If You Spend A Lot Of Time On The Toilet With Your Phone, Then You Must Read This!

It’s safe to assume that you should never bring your cellphones with you to the bathroom as it can get bacteria from the space. However, some of us just can’t leave our gadgets behind.

If you really can’t live without your phone, here’s a tip to help you stay safe. Hygiene expert Dr Lisa Ackerley told Metro you could do a risk assessment.

“If you wipe your bum then pick up your phone, you may as well not bother washing your hands because all the bacteria you put on your phone will end up back on your hands,” Dr Ackerley said.

She reminded people that their germs can be passed to other people so it is important to observe proper sanitary actions.

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Man Set to Marry the Lady He Met Through MMM Ponzi Scheme

According to a Facebook user, Valentine Onu, he is about to get married to a lady who was matched to provide help to him on the popular money doubling scheme, MMM.

Below is how he narrated his story:man-set-to-marry-the-lady-he-met-through-mmm-ponzi-scheme-1

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3 Things That Can Happen To Your Manh00d When You Stop Making Love!

Ever wonder what will happen to your p33nis once you commit to having a zero s33xual activity? Well let this article enlighten you.

1. The p33nis can shrink
“If they don’t do anything to maintain normal er3ctions, they will get shortening of the p33nis” According to Tobias Kohler, MD, and assistant professor of urology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, p33nises need to be exercised for it to keep it’s shape
and tone. However, it will only be shorter by a negligible centimeter at most.

2. It is associated with erectil33 dysfunction
erectil33 Dysfunction (ED) occurs when your p33nis can no longer sustain an er33ction. Now p33nises, as muscles, preserves it’s function through s*x, like how physical exercise maintains the body strength. Studies show that men who don’t or have a little s33xual activity run a higher risk of having erectil33 Dysfunction (ED) than men who are s33xually active.

3. You are probably a candidate for Prostate Cancer
According to Dr. David Samadi, urologist and oncologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic diseases and prostate cancer, frequent 33jaculation can protect you from prostate cancer. Whether it is caused by m3sturb3tion or by intercourse.

Studies show that men who don’t 33jaculate often have inflammatory cells gather in the seminal vesicles adjacent to the prostate gland which can cause cancer.

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12 dangerous bedtime habits that you should always avoid!

– Stop drinking anything before you go to bed! You may need to wake up 2-3 times to go to the bathroom.

– Don’t sleep at any time of the day! Make a routine for when you will sleep so that you can prepare your brain for that.

– Make sure all the electronic things you have near you are far away from you when you decide to go to bed. The brightness from your screen will disturb your rest and keep your brain active.

– Never read before you go to bed! Many people do this, but it is a bad habit. Read a little earlier.

– Avoid using bright alarm clocks! It will disturb your sleep and keep your brain active. Choose an alarm clock with dimmer numbers.

– Don’t buy a less expensive mattress! A high-quality mattress will help you rest comfortably, and it will keep you fresh and sound. So utilize good mattress!

12 dangerous bedtime

– One of the 12 dangerous bedtime habits is definitely this one! You must make sure you have your supper no less than 2 hours before going to bed, because if you will sleep on full stomach, your body may keep you awake for digestion process.

– Exercise makes you feel fresh and lively. Stop practicing no less than 3 hours before sleep time.

– Your cold feet will definitely keep you awake! Use some heating pads or socks to keep your feet warm.

– Make your body mindful about night time and sleep. Make a schedule, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth and wash your face. Your body will then prepare itself to rest.

– Do not drink coffee less than 4 hours before you rest! Caffeine fortifies your body and makes you feel fresh! Take it when you have to stay awake.

– The last one of the 12 dangerous bedtime habits is to adopt the best sleeping position. Abstain from having sore back and shoulder or even neck when you wake up. Try to sleep on your side rather than on your stomach or back!

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How to Get rid of drooping belly with natural drink!

Homehealthrecipes  present you a recipe that will help you improve your health in many different levels. It’s a very effective natural drink that burns fat, so it will definitely help you get rid of belly fat. Your energy levels will be also improved!

• Half a teaspoon of cayenne powder

• One tablespoon of ginger powder

• 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder

• 1 tablespoon of Stevia

• 4 tablespoons of lemon juice

• 1 liter of water


First, boil the water and let it cool down for 5 minutes. Then, put all the ingredients in a container. Pour water. Mix it well. Consume it throughout the day. The results will start to appear within the first 10 days. Drink it for as long as you need to. This is a very effective natural drink that will amaze you very quickly!

ADThe Secrete To How I Finally Go From Less Than 2-Minute Man to Over 35 Minutes in Bed Without Any Side Effects

8 Types Of VeeJay Discharge That All Ladies Must Know and What They Reveal About Your Health Here!

No one knows a woman’s body quite like a woman herself.

She usually knows exactly what’s going on with her body at all times – from hormonal changes, mood swings to every lump and slight pain that goes on inside.

Despite this intimate knowledge, some women know very little about what goes on in their private areas.

They tend to be easily embarrassed when their private part’s health is concerned. Even a trip to the gynecologist is an uncomfortable thought for some ladies.

Don’t stress about it ladies.

All women should be informed about what goes on inside their bodies. Even one trip to the gynecologist every year might save you further complications.

Read on if you want to learn more about your body’s health or answers about discharge “down there”.

8 Types of Discharge

1. Slippery and clear

– Sign of ovulation (Body is looking to get pregnant)
– Natural lubricant during arousal
– Good indicator to use protection and other contraceptives

2. Cloudy White
– Normal for some women to have a cloudier colored discharge compared to number one
– If the discharge looks different and you’re feeling something out of the ordinary, like itching and soreness, then it’s a possible sign of infection
– Possible sign of early pregnancy

3. Thick and Foamy
– Sign of yeast infection
– Common ailment among many women
– Easily treated with over-the-counter medication

4. Yellowish Green Color
– Sign of infection
– Possible signs of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or Venereal Diseases (VD) like trichomoniasis and gonorrhea. (Make sure you inform any intimate partners you may have recently had.)
– Schedule a doctor’s appointment when this occurs.

5. Bloody or Brown Color
– Most often menstrual spotting
– Brownish color often means older menstrual blood left over from most recent flow
– If you no longer get a period or don’t normally discharge spots then seek a doctor’s advice. (Possible sign of cervical or ovarian cancer)

6. Bad Smelling
– Often times sweat gets trapped in the groin and produces body odor
– If the discharge itself is smelly then it might be sign of a yeast or bacterial infection

7. Gray or Black Color
– Schedule a doctor’s appointment when this occurs
– Possible old menstrual blood like brown color
– Most common reason for black discharge is foreign objects in the private area. Go to a doctor and get a checkup to avoid toxic shock syndrome.

8. Pinkish Tint
– Most often means you’re bleeding, but only slightly
– Often seen after sex or sexual activity due to the friction involved.
– Early Sign of Pregnancy (Implantation)

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Ex-Ondo Chief Judge, Olateru-Olagbegi Is Dead

Former Chief Judge of Ondo state Gladys Olateru-Olagbegi, is dead, a source confirmed to SaharaReporters on Monday.

The source who claimed to be from the Omitowoju family where Mrs. Gladys Olubunmi Olateru-Olagbegi was born, said she died after battling with an undisclosed illness.

According to the source, the former Chief Justice died on Sunday night.
“She (Gladys Olateru-Olagbegi) died on the night of New Year after battling with an illness, and her death was very shocking to the family members,” he said.

Although, the source refused to give the details of her death to SaharaReporters but said late Gladys Olateru-Olagbegi died of a protracted illness.

“At a time she was recuperating, but it was unfortunate when the announcement of her death was sent to my phone on Sunday night.
“But, as soon as we are authorized to speak, I shall give you details about her sickness” the source added.

Late Gladys Olateru-Olagbegi handed over to the present Justice Olasehinde Kumuyi of the State High Court.

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How Drunk Pilot Passes Out During Flight With 99 Passengers Aboard

A pilot named Miroslav Gronych, who reportedly passed out in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 in Canada, has been arrested on suspicion of being drunk.

According to Police in Calgary, Gronych was “behaving oddly before he became unconscious in the cockpit” on Saturday.

CNN reports that the plane was carrying 99 passengers and six crew members and was flying to Regina, before heading to Winnipeg and Cacun in Mexico.

Gronych, 37, was charged with having control of an aircraft while impaired.

“Initial tests conducted by police indicate the pilot was severely impaired by alcohol,” police said in a statement.

Budget airline, Sunwing, has sicne apologized for their pilot’s behaviour and commended the rest of the crew for dealing with a “very unfortunate matter.”

The airline statement reads: “Dear Customers, we will like to take the opportunity to advise you of an incident that occurred earlier this morning.

“We can confirm that shortly before 7 a.m. local time, the gate agents, first officer and crew of Sunwing flight 595, departing from Calgary and destined for Cancun, determined that the Captain was unfit to fly and reported this accordingly.

“The Captain was immediately escorted off of the aircraft and the incident is now under investigation with local authorities.

“We are very appreciative of our crew’s diligence in handling this very unfortunate matter in accordance with procedures.

“We were able to secure a new Captain and are pleased to report that our customers are now en route to their destination after experiencing a minimal delay.

“We are very apologetic for any upset that this has caused and would like to assure our customers that safety remains our utmost priority”.

Sunwing said the plane took off a short time after with a different pilot.

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Popular Nollywood Actress Iya Kike Is Dead

Veteran Nollywood actress, Toyin Majekodunmi better known as Iya Kike is dead.

It was gathered that the veteran actress who is married to actor, ‘Baba Kekere’, reportedly died this morning, January 2nd, 2017.

The cause of her death was not disclosed as the news of her death was shared by actress, Bimbo Success.

Toyin has featured in numerous movies and during her lifetime, she was a very jovial woman who accommodates everyone irrespective of religious background.

May her gentle soul rest in peace, Amen.

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Tragedy as Man is Butchered To Death on His Wedding Anniversary

When Saheed and Funke Eluyera were taking their marital vows on December 15, 2015, little did they know that, that joyful day was going to be a sorrowful day a year after, as Saheed was murdered, on the first anniversary of the wedlock.

He was allegedly murdered by cultists who were fighting each other at Orogba area of Ilesa, Osun State.tragedy-as-man-is-butchered-to-death-on-his-wedding-anniversary

Saheed, 37, a B.Sc holder, a newspaper agent in the state, had woken up on that day and posted on his face book page that he was going to celebrate with his family; his wife and their seven-month-old twins.

Saturday Sun gathered that Saheed , who courted his wife for five years before they got married, had waited long to marry because he wanted to make enough money to raise his family in a comfortable atmosphere.

According to his younger brother, Posi, who spoke to Saturday Sun, Saheed the day his brother got married was so special to him and his experience made him to become an advocate of early marriage.

“The day of the wedding was his best day, in his entire life, my brother was a jovial person, but that day was special. He danced and was happy.

“Since the day he got married, he would always advise me that marriage is good and that I should go and get a wife. He said that the joy of seeing his children cry for his attention or the peace of having a good wife and the joy of not having to be stressed to make food after the day’s work were the reasons he loved marriage. His wife has never complained,” Posi said.

His death has thrown his family into mourning. Cry was the chorus. Wailing was the style. Sympathizers were uncontrollable as they entered in groups. Their two -room apartment was filled to capacity.tragedy-as-man-is-butchered-to-death-on-his-wedding-anniversary-1

Saheed’s wife, Funke who was also wailing as at the time of visit, struggled to run to nowhere. Although, a graduate of Accounting, Funke, who operates a sewmistress business, could not mutter any word. When she tried to, she could only recount her husband’s promises to her, before he was killed.

“Who will train my children? You promised that Taye (boy) will be a doctor and Kehinde (girl) will be a lawyer and we will grow old together,” she shouted.

Speaking further on the circumstances that led to his death, the deceased’s younger brother, Posi, said he did not know why his brother would be targeted because he was well known as a peacemaker. True to his nature, Posi said if Saheed knew that the fight involved cultists, he might not have intervened the way he did.

“On that day he was killed, it was his one year anniversary (sic), he had already told his wife to dress up the twins that they were going to celebrate after he was done with the day’s work.

“He was a very lovely and jovial person. His smile was contagious. He did not like to cheat people. He was a philanthropist by default. He rendered help even when it was to his own disadvantage. He was an easy-going person. His routine was from work to mosque then home. He had no enemies in the state.

“He went to Wesley College to supply them and headed to a barbing saloon to clean up, on his way, he discovered that the motorcycle was having some fault and decided to repair it, since he was going out with his family later. It was at the junction where he was repairing his motorcycle that he saw some men, engaging in a brutal fight. Then he decided to intervene. But the fight became fierce. In the process, they hit him with an object right at the centre of his head, and he lay there dead.

“It was later on that we found out that the two men that were fighting were rival cult members. I think he didn’t know this, it was when he heard why they were fighting that he wanted to run like every other person, but he was hit by them. People who were there, didn’t help him because of the group that were fighting,” said Posi.

Saheed and Funke Eluyera

When Saturday Sun querried if Saheed had made some “dangerous” friends in the course of his job as a newspaper agent, Posi said that it was not possible. He revealed that they inherited the business from their father and have been running it for 13 years.

“The job that he is doing is the same thing that I am doing. It was the job our father did. When he was retiring he told us to take it over. He was well known. He had the mind to intervene because of his reputation as a peacemaker. If we are not enjoying it or see the job as a risky one, we wouldn’t have agreed to do it. He did the job for over 13years,” he said.

He also told Saturday Sun that since the news of the death of Saheed, was broken to the parents, Saheed’s father, Pa Eluyera, had not been himself. He was said to have fainted and was revived twice, to the extent that the family is afraid of the consequence to the man’s health.

“We buried him because of how our parent was taking it. Since his death, my father has fainted twice and now we can’t leave our father alone because he might faint and nobody will be there to help him. If we had left him in the mortuary, our parent will not stop the tears from flowing,” Posi observed.

Family wants justice

The Eluyera family is pleading with the state government and the Commissioner of Police, Fimihan Adeoye, to find their brother’s killer.

“When we got to the State Crime Investigation Department, SCID, on Tuesday, the police said that they have not arrested anybody, therefore, we should go ahead with his burial process. They promised that they will be searching for the culprits. The cult clashes here in Osogbo are too much. They have been killing people anyhow. We now live in fear.

“We plead with the state government to please find our brother’s killers and protect the rest of us that are alive. The children of my brother might suffer now, because there is no way anybody could be like their father,” Posi, added.

Apart from the cult clash that took Saheed’s life, there was another case a day before in Osogbo where about two cultists were also killed.

Meanwhile the Police Commissioner, Fimihan promised to battle the increasing cult clashes, in the state.

The Sun

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