Ladies, This Type of Man Gives Women Better Org3sms

According to Dailystar, a group of researchers have found the type of man that gives women a better org3sm.


Researchers at the University of Albany quizzed young heteros33xual women in relationships about their s33x lives, including how frequently and intensely they experienced org3sms.

The team also looked at their partners’ traits and details like family income, body measurements, personality, sense of humour and looks.
To make sure they weren’t being biased, scientists asked the participants’ friends to rate the attractiveness of the men too.

And it wasn’t all good news. The study found women were more likely to climax regularly during s33x if their partner was rich, confident and attractive.

Similarly the intensity of their org3sms was related to how physically attractive their partners were.

The study said: “org3sm intensity was related to how attracted [women] were to their partners, how many times they had s33x per week and ratings of s33xual satisfaction.

“Those with partners who their friends rated as more attractive also tended to have more intense org3sms.

“s33xual satisfaction was related to how physically attracted women were to their partner and the breadth of his shoulders.

“Their partner’s sense of humour not only predicted his self-confidence and family income, but it also predicted women’s propensity to initiate s33x, how often they had s33x and it enhanced their org3sm frequency in comparison with other partners.”

Interestingly the researchers think there’s an evolutionary reason for girls enjoying s33x with hot, strong and funny guys.

It all comes down to a female selecting a good mate which will allow her to breed more “successful” children.

But before you get too disappointed about not being good-looking, successful, wealthy and hilarious remember it’s all relative.

Basically if a woman finds you attractive and laughs at your jokes then she’s more likely to climax in your company.

And some studies suggest that personality wins out over appearance every time.
A recent study conducted by the journal of Evolutionary Psychology found that altruism (a selfless concern for others) was the main thing that women looked for when choosing a serious boyfriend.

Interestingly the researchers discovered that girls were more likely to choose a guy who was considerate but not hot over someone who was handsome but not that kind.

Also they noted that for less good-looking guys, showing off a selfless side would increase their attractiveness and make them seem like a more appealing long-term partner.

So if you want to secure a few dates then try volunteering at your local soup kitchen or helping an old lady cross the road.

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How Assistant Commissioner Of Police Committed Suicide In Edo State

Assistant Commissioner of Police, identified as one Christopher Osakue, has reportedly committed suicide in Benin, the Edo State capital. It was gathered that the late Osakue allegedly shot himself in the head with his service pistol in his residence located on Upper Sokponba on Wednesday.

The residence of the late police officer
The deceased was said to have sent a woman and a little boy, said to be living with him, on an errand before taking away his life. It was also learnt that he did not leave any suicide note behind.

The late police officer was said to been in charge of training and development at the state police command after his recent posting from Ondo State.

It was gathered that the ACP had earlier suffered a partial stroke few years ago and was gradually recovering from it before the incident occurred.
A source in the area disclosed that a gunshot from the residence of the deceased was heard at about 5pm on December 28.

The source said, “A neighbour said she heard a gunshot inside the ACP’s residence about 5pm that fateful Wednesday.

“She added that after the sound of the gun, a frightening silence engulfed the entire building.”
Security operatives from the Ugbekun police division were said to have later stormed his residence.

It was further learnt that the late Osakue had played host to some youths in his area last Christmas.

But his private residence was said to have been deserted since his demise, with Lexus jeep marked, NND-131HV, parked in front of it.
The Commissioner of Police, Haliru Gwandu, described the senior police death as a case of suicide.

Gwandu also explained that the pistol which he allegedly used to commit the act was signed for at the Ondo State Police command before he was posted to Edo.

Source; Punch

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“I Have Severally Caught My Wife With Other Men” – Lagos Businessman Tells Court

A businessman has approached an Agege Customary Court in Lagos State, asking for the dissolution of his marriage over allegations of infidelity and disrespectfullness.

The estranged husband, Adedamola Oyebola, told the court that his wife, Sarah was promiscuous and disrespectful.
“I have on several occasions caught my wife with other men. She would leave the house on the pretext that she was going to church but would make a detour to her lover’s house.“ Her salesgirls would cover up for her and tell me that she went to Lagos Island to buy goods, while she sleeps with her lovers in nearby hotels.

“I reported her several times to her parents even to the extent that they called a family meeting and she promised to change, instead she got worse. My wife cannot deny that she doesn’t have lovers. A look into her WhatsApp messages last month further confirmed her amorous affairs.

“ I am tired of the marriage and I want custody of our two young children. Even as I speak, she abandoned the children with her mother and left for Ilorin, Kwara State, where she claimed she wanted to attend the burial of her friend’s father. I called the so-called friend who denied she lost her father. She even cursed my wife for wishing her evil,” he said.

The wife was, however, not present in court. President of the court, Chief R.A Williams adjourned the matter till January 16 for report of service on the respondent.

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