2-mintues Video of a Girl Who Goes N2ked Just To Get Her Boyfriend Back Emerged Online

In a bid to keep a boyfriend who had ignored her for refusing to send him nud3 pictures, a young woman step up to please him by sending him a nude video of herself.

Accoridng to H-metro, In the two minutes 50 seconds video, the unidentified young lady, probably in her early 20s can be seen playing with herself as she tries to make it up to her “bae” who had been ignoring her over her failure to send him a nud3 picture.

The video goes on with the girl promising her boyfriend that she has something that was much better than the nude picture that he wanted as she goes to drop a towel covering her to reveal her br3asts before going down to her privates.

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“Uuummm okay…if you ignoring me all because of a nud3, that’s lame, like seriously dude you should grow up. Otherwise I have got something even better for you.

“Why would you ignore me over a nud3, just because ndaramba kukusendera a nud3 then you ignore me? Anyways I got something much better for you, nud3 is nothing babe,” says the young woman in the video.

It is not clear how or who leaked the video which is now circulating on social media but it is suspected that it was the boyfriend who was the recipient of it.

The young woman shot the video herself presumably in her bathroom.

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