Economic Recession: US Offers 3 Quick Solutions to President Buhari

The United States Consul-General in Nigeria, Mr John Bray, yesterday hinted on 3 major ways President Muhammadu Buhari could meander Nigeria out of the current economic recession.

Bray gave the advice in Lagos at this year’s Annual Lecture of the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Alumni Association.

The theme of his keynote address was “The Challenges and Opportunities of Managing a Recessionary Economy: The American Experience’’.

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“As the most populous country on the continent and as the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria clearly stands to gain from increasing its attractiveness to foreign investors.(1)

“As in the case for the U.S. economy, FDI offers much to contribute to Nigeria’s ability to grow its economy and increase its global competitiveness. (2)

“I hope that Nigeria will use the current recession as an opportunity to adopt and implement economic reforms to address challenges that existed before the current recession,’’(3) he said.

Bray said that the U.S. would continue to be the number one destination for foreign direct investment because of foreign investors’ confidence of fair treatment, profit repatriation and rule of law.

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See What The Shape Of Your Nails Reveals About Your Personality

As a former nail-biter, I’m highly aware of people’s fingernails. Are they manicured or plain, nicely trimmed or vicious looking? I’ve had manicurists call me out for being a nail-biter which I find strange. Shouldn’t they be congratulating me for breaking that nasty habit, rather than scolding me for something that happened in the past?

I don’t wear polish all the time, but I notice the colors other people wear. I really enjoyed that trend where women wore a different color polish on every nail, or when men wear color on just one nail. It’s amazing how much nails can tell you about a person.

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According to an article on American Overlook, even though your fingernails may take on all different kinds of shapes and sizes, there are certain constants about your nails that reveal much about your personality and your behavior. This way of learning about personality type from looking at nail shape was developed in Japan.
Find your nail shape on this chart…

1. If your nails are vertically long …. you’re a creative genius type.
You’re very creative, have a vivid imagination, and are constantly dreaming up new projects and new ways to express yourself. You love people, sometimes to excess; you love to love. Unfortunately, you’re a bit of an innocent and are quick to trust, and people take advantage of your openness of heart.

2. If your nails are short and wide-shaped … you’re a brilliant truth-teller.
You’re super brainy, and have no problems talking about high concepts and theories in straightforward and clear-cut ways. The problems is that you have a tendency to get irritated and annoyed when people aren’t at your level. You’re always honest, even if it hurts someone. Try to practice patience, kindness, and self-restraint. Remember, if you tell someone information that they need to hear in a condescending manner, they’ll stop listening to you.

3 & 4. If you have rounded egg-shaped nails … you’re a super-chill, laid-back pacifist.
Your mantra is, “It’s all good.” You do everything at your own pace and in your own way. You definitely aren’t one to follow the crowd. You’re bright, make thoughtful decisions, and are very good in social situations. People like you, and if there’s an argument they go to you for help. Sometimes you might be a little too popular and a little too giving, so make sure you hold something back for yourself.

5. If you have square-shaped nails … you’re a natural leader.
Failure isn’t an option for you. You’ve got the guts and perseverance to go the distance. You have a very serious attitude, and when you say you’ll do a task you don’t mess around. You also can be hardheaded and inflexible. Not surprisingly, many men have square-shaped nails. Remember, it’s OK at times to ease up on being a hard*ss and just have fun.

6 & 7. If you have triangular or inverted triangle nails … you’re an intuitive business person.
Nothing gets by you! You have an incredible gift for attention to detail, which makes both your business associates and your significant others happy. You’re always coming up with new ideas and innovations, and you get so excited about them that some people may think you’re too aggressive or a perfectionist. You don’t have to be quite so pushy with every new idea, as it puts people off. And besides, it’s exhausting.

8. If you have almond-shaped nails … you’re everybody’s best friend.
You have all the qualities that everybody wants in a friend: you’re honest, friendly, faithful, kind, strong, honest, and have excellent manners. You have a very strong sense of fairness and a low tolerance for injustice. If you let your outrage escalate, you’ll snap, so take a step back and a deep breath, and wait to continue the confrontation when you have a clear head.

9. If you have sword-shaped nails … you’re a driven achiever.
Once you have a goal, you’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. You’re a hard worker, ambitious, and have a “Yes I can” attitude. You inspire others, and people want to grow up to be you. The problem is that if other people aren’t at your level work-wise, you’ll just do it yourself. You actually can’t be described as a team player, and you get impatient when people don’t perform tasks quickly enough for you. If you work on your team skills, you’ll really be unstoppable

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This woman drank honey- lemon water every day for a full year. Here’s what happened!

She drank honey-lemon water every morning for one year and she managed to improve her overall health as well as to defeat numerous health problems!


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Here’s what she noticed after she drank honey and lemon water: 

Reinforces your immune system

Crystal Davis noticed that she hasn’t suffered from any kind of infection, colds or the flu for the whole year while she was drinking this marvelous mixture.

Improves your energy levels

She drank honey and lemon water for a while when she noticed that she had completely ditched coffee because the mixture provided her with enough energy for the whole day.

Weight loss

Lemons are able to stimulate bile production in the body. That results in better nutrient absorption, while the honey soothes the stomach and helps it produce more mucus so it can eliminate toxins effectively. This will offer you weight loss and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Glowing skin

Honey stimulates collagen production in the skin and lemons clean the blood of toxins, which results in improved skin quality and a natural glow.

Prevents urinary tract infections

After she drank honey and lemon mixture, she also noticed that it is a powerful diuretic which will prevent urinary tract infections.

Hydrates the lymphatic system

Drinking lemon-honey water every morning on an empty stomach is able to hydrate your lymphatic system and prevent numerous diseases and conditions.

Improves your oral health

Lemon possesses an amazing ability to destroy bacteria and clean your oral cavity, so the mixture will prevent oral problems such as bad breath.

Makes your body alkaline

When Crystal drank honey and lemon water, she noticed that by regulating your pH levels and making your body alkaline, the lemon-honey mixture can prevent numerous diseases including cancer.

So, what are you waiting for? Start drinking honey and lemon water today and enjoy its miraculous benefits!

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10 Exercise To Burn Belly Fat Without Running or Jogging!

Pushups and squats increase muscle mass

A study which included 53 subjects suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease found out that resistance training can increase the muscle mass as well as the fat-free mass. This type of exercises reduced the effects of the fatty liver disease as well as their iron and insulin levels. The study also proved that resistance training improves the metabolic syndrome in patients suffering from the disease. Deciding on the ideal exercise for you can be confusing with all the recommendations, but here are 10 exercises that will help you burn belly fat and lose weight.

The squat

The squat is a popular exercise which includes a basic movement which can shape your butt and legs. Bodyweight squats are more challenging. Adding dumbbells in the exercise is an advanced stage of the squat which you can try once you master the basic version. Watch the video below to see how to do squats:

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The lunge

This exercise will help you tone your butt and hamstrings. If you’re suffering from knee pain, you can do a glute bridge instead of lunges. Take a look at the video for more information:


Pushups are excellent for strengthening of your upper chest and triceps. They can be done anywhere even if you’re not that fit. See our video to learn how to perform them properly:

Pull up

The pull up is difficult for beginners, but the video below will show you easier alternatives that will tone your back!

The plank

The plank is a perfect exercise for the whole core, including the transverse abdominals. It will help you deal with back pain. The main goal of the plank is to last for a whole minute or more. You’ll burn your belly fat in no time!

The spider crawl

The spider crawl is able to reinforce your core and increase your hips’ mobility.

The get up

A nice looking six pack is something everyone wants, but not many people know that you can get fine abs and strengthen your other muscles with exercises such as get-ups. In this type of exercise you will engage your core and help you lose the bat wings.


Burpees are excellent for all major muscle groups and will make your heart pump better than any type of cardio exercise, which will result in losing more weight. They will also help you burn belly fat. Take a look at the video below to see how burpees are done:

The skater

This exercise will make your heart race and is ideal for improving ankle and knee stability. You can modify it easily for maximum calorie burn.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is excellent for toning your limbs while burning a lot of calories that will help you lose a lot of weight and also burn belly fat.

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5 Warning Signs of B.reast Cancer That Many Nigerian Women Ignore !

According to the American Cancer Society, it is estimated that about 246,660 new cases of invasive br.east cancer will be diagnosed in American women by the end of 2016, and about 40,450 women will die from b.reast cancer. The harsh reality is that b.reast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women. About 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop invasive br.east cancer during their lifetime.

Br.east cancer awareness goes far beyond knowing the statistics. It’s about active prevention, and being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of br.east cancer, in hopes of catching it early on if it develops.

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The following five warning signs of bre.ast cancer are ones that many women tend to shrug off, but recognizing them may be vital to saving your life.

1. A New Mole / Change In An Existing Mole

While moles are more commonly associated with a higher risk of skin cancer, they may also be linked to br.east cancer. In one study, researchers followed 89,902 women  ages 40-65 years old, and noted their medical records over a period of 18 years. The number of moles each woman had was documented at the beginning of the study. During the study, 5,956 of the women were diagnosed with bre.ast cancer. Researchers found that the women who had the most moles out of the group had a 13% higher risk of br.east cancer than women who had no moles. If you notice a new mole, or any type of change in an existing mole, visit a health care professional.

2. A Cough Or Hoarse Throat That Won’t Subside

A  cancer that starts in one area is known as the primary cancer. If some cancer cells break away from the primary cancer and move on to another part of the body, they can form another tumor, called secondary cancer. Br.east cancer can spread to the lungs, and it can be detected by a prolonged cough or hoarseness. Cancer spreads to the lungs in 60-70% of women who become terminally ill from b.reast cancer. The most common signs are shortness of breath and dry cough.

3. Changes In The Bladder Or Bowels

B.reast cancer can cause hormonal changes that dry out the urethra, and make it difficult to control the bladder. This is known as incontinence, and common signs include leaking urine during activities such as coughing, laughing, sneezing or exercising, experiencing sudden and urgent needs to urinate, and urination that takes longer than usual. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, make an appointment with a health care professional.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue is a common symptom in br.east cancer patients and survivors, but it’s also often present before diagnosis. Fatigue from cancer is not alleviated by sleep or rest. It’s typically very severe and often associated with high levels of distress, unrelated to amount of exertion. Cancer-related fatigue is often accompanied by other symptoms such as pain, sleep disturbance and depression. Researchers believed this fatigue is caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the body which the cancer creates.

5. Unexplained Back Pain

Back pain is a common medical problem — so common that 8 out of 10 people will experience it at some point in lives. Back pain can also be a sign that bre,ast cancer tumors are forming. Back pain associated with br.east cancer may feel like pressure on the ribs and spine, or pain in the upper back that feels like it’s coming from the bones. It could also be a sign that bre,ast cancer has spread to the spine.

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OMG! Man Slashes Off His Best Friend’s P3nis With Chainsaw While Cutting Firewood (Photo)

A man has accidentally off his friend’s manh00d while they cut firewood for the winter together.

According to Daily Star UK, the pair, who are neighbours in the village of Vanatory in north-eastern Romania’s Iasi County, had reportedly shared a few alcoholic drinks before starting the chore.

The 49-year-old man says he warned his 53-year-old pal to be careful and then lunged at him with the chainsaw for a joke.

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Unfortunately, at that very moment the older man stepped forward and the chainsaw hit him in the groin.

The 49-year-old called emergency services and the other man was rushed to the Parhon Hospital in Iasi for treatment.

Surgeons operated to save as much of his penis as they could and later described his condition as serious but stable.

They said it was too early to say whether the injured man would ever again be able to enjoy a normal s*x life.

The victim is a married father-of-three whose wife is now threatening to press charges against her husband’s friend.

She said that she and their 14-year-old youngest son were nearby when it happened.

The woman said: “We were cutting wood and I called our neighbour to help. Suddenly I saw my husband covered in blood.”

Police have also opened an investigation and are considering criminal charges following the incident which happened at dusk in the victim’s yard.

But the accused man, who was not named in reports, insists that it was all an innocent joke and that he never intended to hurt his friend.

He said: “I was holding the chainsaw and I said ‘Be careful – I could cut your knees’.

“Everything happened in play, it was a joke. I didn’t want to cut him, I was helping him to cut wood and this is what happened. I’m not a criminal. I hope I don’t go to prison.”

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See The Moment When a Drunk Driver Plays Dead to Avoid Arrest (Photos)

The man was driving without a licence when he spotted the Police making the rounds of drivers and dashed toward pavement before lying face down and not moving.

The alleged drink-driver tried to evade capture by the Police by fleeing his car, and then pretending he was dead.

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The unnamed suspect was also driving without a licence, according to reports.

When he was saw traffic Police going from car to car, he believed he was in trouble and Police said he took to his heels.

CCTV cameras in the city of Chuzhou, in East China’s Anhui Province, show the man suddenly stopping his car and getting out with his briefcase after discovering the traffic Police ahead.

The man is said to have dashed towards the pavement but quickly ran out of breath and was caught by the authorities.

But as he lay face-down in the grass, officers who tried to handcuff him found him unresponsive and not moving.

The suspect was playing dead in a bizarre attempt to avoid arrest, but the authorities turned him around and carried him off anyway.

Tests later revealed that he was driving under the influence of alcohol, the third time he had been caught, reports say.


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15 Ways to Tell Your Unborn Baby’s Gender Before The Doctor Can

Expectant mothers will try some weird things to predict the gender of their unborn baby.
Realistically the only true way to know the gender of your baby is to wait until birth and check if out first hand. Until then, the non-invasive prenatal DND and 20 weeks ultrasound scans can give a pretty accurate predication of gender, although it’s not 100% guaranteed.

But mums to be can be a curious bunch with many of us hanging in suspense at finding out whether a pink or a blue bundle is on the cards. Who can wait all those months and weeks anyways?
That’s when we turn to the weird and wonderful at-home gender predication tests. 100% legit and accurate (okay, maybe not 100%).

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1. The ring test.
Get mum to lie on the floor and suspend her wedding ring from a piece of thread or string. Hold it high above the bump. If the ring starts circling, it’s a boy. If the ring swings back and forth, a girl is on the way.

2. The bi-carb test.
Just when you thought you’d done enough peeing on things, comes the bi-carb test. It has to do with the acidity (or lack there of) in a preg-nant woman’s urine. Basically, you wee in a cup (you should be familiar with that) and add a tablespoon of bi-carb soda to it.
If the mixture starts to fizz, you’re having a boy. If there is no fizz, girl! I confess to doing this one with my current preg-nancy. I was told I was having a girl, and it was right.

3. Draino.
Yep, more peeing on stuff.
This time, add a tablespoon of draino (found in the cleaning aisle of the supermarket) to your wee. If it changes colour to green you should start shopping for pink stuff. If it shows blue, it’s boy stuff for you.

4. Cabbage Test.
Ready? More wee!
Buy yourself a red cabbage next time you’re at the green grocer. Boil it up and save the water. Next time you get the call of nature, mix some of the cabbage juice in with your urine. If it looks pink in colour, it’s a girl and if it looks more purple, it’s a boy.

5. Cravings.
The old wives tale says that if you crave more sweet things than savoury, a little princess is on the way.
I’m unsure of what the predication is if you just ate a bag of doritos in ice-cream. I have one confused little baby.

6. Key test.
Ask a pre-gnant woman to pick up a key. If she grabs the narrow end, it’s said that she is preg-nant with a daughter. If mum to be goes to pick up the key by the rounded end, she’s due with a boy.

7. Bump position.
Apparently, the way you carry your baby bump can be used to determine bub’s gender. Women who are expecting boys are said to carry lower, where as mums who are having pink babies are rocking higher bumps.

8. The nub test.
I actually tried this and didn’t get anywhere but as with most preg-nancy issues, there are forums upon forums of women asking others about ‘the nub’.
The idea behind the nub theory is that your 12 week ultrasound photos could show you the gender of hub, but not in the way you think. It’s all about the nub (which both boys and girls have at this age. In girls, the nub shrinks and retreats and in boys the nub develops into a pen1s).

The angle of the nub is what you need to focus on. If the nub of baby is pointed up 30 degrees or more, it’s apparently a boy. If the nub is not pointing high, it’s a girl.
9. Heartbeat.
It’s said that babies with a heartbeat of 150 bpm or more are girls. I’m sceptical about this one. Both of my boys had high heartbeats from the get-go and this one (a girl) has hovered around the lower end of the scale. But, many people swear by this theory. I guess my kids didn’t get the memo.
10. Preg-nancy glow.
The old wives tale says that girls steal their beauty from their mothers so if you’re experiencing more breakouts than usual, it could be because a little Miss is on the cards.

11. Skull theory.
This is another theory that leaves mums to be gazing endlessly at early ultrasound pictures. The skull theory says that square skulls belong to boys and rounded skulls belong to girls. All three of my kids have looked exactly the same on their 12 week scans so this one did nothing for me.

12. Garlic.
Chow down on a clove or two of garlic (yum yum) and wait.
The next morning, if you can smell the garlic on your skin, you’re apparently due with a boy. If there is no smell on your skin, it’s a girl. The downside is that no one will really want to test this for you to see if you stink, so you’re on your own. Also, it’s likely that your partner will sleep on the couch.

13. Chinese gender chart.
The Chinese gender chart uses the maternal age at the time of conception and the month of conception to predict the gender of your unborn child. Some people have had huge success with this but really, it’s 50/50. All of mine were wrong.

14. Morning sickness.
If you are constantly stuck to the bathroom tiles, a girl is apparently on the way for you. If your sickness comes on a little later, it could be a boy. Either way you get to feel like crap. I was sick with all of my preg-nancies but I have to say that this one had some accuracy.

15. br3asts.
Whip off the bra ladies and check out your norks. If the right one seems bigger than the left, you should start buying blue. If the left seems larger, pink. This doesn’t account for what you were working with before, seeing as though most os us have differences in br3asts in the first place.
So while none of these gender prediction tests are proven to be foolproof, at least it keeps the preg-nant mind busy until the next scan.

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Guys! These Are The 6 Amazing Style For Deeper Penetration 

Want to spice things up in the bed’room? Make his night and drive him crazy with these s22x positions that men love. Ultimately, s22x is about love and int’imacy, so while the positions are part of the fun, the real payoff is the way various maneuvers allow you to connect and explore each other in
different ways.

#1. Woman on T’op:
Ask your guy what drives him crazy in the bed’room, and we’re betting he’ll say it’s pleasing you. This s22xy position puts you in the driver’s seat, and that’s exactly where he wants you. Take advantage of being in control and set the pace according to what you like, leaving his hands free to roam. The bonus? He loves having your curves in full view …so flip on the lights and give him a show.

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#2. Missionary:
This standard go-to is a favorite because it puts him in control, while still being int’imate: your hips are free to do all the work, and you can lock lips and eyes with ease. And while he’s in the power position on top of you, the two of you can set the pace together. If you want him to go slower or deeper, put your hands on his hips and guide him. The best s22x is like a conversation, and missionary allows you to communicate with your bodies.
#3. Reverse C’owgirl:
This reverse variation of the woman on top position is the best of both worlds for your guy. It gives him the s22xy view he gets during d’oggie style but it puts you in control. This position doesn’t allow for a ton of touching or eye contact, but it’s a nice contrast to some of the more classic, romantic positions. If you’re craving a connection flash a look back at him while you’re doing your thing — it’ll drive both of you over the edge.

#4. D’oggie Style:
This rear entry positions puts him in control, allowing him to call the shots and to go at the speed that’s best for him. Plus, it allows for deeper penetration, making him feel like king in the bedroom. Some women love the intense full feeling, but if it feels like too much, let him know. Communication is key to enjoying s22x and experiencing the full psychological benefits of physical intimacy.

#5. Standing Up:
Getting it on while standing up is probably not your go-to move, but it’s perfect for that sweaty, gotta-have-you-now s22x that’ll make him feel irresistible. Whether he’s bending you over the new kitchen table or you’re steadying yourself against the wall, this spontaneous position is perfect for a quick’ie.

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Horror as Dog Snatched Baby Boy from His Mother’s Arms and Killed Him in Her Presence (Photos)

A 23-year-old woman, Jade Rogers, has been left inconsolable after a dog murdered her son.

The snarling dog mauled her baby, a four-month-old baby to death after snatching his from his mother’s arms, an inquest heard.

According to Daily Star UK, Miss Rogers managed to save her older son after the “aggressive” Staffordshire bull terrier called Bailey attacked and killed little tot Archie-Joe Darby.

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She was speaking to her sons’ dad Daniel on Facetime at her sister’s house in Colchester, Essex, when the tragedy happened on October 13.

The inquest at Chelmsford Coroner’s Court heard toddler Daniel-Jay had been playing in the living room when the dog began growling and “grabbed him by the head”.

As Miss Rogers tried to intervene, the dog dropped Daniel and snatched baby Archie out of her arms.

Detective Inspector Gary Biddle, from Essex Police, said: “He then shook Archie around the room and then dropped Archie. It is at that point that she (Jade) knew that Archie was dead.”

Terrified Miss Rogers went into the kitchen to call 999 but the relentless dog followed her and “grabbed” Daniel off the worktop.

DI Biddle added: “On the 999 call you can hear the dog attacking Daniel and you can hear Jade shouting and screaming and trying to get the dog off Daniel.”
Despite being attacked herself, she managed to drag the dog into a small conservatory at the back of the house while she waited for emergency services to arrive.

Using her body to block the door shut, Miss Rogers was unable to check on either of her injured children.

And when police arrived she couldn’t open the door forcing cops to smash their way in.

DI Biddle said when police officers arrived they saw Archie “lying face down and motionless” and his brother looking “upset” with a severe head injury.

He added: “Because of his (the dog’s) continued aggressive nature, even when police officers arrived, they had to call specialist dog officers.

“The dog’s aggressive behaviour never stopped until he was put to sleep.”

Cops concluded there was “no grounds” for a criminal prosecution and the dog had no history of attacking anyone.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, area coroner for Essex Eleanor McGann said: “I hope you have some happy memories of his (Archie Joe’s) very brief life and I hope you try to remember the happiness of your family.”

“Miss Rogers I commend you for your bravery fighting off a dog attacking both of your children and you carried on fighting until you were able to catch the dog and get it away from your children.”

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