at their Chocolate City residence in Monrovia, was a result from asphyxiation, secondary to carbon monoxide.

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“The poisonous gas was concentrated in the deceased room because their room directly opposite the hallway where the inner door to the garage is.”

A family source informed FrontPageAfrica that they were informed by the Dr. Christopher Chinedu Obiorah, an Anatomical Pathologist from Nigeria, who conducted autopsy on the remains of Lawrence and Shelly Gross that he discovered that their remains had swollen brains which is consistent with carbon monoxide inhalation.

‘Poisonous Gas’ Theory

Corroborating the preliminary autopsy report, FrontPage Africa also gathered from Police sources that a 1.5 KVA Ruina gasoline generator was placed in the garage of house to provide electricity for an air condition that was being installed in the guest room of the house where the Gross stayed.

According to our Police source, the garage in which the generator was placed did not have an opening for the smoke to exit; as a result the smoke circulated in the house.

“The poisonous gas was concentrated in the deceased room which faced directly across the hallway where the inner door to the garage is located.

“The house’s windows too are air tight so ventilation was very poor in the house. You see, the thing about carbon monoxide is that it is odorless, tasteless and colorless.

It is very difficult to detect and it’s very dangerous. The sad thing was that there was no exhaust pipe connected to the generator for the smoke to exit the building,” the Police source who preferred anonymity told FrontPage Africa.

Peace Mediation Between Gross’s family

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Col. Gregory Coleman, has mediated a peace talk between Shelly and Lawrence’s families.

Police Spokesman, Sam Collins told FrontPage Africa that in a meeting held on Monday, January 2, both families met with the IGP at the Police Headquarters on Capitol Hill to settle contentions between the two families.

Shelly’s family delegation as led by Mr. Martin Kerkula, who is also the deputy director of the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA) while Lawrence’s family was presented by Mr. Sano Wayne, a former deputy minister at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to Collins, a 10-man delegation was formed with five members each from both families to sort out differences with the other.

“Both families have been trading accusations but the IG has advised them to go back, hold a meeting among themselves and make peace with each other,” Collins said.

According to him, the families have been indecisive whether to bury the couple in Liberia or be flown to the United States where their children are.

Collins said while the IG has asked them to come to common ground on the decision, he has offered to provide Police escort, band and protection should the funeral be held in Liberia.

Collins could not comment on the preliminary autopsy report which points to carbon monoxide inhalation, but confirmed that the autopsy was conducted at the St. Moses Funeral Home on the Somalia Drive. He said the Nigerian Pathologist has already flown back to Nigeria and has not yet conclude the report.

“The Police, in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice would inform the public on the cause of death as soon as it receives the report on the autopsy”, Collins averred.

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Why We Stopped Blowing up Oil Facilities- Niger Delta Militants

Upland-based Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate (NDGJM), has released a statement, saying its break in bombing of oil facilities doesn’t mean it is dead.


The group, which rejected a ceasefire, said it had not changed its position on the Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) headed by Edwin Clark.

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Titield “It’s Silence Not Death,” the statement, released by its spokesman, Gen. Aldo Agbalaja, claimed that they had been following the events in the region, monitoring developments and designing possible line of action in the New Year.

“We have remained quiet all along for strategic reasons and to clear any doubt that the Federal Government or their partners in crimes, the oil multinationals, had cut down our comrades in the struggle.”

The group claims there isn’t much activity at the Forcados Terminal (FOT) at the moment, although the Federal Government had brought new investors into the area.

The group also condemned some leaders in the region, whom they accused of using the region’s problems to enrich themselves.

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Fuel Price To Increase As Landing Cost Soars To N213 Per Litre

The importation of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) into Nigeria is to gulp extra cost of over N2.369 billion per day from Federal Government and marketers as the landing cost for fuel has soared to N212.7 per litre.

This came as oil prices hit their highest levels since July 2015 with Brent reaching $58.37 and $55.24, before paring gains on the strong dollar.

Buoyed by this, the Federal Government, checks by New Telegraph showed yesterday, is already mulling total deregulation of the downstream sector.

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While the modulated bracket of N135-N145 is given as official price for fuel, checks showed that extra N67.7 is incurred on over 35 million litres daily imports as the landing cost soared to N212.7 per litre.

Head of Energy Research at Ecobank, Dolapo Oni, stated that the landing cost for PMS was N165 per litre for a $52 per barrel price.

“When oil price was at $52 dollars per barrel, the landing cost was N165 per barrel, later when it was $55, the price soared to N210 per litre,” the financial analyst said.

Now that it is $58 per barrel, the landing cost hovers around N213 per litre, checks by New Telegraph showed.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) had earlier asked banks to submit bids for a “special currency auction” to clear the backlog of matured outstanding dollar obligations for petrol importers and selected sectors of the economy.

The Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA), an agency saddled with pricing regulation, has taken down its website, keeping the public in the dark on change in pricing template for petroleum product.

Spokesperson for the agency, Lanre Oladele, could not be reached for comments. His mobile phone was not available while SMS sent was not replied.

The PPPRA website, however, showed default webpage, which read: “SORRY!
If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider: webmaster@ “It is possible you have reached this page because: The IP address has changed. There has been a server misconfiguration.

The site may have moved to a different server.” Earlier estimates from the PPPRA showed that the country needs an average of $500 million every month to import refined petroleum products, since all of its three refineries are currently producing at less than 25 per cent of their installed capacity.

The price of PMS could surge to over N220 per litre if the new realities of the oil market are taken into consideration. The oil prices turned negative after earlier hitting 18-month highs yesterday, the first trading day of 2017, as the dollar rallied to its highest since 2002.

Traders said crude prices were buoyed earlier in the day by hopes that a deal between OPEC and other big oil exporters to cut production, which started on Sunday, would drain a global supply glut.

Brent futures were down 95 cents or 1.7 per cent at $55.87 a barrel by 12:05 p.m. EST. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude fell 95 cents or 1.8 per cent to $52.77 per barrel. Earlier in the session, both oil contracts hit their highest levels since July 2015 with Brent reaching $58.37 and $55.24, before paring gains on strong dollar.

“The dollar strength is certainly weighing on oil prices,” said Andrew Lipow, President of energy consulting firm, Lipow Oil Associates in Houston, noting U.S. stock markets also pared their gains from earlier in the day with the dollar rally

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