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After Reading This, You Will Be Able To Decide If You Are For Or Against Ponmo Getting Banned

Ponmo needs little or no introduction. It is in a class of its own, a class of pride and reverence. It has gained national prominence with no magazine or billboard advert nor TV commercials and social media links.


Let us take a little tour of things and learn more about this “meat impersonator”, and why it has recently become a topic of interest to warrant mention by the Federal government.

Ponmo is basically de-haired and boiled skin of cow. The consumption of cow skin as Ponmo in west Africa countries is believed to have originated among the poor and uneducated South Westerners, who could not afford the price of lean meat. Presently, ponmo consumption is no longer considered as a poor man’s food but a popular delicacy among the rich and elite.

The preparation of Ponmo may take any of two major processes which in turn determine the variety of Ponmo seen in markets today. A look around markets reveals two major varieties of ponmo — the white variety and the brown variety. The preparation of Ponmo starts with the slaughter of the cow. The skin of the carcass is then removed with a sharp knife and any subcutaneous attachment scraped off. Next is the de-hairing process which involves either;

  • Scraping off hair on the fresh cow skin using a sharp razor with the aid of boiled water ; or
  • Burning off of the hair on dried and preserved skin.

In either processes, the de-hairing process is followed by washing of the skin with soap and an iron/wooden sponge. It is during washing that soot or black particles produced during burning are removed.

The de-haired and washed skin is then boiled for a reasonable period to soften the skin. The boiling time varies depending on the skin thickness.

Nutritional Benefits of ponmo

Ponmo has over the years established itself as a substitute for meat and fish, but questions have always risen on the nutritional content of this revered delicacy.

Nutritional analysis of a 40g piece of ponmo gives the following results;

  • Total fat (4g)
  • Polysaturated fat (0g)
  • Monosaturated fat (0g)
  • Total carbohydrates (0g)
  • Trans fat (0g)
  • Trans fat (0g)
  • Saturated fat (1g)
  • Polysaturated fat (0g)
  • Sodium (0mg)
  • Potassium (0mg)
  • Dietary fiber (0g)
  • Sugars (0%)
  • Proteins (0%)
  • Vitamin A (0%)
  • Vitamin C (0%)
  • Iron (0%)
  • Calcium (0%)

Ponmo is completely lacking in ALL nutrients.

The ban on ponmo

The continual existence of ponmo may be threatened by the Federal government’s plan to place a ban on the sale and widespread consumption of the product. This has arisen largely owing to the raising of several issues which have bordered on its nutritional value as well as its indirect role in reducing the supply of hides to cottage industries. This, the FG says, has led to a decline in revenue. Hence, the FG says, “Ponmo cannot run us bankrupt, it must die”

In the face of the increasing demand for ponmo and a decreasing supply of hides and skin to leather-related cottage industries, it has become quite imperative to impose the ban, so says the FG

Be it as it may, the glory days of ponmo are coming to a premature end. No advocate to plead its case. Prayers are on save the “Skin”. For those who have pledged allegiance to the #LetPonmoStay movement, it’s a good thing and sincerely I have to tell you that ponmo will stay for a long time. Even for me too, I’m one of ponmo’s biggest fan.


Writer: Oyindamola Akinyemi was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Ever since she was a kid she  had this mammoth passion for cooking. Because of this excitement , she challenged herself and learnt how to cook and bake.

Check out her food blog at

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Serious Drama as Man and a Woman are Forced to Have S33x in Public

We have no idea what offence this guy committed, but we believe it must have been something villainous. From the video, it’s clear that the woman was willing to take off her clothes and get down with business.


The gentleman, on the other hand, is being forced by the crowd – which is actually throwing money at the woman. Very strange happening..
Check out the mysterious video below;

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How To Make The Tiger Nut Drink Many Nigerian Women Say Does Magic To Their Libido

You can try the recipe by Flo Madubike below and be judge!


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MUST READ! 6 Bras Every NIgerian Ladies Needs

When shopping for brassieres, many women are guilty of just picking whichever they feel will suit them and after some weeks of wearing them, they dump or dash them out as they did not meet expectation.

Chanel Ambrose explains in this video that there are different bras for different reasons.

She shares with us the kinds of bras that we should look out for, especially for plus-size women and the different types of bras that we have.

She also talked about their functions and what clothes we can wear on each of them.

Here are some of the bras she mentioned, watch the video below to see why you need them

  1. Plunge bra
  2. Full-cup bra
  3. Balconettte bra
  4. Strapless bra
  5. Pushup bra
  6. Sports bra

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Shock as Transformer Thief is Electrocuted to Death in Kano

A 35-year-old man, Jamilu Adamu, was on Wednesday electrocuted at Kawon Maigari, Hotoro Area of Kano, Kano State, while trying to vandalise a fenced-electricity transformer.

The Public Relations Officer of Kano Electricity Distribution Company, Mohammed Kandi, confirmed this in a statement he released to newsmen on Thursday in Kano.

KEDCO spokesman said that the deceased was found dead with some tools that include, Sizes 17 and 20 rings and flat spanner by his side.

The statement also quoted the Head of Health Safety and Environment of KEDCO, Mr. Aminu Abubakar, as saying that the vandal’s corpse had been evacuated by the police.

He said, “At the time the police evacuated the corpse, one of the HV bushings of the transformer had been loosened from the base.

“This is an indication that the intention of the deceased was to vandalise the transformer by removing the bushings, and possibly the armoured cable.”

Abubakar said in the statement that the deceased was seen loitering around the substation area three days before the incident.

He said, “When he was approached, he told residents that he was there to visit his relative.”


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Man is Attacked by Axe Thugs in the Presence of Policemen in Edo (Photos)

The victim who was attacked by hoodlums

According to a Facebook user identified as Engr Hopeful Hope, who posted the graphic photos on social media, a party supporter was allegedly attacked by political thugs earlier tday at the tribunal following the outcome of the Edo State governorship election.
The eyewitness who shared the story, revealed that the unfortunate incident happened right in the presence of policemen who did nothing to bring the situation under control. See more photos below;man-is-attacked-by-axe-thugs-in-the-presence-of-policemen-in-edo-photos-1 man-is-attacked-by-axe-thugs-in-the-presence-of-policemen-in-edo-photos-2

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I Inherited Unbelievable Level of Corruption – President Buhari Open Up

President Muhammadu Buhari said his administration inherited an unbelievable level of corruption after taking over the affairs of the country from former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Buhari revealed this on Thursday in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina.

Buhari spoke while receiving the Letter of Credence of the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. William Symington, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

“The corruption we met at personal and institutional levels was unbelievable. Corruption was turning into a culture. After we came in, people started realising the truth,” the President said.

The President revealed that his administration will end the ‘culture of corruption’ which has become prevalent in recent times as he further stated that corrupt persons in the country will face tougher times.

He said that the mishandling of the economy at a time of financial prosperity is now affecting the country.

“It has not been easy for another party to come in and get things done properly, especially with the new economic reality of $37 per barrel of oil, against the $100 for the period, and there was no savings, no infrastructure on ground,” he said.

He further noted that the his administration is determined to fight corruption, and salvage the economy in spite of current challenges.

In his remarks, the U.S ambassador said that the interest in the well-being of Nigeria was of mutual benefit.

“We do it not only for Nigeria, but for ourselves. We did it because it was right for us and right for our people,’’ he said.

Symington said he would work hard to further strengthen the relationship between his country and Nigeria. He assured that the President-elect Donald Trump would also be interested in the wellbeing of Nigeria.

President Buhari also received Letter of Credence from the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, Mr. Moha Ouali Tagma, assuring him of Nigeria’s willingness to improve bilateral relations between the countries.

The President also met with Senate President Bukola Saraki behind closed doors.

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Unbelivable! Parents Marry Their 3-year-old Twins to Each Other

Two innocent 3-year-old twins have been forced to marry each other by their parents after believing that the children were lovers in a former life.

Brother and sister Teekatat and Tawisa Hiranmekawanit tied the knot in the traditional ceremony in Ang Thong province in central Thailand.

Their parents claim that the twins had been soul mates in a past life but were separated by a terrible tragedy, Dailymail reported.

Giving more reasons, the parents said that the children were reincarnated together as twins and to ward off ‘bad luck’ they have to shows the ‘angels’ that they are in love and want to be together forever.unbelivable-parents-marry-their-3-year-old-twins-to-each-other-1

The twins’ mother Sasi claimed: ‘They must get married otherwise one of them will die.’

‘We provided the wedding ceremony according to our belief that in the olden days the boy and girl twins were soulmates but couldn’t stay together.

‘They were reborn again in this life, they were reborn as boy and girl twins.’

For the ceremony, the bride wore a traditional Thai wedding dress with a gold sarong and a gold sash.

The groom was dressed in a white shirt, gold pants and a green sash.
The boy even handed over a sinsod – a dowry payment made by men to the family of the bride – of 22,000 Thai baht (£450) and 30.5g of 23 carat gold.

Villagers and relatives joined the twins and their parents for the ceremony in the Wiset Chai Charn district of Ang Thong.

Their mother Sasi added: ‘There was a very relaxed and nice atmosphere. The local community helped us.

‘As parents we must provide the wedding to let the angels know that the twins are happily in love and will be together forever.

‘It is an ancient belief to show the angels they are in love and will never stay apart.’

However, despite the formal ceremony, the children won’t be married in law. They are also likely to find and marry their own partners when they get older.

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Governor Gaidam of Yobe Sends Commissioner Home For Sleeping During Budget Presention

Yobe State Governor on Thursday directed a sleeping commissioner at the presentation of the 2017 budget to the State House of Assembly to go home for more sleep.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the governor had barely commenced reading the budget speech when the cabinet member started snoring.

Gov. Gaidam warned that any public officer henceforth caught sleeping stood sacked.

“As from today, any commissioner or special adviser caught sleeping stands sacked and will immediately be replaced.

“We will borrow a leaf from the North Korea experience to make government affairs a serious business,” he said.

Gov. Gaidam while reviewing the budget performance of the outgoing year paused and directed the sleeping commissioner to go home.

“I am referring to the commissioner who is sleeping, you can go back home to sleep since you cannot endure the session,” he said.

Although the governor did not mention the name of the sleeping commissioner, he pointed to the row of the commissioners to issue the directive.

NAN reports that the bewildered commissioners looked at each other in embarrassment and sat up to avoid dozing and being victims of the governor’s sledge hammer.

Adamu Dala-Dogo, speaker of the assembly, however, advised public officers to take beverages that would keep them awake during public functions.


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