10 Female Jobs That Will Surely Lead To Divorce – No. 2 Is The One We Fear The Most

7. Fashion Photographers

Fashion is one of the industries that helps make the world go around. If you sit down and think about it, fashion images teach us how to dress. Whether we see amazing photos in a magazine or at a museum, someone had to take that Kodak shot. Photographers are not guaranteed an income and competition in the business is expected. Accepting multiple clients to pay your mortgage can turn your job into a day, night and weekend schedule. Keep in mind that buying new equipment that includes upgrading your camera can also get pricey.
Home improvements might have to take a back seat and depending on necessary updates, it can bring with it a lot of stress on your partner. When you have a lot of clients to handle by yourself, it can also become incredibly easy to feel burned out. Being paid on time because a customer is waiting for funds can also delay date night with your loved one. You might even have to put your values aside to get a client that has a different vision. For most artists, this can be discouraging and make them feel like they are not being true to themselves. But you just need to hope they can keep their head up and hope they’ll be able to create art that speaks to who they are as a person.

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