12 Simple Signs That Shows He Is Too Obsessed With You

It may seem cute when a guy shows too much interest in you.

As a matter of fact, he may appear to be romantic for a while until you start feeling as if he’s being too invasive of your personal space. Accommodating such a guy is like having a small baby that you have to give all your attention to or else he’ll throw a fit. He may just be a friend who you tend to entertain or a guy you are dating and things are getting very serious.

Do not be alarmed if a guy is acting up and you’re too scared to face the reality that he may be obsessed with you. Here are the signs that he may be obsessed with you.

1. Bombs you with messages after one meeting.

It is okay to be in contact after a first date or after some time spent together. You know what’s not okay? A man that bombards you with so many texts after an hour of meeting is mad. What’s even worse is if you don’t respond to his texts then he insists on calling you so many times until you finally pick. This is not normal at all, people check up on her to see if she got home not obsessed calls.

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