10 Most Evil Responses Nigerian Girls Give To The Words “I Love You”..No 9 Will Make You Cry

Toasting a Nigerian girl is not for the weak minded. You have to know how to present your case well, in order to get the reaction that you want.

No matter how skilled you are, though, you’d get curved once or twice.

Here are some of the evil replies that Nigerian girls give, instead of saying ‘I love you too’.

1. “LOL, Okay”
Seriously, when you get this reply, just end the conversation and keep it moving.

2. “Awww!”
This is the reply you get when she’s trying to be nice and not hurt your feelings too much,or she still wants you around for the freebies.

3. “K”
This is the coldest, and most brutal reply you can get.

4. “What do you want me to do about that?”
This is a rhetorical question, do not attempt to give a reply.

5. “That’s your business”
Another brutal reply. Just take your “ela” and be going.

6. “I love me too”
This reply is used by the girls who are really hot and know it. No love for you there.

7. ” Good to know”
The most sarcastic reply.

8. “That’s nice”
Another sarcastic reply, because there’s clearly nothing nice about it.

9. “Do you have money to love me?”
If you don’t have money, just face your front.

10. “Eya”
She’s pitying you because the “ela” you will get if you persist will be hotter than fire.

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