7 Easy Ways To Reduce Side Fat #3 Is a Genius

So, you’ve been working out all winter to get your body in shape to hit the beach, but you can’t seem to get rid of those love handles.


You’re not alone. In fact, Kyla Gagnon, a fitness trainer based in British Columbia, told the Huffington Post that a lot of people struggle with losing this fat because they only rely on exercise.

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“Working the area with exercises will not get rid of the excess fat. What it will do is strengthen the muscles underneath the fat, which is important,” Gagnon told the Huffington Post.


So if you are stressed because all those side crunches don’t seem to be working, take comfort in knowing that exercises alone probably aren’t going to do the trick. You need to focus on eating healthier and hitting the gym, Gagnon says.


Here are a few ways you can ditch the love handles this summer:


1. Eat healthy fats
Foods like seeds and avocado are a great way to add healthy fats to your diet. You should be getting about 25 to 35 percent of your calories from healthy fats. Limit or cut out unhealthy fats (like saturated and trans fats), Health recommends.
2. Ditch sugar and refined carbs
Fill your diet with healthy fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins to maximize weight loss, Gagnon told the Huffington Post.


3. Find ways to scorch 100 calories
Did you know that simply burning an extra 100 calories per day can improve your overall health? WebMD suggests finding simple ways to nix an extra 100 calories per day. Over time, you’ll see a slimmer waist, and you will have developed healthier habits that are easy to maintain.
Simple ideas for scorching 100 calories:
– Add 20 minutes to your dog-walking route
– Shake your groove thing for 20 minutes
– Wash the car
– Walk an extra mile
– Swim for 15 minutes
– Hit the stairs at work for 18 minutes a day
– Swap mustard for your regular mayo
– Ditch the regular soda for diet (or even better, grab water instead)
– Use red sauce instead of creamy sauce on your pasta
– Lose one slice of bread from your sandwich
– Skip the fries, have a salad
– Drink one less 12-ounce beer
Try these workouts to target the love handles, courtesy of Huffington Post:


4. Bicycle crunch:

Lie flat on your back, with your hands next to your ears. Lift your legs to a 90-degree angle. Pull your left knee toward your chest and twist so that your right elbow touches it, as it comes up. Repeat on the other side. You should look like you are riding an invisible bike, on your back.

5. The plank:


The plank is a powerful body-strength exercise that will put you to the test. Rest your elbows and forearms on the floor and push yourself up into a push-up position. Your arms should be at a 90-degree angle, back and legs straight out behind you. Hold for one to three minutes. If you can’t hold it that long, aim for 30 seconds per set and work your way up.

6. Side plank dips:


If you really want to feel the burn, try these muscle builders. Start in a side plank (on your side, legs stacked on top of each other, elbow bent at a 90-degree angle, hips lifted off the ground) and drop your hips to the floor, then pull them back up. Repeat 10 to 12 times on each side. Focus on keeping your back straight and butt tight.
7. Stability ball plank:


Using a stability ball, balance your elbows and forearms in the center of the ball. Stretch your legs out behind you, so that you are leaning against the ball at an angle. Hold this position for two minutes (or as long as your ab muscles will allow!).

Getting your body into tip-top shape takes a lot of work, but combining a healthy diet and exercise is the best way to make changes that last.

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Reasons for Shaving the Pubic Hairs, the Islamic Way

Shaving the pubic hairs is one of the requirements of the Fitrah, Muslim scholars say.

As reported by an Islamic scholar, al-Bukhaari, “The fitrah consists of five things, one of which is removing the pubic hairs.”

The time limit to do so is 40 days, the Islamic authority says.

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Again, as reported by al-Bukhaari, “The hadeeth of Anas ibn Maalik says: ‘He set us a time limit of no more than forty days for trimming the moustache, clipping the nails, plucking the armpit hairs and shaving the pubic hair.’”

Reasons for shaving the pubic hairs

Al-Bukhaari notes that the purpose is to be completely clean and pure and keep away from anything that may cause dirt and impurities to cling to the body.

Medically, shaving the pubic hair makes for better hygiene.

“Shaving off the pubic hair will make for better hygiene down there, as an adult person’s privates is a focal point for heat, sweat and bacteria. So, shaving will make it look neat and smell fresh,” physicians advise.

Source: Punch

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Former EFCC Chairman, Ribadu Reveals Names of Nigerians Frustrating Anti Corruption War

Former EFCC Chairman, Mr. Nuhu Ribadu has named some Nigerians who he said went to great lengths to stop the anti corruption war in Nigeria.

Speaking under the theme “Corruption and the Nigerian Economy: Lawyers as Change Agents”, Mr. Ribadu named foremost lawyer, Ben Nwabueze, former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Michael Aondoakaa, and his successor at the EFCC, Farida Waziri, as those who undermined Nigeria’s efforts to fight corruption.

“I still recall with amazement and shock how some very senior lawyers made it a duty upon themselves to bring down the EFCC and stop the work we were doing. Many of them, like Prof. Ben Nwabueze, SAN, teamed up with politicians to wage a very serious propaganda to discredit the work we were doing,” he said.

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He also said Mr. Nwabueze personally went to court on many occasions to challenge the powers of the EFCC to fight corruption.

“One thing that also did a serious damage to the war against corruption was the active connivance of some senior lawyers who represented the governors we charged to courts after the 2007 election,” he said.

“It is on record that we charged the former governors of Jigawa, Taraba, Adamawa, Plateau, Enugu, Ekiti, Delta, Abia and Edo states as the first set of ex-governors to face prosecution. However, almost 10 years after most of the cases have not gone anywhere because of deliberate action by lawyers to frustrate the trials,” he said.

Mr. Ribadu said he was shocked that some lawyers who found themselves in government also worked against the fight against corruption.

“Take the case of Mr. Michael Aondoakaa, whose most cardinal agenda as the AGF seemed to be destroying EFCC by every means possible and frustrating all the cases.

“In that regard he attempted to take over the prosecutorial powers of the commission, which would have rendered the EFCC into a toothless bulldog. But of course we resisted,” he said.

He said after Farida Waziri replaced him as the chairman of the EFCC, Mr. Aondoakaa found a partner in her.

Mr. Ribadu said Mrs Waziri “inflicted serious damages on the EFCC from which the commission is still struggling to recover”.

He said following the appointment of Waziri, corrupt practices that were unheard of became widespread in the Commission and outside lawyers were brought in to handle very important cases that sometimes were turned into avenues of making money.

He cited one of such cases as the Halliburton scandal.

“We did all the work and took the investigation to a very advanced stage, but the case was handed over to private lawyers who connived with some officials to feather their nests from it.

“The lawyers ended up earning more than even the government, to the anguish of those diligent workers who built the case. That was a very unprofessional practice and against global best practice,” he said.

He also said that the United States and the UK who had similar cases did not involve any private lawyer to handle it for them.

Mr. Ribadu spoke on Thursday when he presented the lead paper at the 2016 Annual Lecture organised by the Law Chambers of Joe Kyari Gadzama in Abuja.

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Serious Drama 13-year-old Boy Forces Little Girl to Have S3x Inside School Premises

A 13-year-old boy has been charged with r*ping a girl inside his school premises in North Reading, a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States.

According to Fox25, police say the boy was arrested at his Fecteau-Leary Middle School in Lynn on Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators said the case stems from a complaint made in North Reading.

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The boy is charged with one count of aggravated forcible r*pe of a child, the Middlesex District Attorney’s office confirmed in a short statement.

He was arraigned in juvenile court Wednesday; the DA’s office declined to say more because of privacy laws regarding children and criminal investigations.

FOX25 reached out to the school to learn more information.

Fecteau-Leary Principal Maura Durgin-Scully referred us to the superintendent, and then said this.

“We’re the school. We’re just the school. Nothing occurred here. We’re the school,” said Durgin-Scully.

Parents at the middle school said they had no idea a student was arrested on campus and would have appreciated more communication.

The school district would not comment on why parents weren’t notified or if any other students are involved in the case.

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How School Teacher Suffers After Having S3x with His Girlfriend in His Car (Photo)

A primary school teacher in Mhondoro area of Zimbabwe is regretting the night he had s*x in the car with his ‘on and off’ girlfriend which resulted in an ongoing battle between him and a local chief.

According to H-metro, thing took a deep turn after Munashe Mukonzi, 33 confirmed his involvement in the illicit affair with Patience Marira, 30, who later fell pregnant. Since the incident came to light, he has been faced with one misfortune after another.

The problem now is between him and Chief Mashayamombe of Mhondoro. The chief impounded his Toyota Noah vehicle after he failed to attend a hearing, the chief is said to have seized literally every prized possession the man had as another form of punishment.

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Narrating his ordeal, Munashe felt justice was not delivered as the chief ordered for the seizure of his belongings for his own use.

“He sent his two sons and other two men, on November 16, who broke into my house and took a four-door wardrobe, three-piece TV stand, 32 inch plasma TV and a DVD player claiming that their father was granted that power by local government authorities.

“What pains me is that they have not contacted my partner or given her anything yet they claimed they wanted to help her.

“She had an operation and right now we owe the hospital a lot of money but the chief is still in possession of my property, I have nothing to sell so that I will be able to pay the theatre bills,” he said.

Mukonzi who has resolved the differences between him and his lover is begging for help.
“We always had an ‘on-off’ relationship with Patience and officially broke up this year but while we were trying to mend the affair, we had s*x in my car and she fell pregnant.

“I never denied the fact that the newly born baby is mine, I used to ignore her because we were no longer together but now that we have a child together. I respect her and we communicate.

“Right now she is staying in Gokwe and I sent her the little money I had for the upkeep of the baby but it seems the chief is trying to ruin my life,” said Mukonzi.

When asked, Patience said she is in agreement with everything that her partner had said.

“I had an operation and I still haven’t paid the hospital bills so I cannot access a birth certificate for my child right now.

“I only heard the chief took his property, my aunt in Mhondoro tried to get it for me but he refused to give her.

“I have no idea if he is taking the things for his own benefit because there is no communication from him at all,” she said.

On the other hand, Chief Mashayamombe claimed to be helping the victimized woman (Patience) by seizing Mukonzi’s property.

“I already solved that issue and I was only helping the victimized woman that he raped and refused to take responsibility of his actions.

“I tried to handle it in the traditional way and set up a trial which he did not attend so I just took some of his property and gave it to the woman,” he said.

He added that Mukonzi is only trying to tarnish his image.

“I am a role model and should always lead by example, but he just wants to portray my name in a bad light.

“For the previous article he told you that I was using his car but I don’t even have a driver’s license, he refused to show up to a fair ruling that I had set up not the $3000 that his in-laws wanted, he is ungrateful.

“If he continues with such behaviour I will report him to the police,” the chief said.

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Quickie on the Driver’s Seat – Naughty Housewife Narrates S3xual Encounter

I was in the bedroom that evening when I got a text from Leke.

He told me he was in the area and wanted to speak with me. It was a little past 9pm and my husband, Michael was watching the evening news. I considered telling Leke I would be unable to come out to meet him but my thoughts went back to the last time we fucked.

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Leke was a man who was so well-endowed that his wife, Ronke could not handle it. I was doing the couple a favour by hopping on him from time to time. The last time we were together, I was at his place. I was on his bed, my legs spread in excitement as he slid that thick, large c2ck into me over and over again. Thinking about it now made my pussy throb and I knew there was no way I was letting this chance go.

“We are out of milk, honey, I need to run down the street to get some,” I said to Michael before leaving the house. He barely looked up from the TV. He had been a little cold towards me since he started having his own affair but that was one information he did not know I was aware of.

I ran my palm down the light brown dress I wore. The cool outside air hit me as soon as I stepped out of the building but I did not mind. It was a dark enough that one could not really see that I was not wearing underwear. I stepped outside our gate and spotted Leke’s car down the street. I hurried to meet him where he parked and hopped into the passenger’s seat.

“Hey Abby, it’s been a while,” he said, turning around in the driver’s seat to face me as I entered.

“It’s barely been two weeks, don’t be so dramatic,” I replied, nudging him playfully. “How’s Ronke?”

“She is fine. Things have been going better now.”

“That’s good to hear. I am glad you guys are in a better place. She is my friend and I care for her, you know, despite the fact that…” I stalled.

“Despite the fact that you are f3cking her husband?” Leke said with a smile. “Well, we all do what we have to do.” He leant closer to me and kissed me. I kissed him back. He slid his hand underneath my dress and found the entrance to my p3ssy. He pushed two fingers in, f3cking me with them until I was dripping with arousal.

With one hand in me, he used the other to unzip his trousers, releasing his d3ck. As soon as he did, he pushed the chair back and I clambered over him. I raised my dress and sat on his d3ck. As always, the thickness and length took some getting used to.

I endured the first couple of seconds of sweet discomfort then the more we f3cked, the more my p3ssy enveloped him better. Soon, I was bouncing up and down, gasping and moaning as I stroke him in the car. It was pitch black so I was sure no one could see us. I held on to the back of the seat behind his head and used that as leverage as I f3cked him.

He simply put his hands on my hips, encouraging my movement. His c2ck filled me so wonderfully and I could feel him deeper than any man I had ever been with. I closed my eyes and threw my head back as I came all over him.

A few minutes later, he gripped me so tightly that his nails dug into my flesh as he thrust his hip upwards, plunging deep into me and exploded. I tightened my p3ssy around him as he came, squeezing all his juice out until he was spent.

After a while, I adjusted my dress, came out of the car and returned home, my p3ssy still tingly with pleasure.

Credits: Hot Pulse

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No more Recession? Nollywood Actress Ini Edo Spotted Wearing N250k Floral Sandals (Photos)

nollywood-actress-ini-edo-spotted-wearing-n220k-floral-sandals-photos-1Hmmm…for this recession, Ini Edo stepped out wearing a £550 (N200k) Sophia Webster Lilico Jungle floral sandals. She matched the sandals with pink top and ripped jean.nollywood-actress-ini-edo-spotted-wearing-n220k-floral-sandals-photos-2
Many people have applauded the actress for always making a difference as they continue to learn from her enviable fashion sense.

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See The List of 2016 Most Popular Baby Names

 As 2016 comes to close to an end, BabyCenter has released its annual list of most popular baby names in America.



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BabyCenter’s rankings are based on the names of babies born in 2016 to parents registered on the website.

See the top 20 names for boys and girls below.

Most Popular Names For Girls

1. Sophia
2. Emma
3. Olivia
4. Ava
5. Mia
6. Isabella
7. Riley
8. Aria
9. Zoe
10. Charlotte

Most Popular Names For Boys

1. Jackson
2. Aiden
3. Lucas
4. Liam
5. Noah
6. Ethan
7. Mason
8. Caden
9. Oliver
10. Elijah

As in past years, BabyCenter also analyzed its user data to identify some interesting name trends of 2016.

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There is Corruption Everywhere, Including in EFCC – EFCC Boss Open Up

Ibrahim Magu, the acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has called for inter-agency collaboration to make the fight against corruption in the country succeed.

He made the call on Friday when he paid a visit to the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, in Abuja. Mr. Magu said “there is corruption in every institution, including the EFCC.

“The reasons why we are here is that we need everybody’s support. We do not have the monopoly of knowledge to do what we are doing.

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“There is corruption everywhere, every institution, including the EFCC. We are battling with internal corruption. So, everybody has a stake in this fight.’’

The acting EFCC chairman then used the occasion to inform the army chief that the commission had concluded arrangements to mobilise women, including women in uniform on December 7 to join the fight against corruption.

He solicited the cooperation of the army in that regard. He added that “we also want to appeal to you to join us in fighting corruption. Let’s have a change. If you can discipline yourself, you do not need another person to discipline you. Self discipline is key.’’

Responding, Mr. Buratai assured the EFCC of army’s support in the fight against corruption, noting that the menace was a cankerworm that had eaten deep into the society.

He noted that any effort to fight corruption would be resisted from different quarters, “but once you are steadfast and focused on your responsibility, you will succeed, no matter the resistance.

“We in the Nigerian army have taken it as a policy to ensure that we check ourselves and avoid any situation that will lead to mismanagement and lack of accountability or corruption.”

The army boss observed that a number of Nigerians had for a long time forgotten the basic principle of being accountable to themselves and the society at large.
He said “the erosion of this attribute has affected the general well-being of Nigerians.”

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OMG! Country Where Husbands Force Wives to Go and Have S33x with Men in the Streets to Raise Money Finally Exposed

A report by  aljazeera reveals the country where husbands force their wives out of their homes to go out and have s3x with other men so as to take care of the home.

When Sita* comes home in the morning, her husband is usually still asleep. She has worked through the night, selling sex on the highways tracing Delhi’s periphery, but she will bathe, cook breakfast, and get the children ready for school before getting some rest herself.

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Here, in a tumble-down corner of Najafgarh, a patch of urban villages stitched into the Indian capital’s fraying hem, what Sita does for a living is no secret. Sita belongs to Perna caste, and among the women and girls of this acutely marginalised community, entering the s*x trade is a usual next step after marriage and childbirth.

“My first child died shortly after being born. When [my second-born] daughter was around one year, that’s when I started this work,” she says. Married in her mid-teens to a Perna man she hadn’t met before, she estimates that she was 17 when she became the sole earner in her young family.

Now in what she guesses to be her late 20s, Sita still leaves the Perna basti (settlement), each night with other women from the community to tout for customers in “random places”: bus stops, lay-bys and parks far from their own neighbourhood and out of view of the police. They travel in a group, sharing the rickshaw fare and the risk of assault.

“We try to get it done quickly,” Sita explains. They conduct encounters in cars or hidden outdoor nooks. While one woman is with a client, a friend will make sure to stay within shouting distance. Each client pays between 200 rupees and 300 rupees ($3-$4.50). In a night, the women can expect to make as much as 1,000 rupees ($14.60), or as little as nothing.

Born into poverty’

Leela*, a mother of four in her late 30s, has known since she was “very little” that her community was engaged in what is termed “intergenerational prostitution”. Unlike Sita and many others, she only entered the sex trade when she was widowed, and moved back to Dharampura locality in Najafgarh, her childhood home.

For her, it was the natural path for a woman looking for work: her own mother died young, but she remembers that her aunties used to “go out at night”.

Husbands herded goats, or didn’t work at all. “I don’t know why. You can say it is the traditional way,” she says. But it is less a ritual than a remedy for an inherited economic need. “This work is our compromise. It’s our way to make a living,” Leela explains.

“A Perna woman is born into poverty, into a marginalised caste, and she’s female – so she’s already thrice oppressed,” says Ruchira Gupta, the founder of the anti-trafficking NGO Apne Aap, which has been working with the Najafgarh Perna community for more than five years.

“As soon as she gains puberty, she is married, and after the first child, the husband pimps his wife. And she can’t resist – she only has this community. She feels she has no path of escape. She is consumed for eight or 10 years, and then she is asked to put her daughter into prostitution.”

Gupta explains that girls who resist prostitution are often physically abused by their in-laws, who expect their son’s wife to contribute to the family finances. Leela’s own daughter – now a stay-at-home mum living elsewhere in Najafgarh – moved back in with Leela for a short period to flee her new family’s pressure to start sex work.

“They were threatening her, ‘We will tear your clothes, we will put you on the streets naked,'” Leela says.

With Apne Aap’s backing, she was able to convince an informal community court that her daughter should be allowed to make the choice independently. But one NGO worker explains: “We don’t often meet women as courageous as [Leela].”

Sita pre-empts suggestions that her husband or in-laws pressure her into the work she does, saying: “It’s my own choice,” and pointing out that recently, her husband has found regular work as a driver and earns at least as much as she does.

But even in the absence of coercion, choice is a fraught concept in a community which is not only economically and socially marginalised, but historically excluded from the rights and freedoms of citizenship.

An historic disadvantage

Zoom out from this small community at the edge of India’s capital, and the Pernas become just one dot among many thousands, scattered on the map of what a 2008 government-commissioned report described as “the most vulnerable and disadvantaged sections of Indian society”.

These are the DNTs, or Denotified and Nomadic Tribes of India, who are still more commonly recognised in mainstream society under their colonial-era classification: the Criminal Tribes.

Historically itinerant traders, entertainers, and folk-craft practitioners, DNT communities are often compared with the Roma in Europe. Like “gypsies” elsewhere in the world, whose lifestyles made them difficult to bring under state control, the wanderers were regarded with suspicion by India’s British rulers.

After the Criminal Tribes Act of 1871, a raft of castes were “notified”, that is, branded “hereditary criminals”, alienated from traditional sources of income, and made vulnerable to a range of state-sanctioned abuses.

Following India’s independence in 1947, the stigmatised tribes were “denotified”, but these communities have been unable to shake what academic Meena Radhakrishna calls their “historic disadvantage”.

Welfare programmes have been offered to the most marginalised communities – those social groups classed as the Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Tribes (STs).

But even officially eligible DNT communities, such as the Pernas, who are recognised as “SC”, often do not gain access to these opportunities.

“It is difficult for these people to stake a claim to the government programmes because of the stigma of being labelled as ex-criminal tribes,” says Subir Rana, an anthropologist who has spent time among the Pernas of Najafgarh.

Not only has their past taught the community to be wary of the state, but their alienation from mainstream society has meant many of them are ignorant of their rights.

For example, getting a caste certificate – the necessary proof of eligibility for benefits – is difficult when many community members hold barely any government identification of any kind.

When Apne Aap began a campaign for improved documentation, only four or five individuals in the Perna community had certification of their “SC” status. With NGO intervention, this number has swollen into the 30s – but, workers say, it has been a struggle.

“Government always tries its level best to reach these people,” says BK Prasad, Member-Secretary of the temporary National Commission for Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes, “but even these people have to come to the government. Most of the time, these people do not come.”

He recognises that DNTs may require “a special approach”.

An earlier DNT commission, responsible for the 2008 report, issued a slew of suggestions for government, centring on the recommendation to address the needs of DNTs separately from other disadvantaged social groups. Upon release the report was, in the words of civil servant and consultant to the commission Pooran Singh, “put into the almirah [closet]”.

The new Commission is making a priority of addressing a deep information gap: at this point there is zero reliable, countrywide demographic information on denotified communities, a state of affairs which gives credence to Rana’s sense that “they have become the lowest of the low; they are invisibles”.

While the first order of business is the creation of a comprehensive list of DNT communities, the ultimate goal, according to Prasad, is that “they should be mainstreamed into society in a way that is not too much of a change for them”.

Mainstreaming will be a trickier proposition for DNT communities that have found their way into the sex trade. “Once you become associated with a trade like this, it is very hard to integrate,” says Anuja Agrawal, a sociologist who has studied DNT communities involved in intergenerational sex work.

“Giving up [sex work] happens only when a very concerted effort is made; when other opportunities then become available.”

First signs of change

Back in Najafgarh I speak to a young woman from the Sapera caste, a DNT community traditionally involved in snake-charming and wedding-drumming, who describes the stigma that follows her Perna neighbours.

She has nothing bad to say about them, she explains. “It’s their occupation. How will they survive without it?” But, she concedes, “general caste [non-DNT] people get angry that they do such kind of ‘wrong work’.”

Apne Aap’s field workers report that Pernas are ignored, avoided and barred from certain shops.

Prasad’s proposal is to remove young girls from their familial contexts: “If we can wean children away, get them admitted to [state] residential schools – because beyond a certain age, slowly, slowly, they will follow their parents. Children imbibe what is happening around [them].”

He adds: “This change will happen slowly. It is true that everyone who is educated up to high school does not get a job.” He estimates that if 10 percent try for a new sort of life, perhaps 2 percent will succeed.

This mirrors Ruchira Gupta’s approach.

Now 14, Leela’s younger daughter is on one of several Apne Aap scholarships to a private boarding school. She has already progressed further in her education than anyone else in her family. Her classmates don’t know much about her background but they know what’s relevant: she’s bright, and a really good dancer.

I meet her when she is home for a weekend. She is a gazelle of a girl, as nice as Leela, with a gently teasing sense of humour she practises on me, in English, over WhatsApp. Unlike her mother, who never went to school, or her older sister who dropped out to become a wife, she won’t marry until she’s in her 20s, Leela says.

“My daughter says when she gets a job, we’ll go away,” says Leela. For her family, it’s the first glimpse of an alternative path.

Leela’s children – the schoolgirl and the housewife – are not the only signs of a gradually broadening field of options.

Nowadays, Sita tells me, it’s becoming normal to send your daughters to school: “That’s the first stage.”

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