10 Female Jobs That Will Surely Lead To Divorce – No. 2 Is The One We Fear The Most

11. Traveling Sales Woman

Who doesn’t want to see the world and have an opportunity to be a jet setter? The sales position that requires you to travel can be a dream come true. You get a chance to see different cultures, sightsee after your shift ends and meet new people every day, but what about your spouse? While he is at home taking care of the house, he needs someone to hold late at night too. As your passport collects more stamps of foreign places, the love you have can die down. Not to mention the factor of trust on both ends. He might fall into temptation while you are out of town for two weeks. You might be in Brazil and see a man that reminds you of Enrique Iglesias. Who knows what is bound to happen. A committed relationship can’t remain strong for too long with Skype video chats and pictures sent in text messages. Being physically there in person is a part of the packaged deal. If you find someone that will be fine with this type of career, good luck, but remember if it starts to feel like a permanent long distance relationship you may want to consider a new profession.

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